Credits and Disclaimers

This page was written in 1996, and last updated in 2006, before rehosting and redesign of the GCNA Website.  It has not been revised to reflect those major changes (and the accompanying personnel changes), and has been only slightly revised to recognize the 2012 migration of these pages from the GCNA Website to the TowerBells Website.

The most important credit to be acknowledged is to Norman Bliss, who set up the first "unofficial" GCNA Web pages, presented them to the 1996 GCNA Congress for approval (which was immediate and unanimous), and who for many years maintained all the pages about the Guild.

Additional credit goes to Wylie Crawford, for handling all arrangements for the host computer system on which the GCNA Website resides.  He has overcome a variety of obstacles from time to time, keeping our Website available to the world.

The remaining credits and disclaimers presented on this page apply to all pages formerly found in the /data/ directory on the GCNA Website, which are now located here and have always been maintained by Carl Scott Zimmerman.

The three persons identified above formed an ad hoc committee for implementation of the GCNA Web site.  Other Guild members who have provided support are listed on the GCNA Home Page.


Several GCNA committees contributed to the early compilation of information about the traditional carillons of North America.  They were as follows:

Alan Blair's compilation of great bells of the world provided the foundation for that list.

The locator maps linked to most American site data pages were originally provided by Vicinity Corporation's "MapBlast!" online service.  Unfortunately, that service disappeared after Vicinity was purchased by Microsoft.  Later, locator maps for American site data pages were provided by the MapsOnUs online mapping service, until that in turn was bought and shut down.  Now that has been superseded by other services.

Several different people around the world have compiled lists of Web links on carillons and other bell-related subjects.  Their lists were helpful in compiling the lists you will find in these pages.  These people are identified in a list of lists of links [since deleted].  (You could call it a meta-list.)  You can also jump to their lists of links from there, to see whether they have found anything we don't yet know about, or have interestingly different ways of presenting information.

All other information was compiled from a wide variety of sources by the maintainer of these pages, acting in his private capacity and not as chair of the GCNA's former Committee on Tower and Carillon Statistics.


The GCNA and/or the database maintainer made, and the database owner continues to make, the information in these pages available to the public in an attempt to further the Guild's goals as a non-profit educational organization.  We include "as-of" dates and source identifiers which are intended to serve as a guide to how current and accurate some information may be.  However, neither the GCNA nor any of its members have the time or the resources to verify personally each bit of information collected.  Accordingly, neither the GCNA nor the maintainer of these pages makes any representation as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of any information presented in these pages.  Some site descriptions are obviously incomplete and/or out-of-date, while others may have been reported inaccurately, even with the best of intentions.  Visitors are warned to make their own personal verification of information presented herein before making any decision based upon it.  They are also requested to notify the database maintainer of any corrections or additions which should be made.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.


You may find your own name and other information listed in these pages because someone believes that you play, or could be a contact for, some tower-bell instrument or collection.  (Typically, that "other information" would be postal address, telephone and fax numbers, and email address, if available.)  We hope that you will view this as an opportunity to be involved in educating the public by publicizing your bells.  However, if you don't want that, then you may send to the maintainer of these pages a request to remove the offending information from public view.  (As an example, you might be willing to have your business phone listed, but not your home phone; or vice versa.)  We will comply with such a request as promptly as we can.

We do not collect any information about visitors to this Website.  The company which hosts this Website collects (as far as we can tell) only information which gives a statistical view of which Webpages are visited most often, etc.

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This page was created 1996/12/12 and last significantly revised 2006/09/20.

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