Index of sites added or updated AFTER 100118 by country, state/province, city

PRAHA - Mobile                : CZECH REP.   trad
   Prazská Mobilní Zvonohra
   (Prague Mobile Carillon)
KENDAL                        : ENGLAND -CU  chime *NEW*
   Town Hall
YORK                          : ENGLAND -YO  trad
   Southwest tower
   (Cathedral and Metropolitical Church
     of S.Peter)
DOUAI - Mobile/2              : FRANCE       trad
   Carillon ambulant de Douai,
     Région Nord, Pas-de-Calais
ROSTOCK - Mobile              : GERMANY-DDR  trad
   Konzertglockenspiel Olaf Sandkuhl
DORDRECHT - Mobile            : NETHERLANDS  trad
   "Bell Moods"
   Concert carillon
HEERLEN                       : NETHERLANDS  trad *NEW*
   Sint Pancratiustoren
MAASTRICHT - Mobile           : NETHERLANDS  trad *NEW*
   Mobile carillon Frank Steijns
MAASTRICHT - S                : NETHERLANDS  trad *NEW*
MAASTRICHT - STS              : NETHERLANDS  trad *NEW*
   South Tower of the Choir
   Sint Servaaskerk (St. Gervase Church)
WEERT                         : NETHERLANDS  trad *NEW*
   Sint Martinuskerk
LERWICK                       : SHETLAND IS  chime
   Town Hall
(Traveling)                   : USA - PA     trad
   travels with "Cast in Bronze"
     musical group; based in
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