Index of all Danish sites by maker

Carillons and chimes in Denmark and its dependencies contain bells supplied by a variety of bellfoundries.  Most such sites (exceptions as noted below) are listed here by foundry in the following order:

For an explanation of what this index contains (and does NOT contain), and of the additional details on each entry, see the Bellfoundry Indexes Advice.

Bellfoundry unknown

The sources which reported the existence of these instruments, or the phase of work listed here, did not identify their makers.  They are listed in city name order rather than date order.
HILLEROD                      : DENMARK - S  1619 C
   Slot (Royal Castle)
SOMMERSTED - 1                : DENMARK - J  1925 C
   Hemispherical chime
   Dansk Klokkemuseum
   (Danish Bell Museum)

Eijsbouts, Asten, Netherlands

AALBORG - M                   : DENMARK - J  1972 C
BYRUM                         : DENMARK      1973 C
SOMMERSTED - 3                : DENMARK - J  1973*C
   Entranceway chime
   Dansk Klokkemuseum
   (Danish Bell Museum)
   * originally made for another site
LIHME                         : DENMARK - J  1974 C
RUDHAVE                       : DENMARK      1976 C
RYDE - K                      : DENMARK      1979 C
LONBORG                       : DENMARK - J  1980 C
BREJNING                      : DENMARK      1981 C
HERRUP                        : DENMARK - J  1984 C
NYSTED                        : DENMARK      1987 C
   Town Hall
Complete list of Eijsbouts foundry output.

Petit & Fritsen, Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands

BOGENSE                       : DENMARK - F  1988 C
EJSING                        : DENMARK - J  1992 C
Complete list of Petit & Fritsen foundry output.

De Smithske, Aalborg, Denmark

GEDSTED                       : DENMARK - J  1922 C
Complete list of known De Smithske foundry output.

Sørensen, Brønderslev, Denmark

All of these entries are specifically identified as being cast by K.T.A.Sørensen, though it is believed that other members of the family may also have been involved with the foundry.
RIBE                          : DENMARK - J  1931 C
SOMMERSTED - 2                : DENMARK - J  1935*C
   Drum chime
   Dansk Klokkemuseum
   (Danish Bell Museum)
   * originally made for another site
SEVEL                         : DENMARK - J  1938 C
SKJERN                        : DENMARK - J  1949 C
(This is a complete list of Sørensen foundry output.)

Miscellaneous founders, not listed above

One instance each; in order by year.
VEJLE                         : DENMARK - J  1939 C
   Sct.Nicolaj Kirke
   cast by Løw & søn, København
Complete list of miscellaneous foundry output.

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