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ATH                           : BELGIUM      trad
   Eglise St.Julien (Sint-Juliaankerk)
ENGHIEN                       : BELGIUM      trad *NEW*
   Eglise St-Nicolas de Smyrne
   (St.Niklaas Kerk)
GENK                          : BELGIUM      trad *NEW*
HARELBEKE                     : BELGIUM      trad *NEW*
   Sint Salvatorkerk
LOKEREN                       : BELGIUM      trad *NEW*
MOL                           : BELGIUM      trad *NEW*
   St.Pieter en Pauwel
   (St.-Petrus en Pauluskerk)
NEDERBRAKEL                   : BELGIUM      trad *NEW*
   O.L.V.-& St.Pietersbanden Kerk
STEENOKKERZEEL                : BELGIUM      trad *NEW*
VICTORIA - NCC                : CANADA - BC  trad
   The Netherlands Centennial Carillon
   Centennial Carillon Tower
GUELPH                        : CANADA - ON  trad
   Cutten Memorial Carillon
   St.George's Anglican Church
NIAGARA FALLS - RB            : CANADA - ON  trad
   The Rainbow Tower Carillon
   Rainbow Tower
   Rainbow Bridge
OTTAWA - PT                   : CANADA - ON  trad
   Peace Tower
   Houses of Parliament
SIMCOE                        : CANADA - ON  trad
   Norfolk County War Memorial
TORONTO - EP                  : CANADA - ON  trad
   The Exhibition Place Carillon
   (formerly The Carlsberg Carillon)
   Exhibition Place
TORONTO - MUC                 : CANADA - ON  trad
   Massey/Drury Memorial Carillon
   Metropolitan United Church
TORONTO - UT                  : CANADA - ON  trad
   Soldiers' Tower
   University of Toronto
MONTREAL - O                  : CANADA - QU  trad
   Oratoire St-Joseph du Mont-Royal
     (St.Joseph's Oratory)
BERLIN - F                    : GERMANY-DDR  trad *NEW*
   Französischer Dom
   (French Cathedral)
BERLIN - K                    : GERMANY-BRD  trad
   Haus der Kulturen der Welt
     (House of World Cultures)
BERLIN - N                    : GERMANY-DDR  trad *NEW*
BONN/BG                       : GERMANY-BRD  trad *NEW*
BONN-BEUEL                    : GERMANY-BRD  trad *NEW*
   Clausthal Univ. of Technology
   (was Bergakademie)
   Former post office building
EMMERICH                      : GERMANY      trad
ERFURT                        : GERMANY-DDR  trad *NEW*
   Alte Nicolai-kirche
HAHNENKLEE                    : GERMANY      trad
HALLE                         : GERMANY-DDR  trad *NEW*
   Roter Turm (Red Tower)
HAMBURG-ALTONA                : GERMANY-BRD  trad
KOELN - STM                   : GERMANY      trad *NEW*
   Kirche St.Maria in der Kupfergasse
MUENCHEN - MH                 : GERMANY      trad *NEW*
MUENCHEN - NR                 : GERMANY      non-trad
   Neues Rathaus
MUENCHEN - O                  : GERMANY-BRD  trad *NEW*
PASSAU - Mobile               : GERMANY      trad *NEW*
   Glockengießerei Perner
ROSTOCK - Mobile              : GERMANY-DDR  trad
   Konzertglockenspiel Olaf Sandkuhl
ROSTOCK - U                   : GERMANY-DDR  trad
WUERZBURG                     : GERMANY      trad
   Neubaukirche der Universität
MEXICO CITY - BNOP            : MEXICO       trad
   Torre Insignia
   (ex Banco Nacional de Obras
   y Servicios Públicos (Banobras))
ARNEMUIDEN                    : NETHERLANDS  chime *NEW*
EINDHOVEN - DT                : NETHERLANDS  non-trad *NEW*
   DAF Trucks
EINDHOVEN - DW                : NETHERLANDS  non-trad *NEW*
   Villa "De Wielewood"
EINDHOVEN - STC               : NETHERLANDS  trad *NEW*
   St.Catharina Kerk
   (St.Catharine's Church)
MONNICKENDAM                  : NETHERLANDS  chime *NEW*
NIJMEGEN - S                  : NETHERLANDS  non-trad *NEW*
NIJMEGEN - STS                : NETHERLANDS  trad *NEW*
   Groote Kerk
SCHIEDAM                      : NETHERLANDS  trad *NEW*
   Sint Janstoren (Oude Kerk)
UTRECHT - D/2                 : NETHERLANDS  trad
   Upper belfry
VLEUTEN - MC                  : NETHERLANDS  chime *NEW*
   Music College
VLEUTEN - W                   : NETHERLANDS  trad *NEW*
Johannesburg/F                : S AFRICA     ring
   All Saints Anglican Church
Johannesburg/S                : S AFRICA     ring *NEW*
   St.Peter's Anglican School
BIRMINGHAM - SU               : USA - AL     trad
   Rushton Memorial Carillon
   Harwell Goodwin Davis Library
   Samford University
HUNTSVILLE                    : USA - AL     trad
   First Baptist Church (SBC)
SCOTTSDALE                    : USA - AZ     trad
   Saint Barnabas on the Desert
     Episcopal Church (TEC)
BERKELEY - UC                 : USA - CA     trad
   Class of 1928 Carillon
   Jane K. Sather Tower
   University of California at Berkeley
GARDEN GROVE                  : USA - CA     trad
   Arvella Schuller Carillon
   Crean Tower
   The Crystal Cathedral
RIVERSIDE - UC                : USA - CA     trad
   Carillon Tower
   University of California
SANTA BARBARA                 : USA - CA     trad
   Thomas M. Storke Student
     Publication Building
   University of California
STANFORD                      : USA - CA     trad
   Hoover Institute Carillon
   Hoover Tower
   Stanford University
DENVER - DU                   : USA - CO     trad
   Carl M. Williams Carillon
   Carl M. Williams Tower
   Daniel L. Ritchie Center
     for Sports and Wellness
DANBURY - STJ                 : USA - CT     trad
   Ella S. Bulkley Memorial Carillon
   St.James Episcopal Church
HARTFORD - TC                 : USA - CT     trad
   Plumb Memorial Carillon
   Chapel Tower
   Trinity College
NEW BRITAIN - FCC             : USA - CT     trad
   The Philip B. Stanley Carillon
   Robert S. Buol Tower
   First Church of Christ, Congregational
NEW MILFORD                   : USA - CT     trad
   Jose M. Ferrer Memorial Carillon
   Chapel of Our Lady
   Canterbury School
SIMSBURY                      : USA - CT     trad
   The Foreman Carillon
   Simsbury United Methodist Church
STAMFORD - FPC                : USA - CT     trad
   Walter N. Maguire Memorial Carillon
   Maguire Memorial Tower
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
WASHINGTON - NC/1             : USA - DC     trad
   Kibbey Carillon
   Gloria in Excelsis Tower
   Washington National Cathedral
WASHINGTON - ZP               : USA - DC     trad
   The Pelzman Glockenspiel
   The National Zoo
CLEARWATER                    : USA - FL     trad
   Betty Jane Dimmitt Memorial Carillon
   Episcopal Church of the Ascension
LAKE WALES - B                : USA - FL     trad
   Bok Singing Tower
   Bok Tower Gardens
     (formerly Historic Bok Sanctuary)
PANAMA CITY BEACH             : USA - FL     non-trad
   Carillon Beach
AMES                          : USA - IA     trad
   Stanton Memorial Carillon
   Iowa State University
CEDAR FALLS                   : USA - IA     trad
   University of Northern Iowa
DES MOINES - STP              : USA - IA     trad
   Cathedral Church of St.Paul (Episcopal)
CENTRALIA                     : USA - IL     trad
   The Centralia Carillon
   The Centralia Carillon Tower
CHICAGO - STC                 : USA - IL     trad
   Crane Memorial Carillon
   St.Chrysostom's Episcopal Church
CHICAGO - UC                  : USA - IL     trad
   The Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Carillon
   Rockefeller Memorial Chapel
   University of Chicago
SPRINGFIELD -  TR             : USA - IL     trad
   Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon
   Washington Park
BLOOMINGTON - 1               : USA - IN     trad
   Arthur R. Metz Memorial Carillon
   Indiana University
BLOOMINGTON - 2               : USA - IN     trad
   School of Music Carillon
   Music Building Addition
   Indiana University
CULVER                        : USA - IN     trad
   Memorial Chapel
   The Culver Academies
GREENCASTLE                   : USA - IN     trad
   Alpha Chi Omega Memorial Carillon
   Performing Arts Center
   DePauw University
INDIANAPOLIS - SRC            : USA - IN     trad
   Scottish Rite Cathedral (Masonic)
LA PORTE                      : USA - IN     trad
   The Children's Carillon
   The Presbyterian Church of La Porte
LAWRENCE - KU                 : USA - KS     trad
   World War II Memorial Carillon
   World War II Memorial Campanile
   University of Kansas
BEREA - 2                     : USA - KY     trad
   John Courter Carillon
   Draper Building
   Berea College
COVINGTON - GP                : USA - KY     trad
   The Carroll Chimes
   Goebbel Park
MORGAN CITY                   : USA - LA     trad
   Brownell Memorial Park
AMHERST - UM                  : USA - MA     trad
   Warren Elmer Hinds Memorial Chime
   Henry Vincent Couper Memorial Carillon
   Old Chapel
   University of Massachusetts
ANDOVER                       : USA - MA     non-trad
   Samuel Lester Fuller Carillon
   Memorial Bell Tower
   (World War I Memorial)
   Phillips Academy
COHASSET                      : USA - MA     trad
   The Cohasset Carillon
   St.Stephen's Episcopal Church
MOUNT HERMON                  : USA - MA     non-trad
   McRoberts Memorial Carillon
   The Rhodes Center for the Arts
   Northfield Mount Hermon School
FREDERICK - BP                : USA - MD     trad
   The Joseph Dill Baker Memorial Carillon
   Baker Park
ANN ARBOR - UM/1              : USA - MI     trad
   Charles Baird Carillon
   Marion Leroy Burton Memorial Tower
   Main Campus
   University of Michigan
ANN ARBOR - UM/2              : USA - MI     trad
   Ann & Robert H. Lurie Carillon
   North Campus
   University of Michigan
BLOOMFIELD HILLS - CCC        : USA - MI     trad
   The Wallace Carillon
   Christ Church Cranbrook (Episcopal)
BLOOMFIELD HILLS - KH/1       : USA - MI     trad
   The Tower of the Apostles
   Kirk in the Hills (Presbyterian/PCUSA)
DETROIT - JAPC                : USA - MI     trad
   Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church
EAST LANSING                  : USA - MI     trad
   John W. Beaumont Memorial Tower
   Michigan State University
   Memorial Tower
   The Grosse Pointe Memorial Church
LANSING - C                   : USA - MI     trad
   Christopher Hansen Memorial Carillon
   Central United Methodist Church
ROCHESTER                     : USA - MN     trad
   The Rochester Carillon
   Plummer Building
   Mayo Clinic
SAINT PAUL - HHPC             : USA - MN     trad
   Noyes Memorial Carillon
   House of Hope Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
SAINT LOUIS - CS              : USA - MO     trad
   Luther Tower
   Concordia Seminary
MISSOULA                      : USA - MT     trad
   Ellis Tower
   Main Hall
   University of Montana
DURHAM - DU                   : USA - NC     trad
   West Campus
   Duke University
GASTONIA - FPC                : USA - NC     trad
   The Memorial Carillon
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
WINSTON-SALEM - WF            : USA - NC     trad
   Janet Jeffrey Carlile Harris Carillon
   Wait Chapel
   Wake Forest University
LINCOLN - FP/1                : USA - NE     trad
   Tower carillon
   First-Plymouth Congregational Church
OMAHA - UNO                   : USA - NE     trad
   Henningson Memorial Campanile
   University of Nebraska at Omaha
MORRISTOWN                    : USA - NJ     trad
   St.Peter's Episcopal Church
PRINCETON - PU                : USA - NJ     trad
   The Class of 1892 Bells
   Grover Cleveland Tower
   Graduate College
   Princeton University
RUMSON                        : USA - NJ     trad
   St.George's-by-the-River Episcopal Church
ALBANY - CH                   : USA - NY     trad
   City Hall
ALFRED                        : USA - NY     trad
   Davis Memorial Carillon
   Alfred University
NEW YORK - RC                 : USA - NY     trad
   Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Carillon
   Riverside Church (interdenominational: ABC/UCC)
NEW YORK - STM                : USA - NY     trad
   St.Martin's Episcopal Church
ROCHESTER - UR                : USA - NY     trad
   Hopeman Memorial Carillon
   Rush Rhees Library
   River Campus
   University of Rochester
CLEVELAND HEIGHTS - STP       : USA - OH     trad
   Harry A. & Mariah H. Seabrook and
     Thomas Family Memorial Carillon
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church
GATES MILLS                   : USA - OH     trad
   Church of St.Christopher-by-the-River
MARIEMONT                     : USA - OH     trad
   Mary M. Emery Memorial Carillon
   Thomas J. Emery Memorial Carillon Tower
   Dogwood Park
NEWARK - S                    : USA - OH     trad
   Flory Memorial Carillon
   Second Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
OKLAHOMA CITY - STL           : USA - OK     trad
   V. V. Harris Memorial Carillon
   St.Luke's United Methodist Church
OKLAHOMA CITY - WPC           : USA - OK     trad
   Westminster Carillon
   Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
HOLLAND                       : USA - PA     trad
   Henry D. Schneider Memorial Carillon
   Trinity United Church of Christ (UCC)
   (was Trinity Reformed Church)
MERCERSBURG                   : USA - PA     trad
   The Henry Bucher Swoope Carillon
   Barker Tower
   Mercersburg Academy
PHILADELPHIA - FM             : USA - PA     trad
   Shelmerdine Memorial Carillon
   First United Methodist Church
     of Germantown
PHILADELPHIA - HT             : USA - PA     trad
   Holy Trinity Church (Episcopal)
PHILADELPHIA - STV            : USA - PA     trad
   Miraculous Medal Shrine (RC)
   (formerly St.Vincent's Seminary)
VALLEY FORGE                  : USA - PA     trad
   Washington Memorial National Carillon
   National Patriots Bell Tower
   Washington Memorial Chapel (Episcopal)
   Valley Forge National Historical Park
AIKEN                         : USA - SC     trad
   St.Thaddeus Episcopal Church
GREENWOOD - CSMBC             : USA - SC     trad
   Callie Self Memorial Baptist Church (SBC)
NASHVILLE - BU                : USA - TN     trad
   Belmont University
   (formerly Belmont College)
SEWANEE - 1                   : USA - TN     trad
   Leonidas Polk Memorial Carillon
   Shapard Tower
   All Saints Chapel
   The University of the South
HOUSTON - HV                  : USA - TX     trad
   The Bell Tower Center Carillon
   The Bell Tower Center
   (was Hillside Village; shopping center)
HOUSTON - STJ                 : USA - TX     trad
   Cora Allison Leavens Memorial Carillon
   St.John the Divine Episcopal Church
HOUSTON - TLC                 : USA - TX     trad
   Theresa Mohnke Memorial Carillon
   Trinity Lutheran Church (LCMS)
SAN ANTONIO - CC              : USA - TX     trad
   Nordan Memorial Carillon
   Central Christian Church
WACO - BU/2                   : USA - TX     trad
   McLane Carillon
   Presley Tower
   Pat Neff Hall (Administration)
   Baylor University
RICHMOND - WM                 : USA - VA     trad
   Virginia Soldiers' War Memorial
ROANOKE - HC                  : USA - VA     trad
   Jessie Ball DuPont Chapel
   Hollins University
   (formerly Hollins College)
SPOKANE - C                   : USA - WA     trad
   Carillon in Thanksgiving for the Life
     and Work of George Frederick Jewett
   Bishop Cross Tower
   Cathedral of St.John the Evangelist
MADISON - UW                  : USA - WI     trad
   Memorial Carillon
   Carillon Tower
   University of Wisconsin
MILWAUKEE - MU                : USA - WI     trad
   The Marquette University Carillon
   Rooftop belfry
   Marquette Building
ATHENS                        : USA - WV     trad
   The Marsh Family Memorial Carillon
   Joseph F. Marsh Hall
     (Administration Building)
   Concord University
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