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WIEN - STJ                    : AUSTRIA      chime
WIEN - STS                    : AUSTRIA      peal
   South tower
   St.Stephen's Cathedral
SYDNEY                        : CANADA - NS  chime
   St.Andrew's United Church
     (Presbyterian before 1925)
ASCHAFFENBURG                 : GERMANY-BRD  trad *NEW*
   East tower
   Schloss St.Johannisburg
HANNOVER - A                  : GERMANY-BRD  non-trad *NEW*
HANNOVER - H                  : GERMANY-BRD  trad *NEW*
   Garden tower
   (Evang.Luth.Diakonissen Mutterhaus)
NIERSTEIN                     : GERMANY-BRD  chime *NEW*
   Weingut St.Urbanshof
   (St.Urbanshof Winery)
WIESBADEN                     : GERMANY-BRD  trad *NEW*
VALLETTA                      : MALTA        chime
   St.John's Co-Cathedral
BODEGA BAY                    : USA - CA     coll *NEW*
   The Bell Memorial
     (Children's Bell Tower)
FOLSOM                        : USA - CA     chime *NEW*
   City Hall
SAN FRANCISCO - GS            : USA - CA     chime
   Ghirardelli Square
SAN JOSE                      : USA - CA     chime
   Trinity Chime
   Trinity Cathedral
   (formerly Trinity Episcopal Church)
DENVER - CCC                  : USA - CO     non-trad *NEW*
   Central Christian Church (DoC)
IOWA CITY                     : USA - IA     chime
   St.Mary of the Visitation Church (RC)
   (aka St.Mary of the Assumption)
CENTRALIA                     : USA - IL     trad
   The Centralia Carillon
   The Centralia Carillon Tower
ELSAH - 2                     : USA - IL     trad
   The Jean L. Rainwater Carillon
   Principia College (Christian Science)
AMHERST - UM                  : USA - MA     trad
   Warren Elmer Hinds Memorial Chime
   Henry Vincent Couper Memorial Carillon
   Old Chapel
   University of Massachusetts
LOWELL - STA                  : USA - MA     chime
   St.Anne's Episcopal Church
ALBANY - CH                   : USA - NY     trad
   City Hall
BRYN MAWR - P                 : USA - PA     trad
   Middleton Family Carillon
   Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church
SELLERSVILLE                  : USA - PA     trad
   Schulmerich Carillons, Inc.
LUBBOCK - TTU                 : USA - TX     trad
   Charles & Georgia Robertson Baird
     Memorial Carillon
   West tower
   Administration Building
   Texas Tech University
LURAY                         : USA - VA     trad
   Belle Brown Northcott Memorial Carillon
   Luray Singing Tower
   Luray Caverns
VINTON                        : USA - VA     non-trad *NEW*
   Thrasher Memorial
     United Methodist Church
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