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by country, state/province, city

CALGARY - CE                  : CANADA - AB  tubular
   Central United Church of Canada
     (was Central Methodist Church)
MONTREAL - STA                : CANADA - QU  tubular
   St.Augustine's Church
PRETORIA - CH/1               : S AFRICA     tubular
   City Hall
FORT SMITH - FM               : USA - AR     tubular
   Bourland Memorial Carillon
   Bourland Memorial Tower
   First United Methodist Church
PHOENIX                       : USA - AZ     tubular
   W. J. Murphy Memorial
   Historic First Church (PCUSA)
     (was First Presbyterian Church)
CAZADERO                      : USA - CA     tubular
   John Gittings residence
HOLLYWOOD - FM                : USA - CA     tubular
   Martindale Memorial Carillon
   Hollywood United Methodist Church
     (was First UMC)
KINGSBURG                     : USA - CA     tubular
   Kingsburg Community Church
     (was Kingsburg Methodist Church)
LOS ANGELES - PA              : USA - CA     tubular
   Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church
     (was Pico-Arlington Christian Ch.)
RIVERSIDE - MI/2              : USA - CA     tubular
   Central tower
   Mission Inn
   (originally Glenwood Mission Inn)
WHITE SPRINGS                 : USA - FL     tubular
   Stephen Foster Memorial Carillon
   Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center
     State Park
ATLANTA - PCC                 : USA - GA     tubular
   Peachtree Christian Church
BARRINGTON HILLS              : USA - IL     tubular
   "Place de la Musique"
     (private residence)
CHICAGO - FH                  : USA - IL     tubular
   Wolford Memorial Clock Tower
   Waveland Park Field House
   Lincoln Park
CHICAGO - FP                  : USA - IL     tubular
   First Presbyterian Church
CHICAGO - STI                 : USA - IL     tubular
   St.Ignatius Catholic Church
CHICAGO - STJE                : USA - IL     tubular
   East tower
   St.Jerome Catholic Church
CHICAGO - STP                 : USA - IL     tubular
   Progressive True Vine MB Church No.111
     (was St.Paul's Lutheran Church)
EVANSTON - L                  : USA - IL     tubular
   Levere Memorial Temple (Chapel)
   Sigma Alpha Epsilon (headquarters)
FOREST PARK                   : USA - IL     tubular
   Main Office Building
   Concordia Cemetery
GALESBURG                     : USA - IL     tubular
   First Christian Church (DoC)
FRANKLIN                      : USA - IN     tubular
   First United Presbyterian Church
INDIANAPOLIS - Z              : USA - IN     tubular
   Zion Evangelical Church (UCC)
     (was Zion's Evangelical Church)
NEW ALBANY                    : USA - IN     tubular
   St.Mark's UCC Church
NEW CASTLE                    : USA - IN     tubular
   First Christian Church
VINCENNES                     : USA - IN     tubular
   Basilica of St.Francis Xavier
     (was St.Francis Xavier Church)
TOPEKA - G                    : USA - KS     tubular
   West tower
   Grace Episcopal Cathedral
TOPEKA - HS                   : USA - KS     tubular
   Helen McKenna Mulvane Memorial Chimes
   Thomas Williamson Tower
   Topeka High School
OWENSBORO                     : USA - KY     tubular
   Cathedral of St.Stephen
     (was St.Stephen's Catholic Church)
BAY CITY                      : USA - MI     tubular
   Trinity Episcopal Church
DETROIT - APC                 : USA - MI     tubular
   Acacia Park Cemetery
DETROIT - DS                  : USA - MI     tubular
   Word of Faith Int'l Christian Center
     (formerly Duns Scotus College)
DETROIT - STT                 : USA - MI     tubular
   Northwest tower
   St.Theresa of Avila RC Church
MUSKEGON                      : USA - MI     tubular
   Bethany Christian Reformed Church
MINNEAPOLIS - N               : USA - MN     tubular
   The Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church
   (Den Norske Lutherske Mindekirke)
MINNEAPOLIS - SMP             : USA - MN     tubular
   Tower of Memories
   Sunset Memorial Park
KANSAS CITY - STJ             : USA - MO     tubular
   St.James Catholic Church
KANSAS CITY - STP             : USA - MO     tubular
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church
MOBERLY                       : USA - MO     tubular
   First Baptist Church (SBC)
POINT LOOKOUT                 : USA - MO     tubular
   Hyer Bell Tower
   Williams Memorial Chapel
   College of the Ozarks
LEXINGTON                     : USA - NC     tubular
   First Reformed United Church of Christ
   (was First Evangelical & Reformed Ch.)
SEWARD                        : USA - NE     tubular
   Seward County Courthouse
MEADVILLE                     : USA - PA     tubular
   Crawford Chimes
   Ford Memorial Chapel
   Allegheny College
PHILADELPHIA - RA             : USA - PA     tubular
   Reformed Episcopal Church
     of the Atonement
KNOXVILLE - MA                : USA - TN     tubular
   Magnolia Avenue United Methodist Church
   (was Magnolia Ave. M.E.Church South)
AMARILLO - CP                 : USA - TX     tubular
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
     (was Central Presbyterian Church)
CORPUS CHRISTI - C            : USA - TX     tubular
   Corpus Christi Cathedral
SAN ANTONIO - STMK            : USA - TX     tubular
   St.Mark's Episcopal Church
LA CROSSE                     : USA - WI     tubular
   Our Savior's Lutheran Church
SPRING GREEN                  : USA - WI     tubular
   Organ barn
   The House on the Rock
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