Rings in Africa:
index by size

This is an index to the 12 African rings (tower bells hung for change-ringing), in order by number of bells.  Instruments with the same number of bells are in order by the city name.

10 bells - 4 rings
CAPE TOWN - STG               : S AFRICA    
DURBAN - STM                  : S AFRICA    
GRAHAMSTOWN                   : S AFRICA    
HARARE                        : ZIMBABWE    
8 bells - 3 rings
CAPE TOWN - W                 : S AFRICA    
DURBAN - STP                  : S AFRICA    
JOHANNESBURG/P                : S AFRICA    
6 bells - 5 rings
Hillandale                    : S AFRICA    
Johannesburg/F                : S AFRICA   
Johannesburg/S                : S AFRICA   
Kilifi                        : KENYA       
Kwe Kwe                       : ZIMBABWE    

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