Rings in Africa:
index by pitch (weight)

The table below is an index to the 12 African rings, in order by the pitch and weight of the tenor (heaviest bell) of the ring.  The key to the column headings is at the end of the table, along with some other notes.

NOTE: Pitch and weight do not yield identical sort orders because of differences in scale (thickness) to which the bells were cast.  In this list, pitch takes precedence over weight.

  Location (City & Country)                 Note  Weight
  -------------------------                 ----  -------

GRAHAMSTOWN                   : S AFRICA     D#  25-2-15
   Cathedral Church of SS.Michael & George
CAPE TOWN - STG               : S AFRICA     D#  25-0-0
   St.George's Cathedral 
HARARE                        : ZIMBABWE     D#  24-3-3
   Cathedral Church of St.Mary & All Saints 
DURBAN - STM                  : S AFRICA     E   18-0-25
   St.Mary Anglican Church 
DURBAN - STP                  : S AFRICA     F#  14-0-0
   St.Paul Anglican Church 
CAPE TOWN - W                 : S AFRICA     G   11 cwt
   St.Mary's Church 
Kwe Kwe                       : ZIMBABWE     C#   5-2-1
   St.Luke's Church
JOHANNESBURG/P                : S AFRICA     D    4-2-12
   St.George Anglican Church 
Kilifi                        : KENYA        E    2-3-10
   Memorial Church of St.Thomas (Anglican)
Hillandale                    : S AFRICA     F#   3-2-0
   Monastery of the Order of the Holy Cross
Johannesburg - STP            : S AFRICA     F#   2-0-11
   St.Peter's Anglican School
Johannesburg/F                : S AFRICA     F#   2-2-20
   All Saints Anglican Church

Key to column headings:

pitch of the tenor (heaviest bell) of the ring

weight of the tenor in cwt-qr-lb (See page on Weights.)


The table is sorted first on the pitch of the tenor bell, then on the actual weight.  Apparent inconsistencies are most likely the result of differences in scale, i.e., the relationship between thickness and inside diameter.

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