Chimes in Africa and Mideast:
index by country

Chime-sized tower bell installations of all kinds may be found in Africa and the Mideast in the following countries:

EG - Egypt
IL - Israel
KE - Kenya
MW - Malawi
ZA - South Africa
ZR - Zaire
ZW - Zimbabwe

Click on any underlined country abbreviation above to go directly to that section of this index page. Within a country, sites are listed alphabetically by city name.

Instruments marked ring are also separately indexed. African rings of 6 bells appear only in those indexes, and not here.

If you do not find here a city (or instrument) which you think should be listed, then check the page of sites that are no more or the combined index to all African and Mideastern sites.

Egypt (EG)

SINAI PENINSULA               : EGYPT        zvon
   St.Catherine's Monastery

Israel (IL)
Note that the country code for Israel (IL) is the same as the state code for Illinois, USA.

BETHLEHEM                     : ISRAEL     
JERUSALEM - HGC               : ISRAEL     
   Holy Sepulchre Church 

Kenya (KE)

NAIROBI                       : KENYA      
   Cathedral Tower

Malawi (MW)

LIKOMA ISLAND                 : MALAWI     
   St.Peter's Cathedral

South Africa (ZA = Zuid Afrika)

CAPE TOWN - STG               : S AFRICA     ring
   St.George's Cathedral 
CAPE TOWN - W                 : S AFRICA     ring
   St.Mary's Church 
DURBAN - CD                   : S AFRICA   
   Clover Dairies 
DURBAN - STM                  : S AFRICA     ring
   St.Mary Anglican Church 
DURBAN - STP                  : S AFRICA     ring
   St.Paul Anglican Church 
GRAHAMSTOWN                   : S AFRICA     ring
   Cathedral Church of SS.Michael & George
JOHANNESBURG/P                : S AFRICA     ring
   St.George Anglican Church 
JOHANNESBURG/R                : S AFRICA   
   Easter Exhibition Grounds 
PARKTOWN                      : S AFRICA  
   See JOHANNESBURG/P,        : S AFRICA    
PAROW                         : S AFRICA   
   City Hall Tower
   City Hall Tower
PRETORIA - CH/2               : S AFRICA   
   City Hall Tower
PRETORIA/T                    : S AFRICA   
   Reformed Church

Zaire (ZR)
Zaire was formerly called the (Belgian) Congo.

GBADOLITE                     : ZAIRE      
   Mausoleum of Mobutu Sese Seko 

Zimbabwe (ZW)
Zimbabwe was formerly called Rhodesia.

HARARE                        : ZIMBABWE     ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Mary & All Saints 

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