Carillons in Africa and Mideast:
index by country

Traditional carillons may be found in Africa and the Mideast in the following countries and regions:

EG - Egypt
IL - Israel
RE - Réunion Island
ZA - South Africa

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  1. Some ites are tagged as follows:

    mechanism is uncertain (might be traditional or non-traditional carillon; for the moment, these are indexed as both "trad" and "non-trad".)

  2. If you do not find here a city (or instrument) which you think should be listed, then check the page of sites that are no more or the combined index to all African and Mideastern sites.

Egypt (EG)

ISMAILIYA                     : EGYPT        mech?
   St.Mark Coptic Catholic Church
     (was St.François de Salle)

Israel (IL)
Note that the country code for Israel (IL) is the same as the state code for Illinois, USA.

JERUSALEM - YMCA              : ISRAEL      
   Jesus Tower, YMCA 

Réunion Island
An overseas département of France.

CILAOS                        : REUNION IS.  trad
   Église Notre Dame des Neiges

South Africa (ZA = Zuid Afrika)

CAPE TOWN - WM                : S AFRICA    
   Women's War Memorial
   City Hall
GERMISTON                     : S AFRICA     mech?
   City Hall Tower
PORT ELIZABETH - CM           : S AFRICA     mech?
   Campanile (Colonist Monument) 

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