Index of all European Chimes by maker

Chimes and chime-sized tower bell instruments in Asia and the Pacific Rim region contain bells supplied by a variety of bellfoundries.  Most such sites (exceptions as noted below) are listed here by foundry in the following order:

For an explanation of what this index contains (and does NOT contain), and of the additional details on each entry, see the Bellfoundry Indexes Advice.

Bellfoundry unknown

The sources which reported the existence of these instruments, or the phase of work listed here, did not identify their makers. They are listed in city name order rather than date order.
COLERAINE                     : AUSTRALIA    1??? C 
   Holy Trinity Church (Anglican)
MANILA - QP                   : PHILIPPINES  1989 C
   Shrine of Our Lady Queen of Peace
   (Our Lady of EDSA)
MELBOURNE - T                 : AUSTRALIA    1920 F
   St.John's Anglican Church
QUEZON CITY - LS              : PHILIPPINES  2005 C
   La Salle
SASEBO - HTB/5                : JAPAN        ???? C
   Tante Annie (confectionery)
   Huis ten Bosch
TOKYO - SWU                   : JAPAN        1??? C
   University Building One
   Showa Women's University
   Sto.Niño Shrine
   Dutch-made bells
CEBU                          : PHILIPPINES  2009 C
   Metropolitan Cathedral
   installed by Carillon Technology Philippines
MANILA - UST                  : PHILIPPINES  2011 C
   Martyrs' Monument
   (Santisimo Rosario Parish Church)
   University of Santo Tomas

Eijsbouts, Asten, Netherlands

IPOH                          : MALAYSIA     1982 C
   Perak Turf Club
OKEGAWA                       : JAPAN        1985 C
KASHIWA CITY                  : JAPAN        1987 C
   Shopping Center
OMURA CITY                    : JAPAN        1987 C
   Koyo Schools
SAPPORO                       : JAPAN        1987 C
   Center building
YATSU                         : JAPAN        1987 C
YONO CITY                     : JAPAN        1987 C
FUKUOKA SHI                   : JAPAN        1988 C
   Entertainment Building
HAIKI                         : JAPAN        1988 C
   Hirota Park
KATSUSHIKA                    : JAPAN        1988 C
   Community Center
HIROSHIMA - U                 : JAPAN        1989 C
   University North Building
ROBINA                        : AUSTRALIA    1989 C
   Business Building
   Bond University
OSAKA - M                     : JAPAN        1990 C
SASEBO - HTB/3                : JAPAN        1991 C
   Huis ten Bosch
BUNBURY - STP                 : AUSTRALIA    2011 C  ring
   Cathedral of St.Patrick (RC)
Complete list of Eijsbouts foundry output.

Petit & Fritsen, Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands

QUEZON CITY - G               : PHILIPPINES  2005 C
   Church of the Gesù
   Ateneo de Manila University
   Loyola Heights Campus
Complete list of Petit & Fritsen foundry output.

Gillett & Johnston, Croydon, England

FENDALTON                     : NEW ZEALAND  1927 C
   St.Barnabas Parish Church
VAUCLUSE                      : AUSTRALIA    1939 C
   St.Michael's Anglican Church
ROCKHAMPTON                   : AUSTRALIA    1946 C
   St.Paul's Cathedral (Anglican)
PERTH - STM                   : AUSTRALIA    1951 C
   St.Mary's Cathedral (RC)
HONG KONG - STJ               : CHINA - HK   1953 C
   St.John's Anglican Cathedral
Complete list of Gillett & Johnston foundry output.

Paccard, Annecy, France

OYAMA                         : JAPAN        20?? C
   Clock tower
   Omoigawa Parking Lot

SYDNEY - Mobile               : AUSTRALIA    2002 C
   (Mobile trailer)
KYOTO                         : JAPAN        2006 C
   Doushisya Elementary School
   (Doshisha Primary School)
Complete list of Paccard foundry output.

Sergeys, Leuven, Belgium

HIROSHIMA - W                 : JAPAN        20?? C
   Hiroshima Women's University

NAPIER - MS                   : NEW ZEALAND  1974 C
   Clive Square / Memorial Square
Complete list of Sergeys foundry output.

Taylor, Loughborough, England

GOULBURN                      : AUSTRALIA    1872*F  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Saviour
   * cast for a different site
CHRISTCHURCH                  : NEW ZEALAND  1880 C (ring)
   Cathedral Church of Christ
   (Christchurch Cathedral)
MUMBAI (BOMBAY)               : INDIA        1883 C
   Rajabai Clock Tower
   University Library
   University of Mumbai
SINGAPORE - STA               : SINGAPORE    1889 C
   St.Andrew's Anglican Cathedral
PUNE                          : INDIA        1893 C
   Church of the Holy Name
   (Church of Northern India [United Protestant] )
COLABA                        : INDIA        1904 C
   Church of St. John the Evangelist (Anglican)
COLABA                        : INDIA        1904 R
   Church of St. John the Evangelist (Anglican)
MARRICKVILLE                  : AUSTRALIA    1922 C
   St.Clement's Anglican Church
PARRAMATTA - STJ              : AUSTRALIA    1923 C
   Cathedral of St.John (Anglican)
     (was St.John's Church)
MERIVALE                      : NEW ZEALAND  1926 C
   St.Mary's Anglican Church
BUNDABERG - STA               : AUSTRALIA    1932 C
   St.Andrew's Church
     (Uniting; was Presbyterian)
ADELAIDE - STAU               : AUSTRALIA    1933 C
   St.Augustine of Canterbury Church
HOBART - STD                  : AUSTRALIA    1936 F  ring/chime
   Cathedral Church of St.David
BRISBANE - STAL               : AUSTRALIA    1938 C
   St.Andrew's Anglican Church
ADELAIDE - STP                : AUSTRALIA    1946 C  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Peter (Anglican)
HAMILTON                      : NEW ZEALAND  1950 C  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Peter the Apostle
LEVIN                         : NEW ZEALAND  1954 C
   St.Mary's Anglican Church
LOWER HUTT                    : NEW ZEALAND  1954 C
   St.James Anglican Church
PONSONBY                      : NEW ZEALAND  1957 C
   All Saints Anglican Church
BURWOOD                       : AUSTRALIA    1959 C  ring
   St.Paul's Anglican Church
NAPIER - STJ                  : NEW ZEALAND  1959 C
   Waiapu Anglican Cathedral of
     St.John the Evangelist
WARWICK                       : AUSTRALIA    1961 C
   (cast by Taylor for G&J(Clocks), Ltd.;
   the last bells to bear the G&J name.)
AUCKLAND - SV                 : NEW ZEALAND  1961 C
   Chapel of Christ the King
   Selwyn Village
WAIWHETU                      : NEW ZEALAND  1961 C
   St.Paul's Anglican Church
CANBERRA - STJ                : AUSTRALIA    1964 C
   Church of St.John the Baptist/Anglican
CASTLEREAGH                   : AUSTRALIA    1964 C  ring/chime
   Castlereagh Wesleyan Chapel
MELBOURNE - STPC              : AUSTRALIA    1964 T  ring
   St.Paul's Cathedral (Anglican)
SYDNEY - STA                  : AUSTRALIA    1965 F  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Andrew (Anglican)
NELSON - CC                   : NEW ZEALAND  1965 C
   Christ Church Cathedral
CANBERRA - STA                : AUSTRALIA    1968 C
   The Presbyterian Church of St.Andrew
ADELAIDE - STC                : AUSTRALIA    1971 C  ring
   Church of St.Cuthbert (Anglican)
PERTH - STG                   : AUSTRALIA    1974 R  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.George
CHRISTCHURCH                  : NEW ZEALAND  1978 C  ring
   Cathedral Church of Christ
   (Christchurch Cathedral)
TURRAMURRA                    : AUSTRALIA    1978 E  ring
   St.James Anglican Church
PAPANUI                       : NEW ZEALAND  1983 E  ring
   St.Paul's Anglican Church
SYDNEY - STA                  : AUSTRALIA    1984 I  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Andrew (Anglican)
WELLINGTON - STPA             : NEW ZEALAND  1984 E  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Paul
SYDNEY - STA                  : AUSTRALIA    1985 I  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Andrew (Anglican)
GOULBURN                      : AUSTRALIA    1987 R  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Saviour
LAUNCESTON                    : AUSTRALIA    1988 C
   Church of the Apostles (RC)
PERTH - SC/1                  : AUSTRALIA    1988 I  ring
   The Swan Bells
   The Bell Tower
SYDNEY - STA                  : AUSTRALIA    1988 E  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Andrew (Anglican)
GOULBURN                      : AUSTRALIA    1997 I  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Saviour
LITHGOW                       : AUSTRALIA    1998 C  ring
   Hoskins Memorial Church (Presb/Uniting)
PERTH - SC/1                  : AUSTRALIA    1998 E  ring
   The Swan Bells
   The Bell Tower
MANUKA                        : AUSTRALIA    2000 E  ring
   St.Paul's Anglican Church
RANDWICK                      : AUSTRALIA    2001 C  ring
   St.Jude's Anglican Church
SYDNEY - STJ                  : AUSTRALIA    2003 C  ring
   St.James' Church (Queen's Square)
BATHURST - A                  : AUSTRALIA    2004 E  ring
   All Saints' Anglican Cathedral
GOULBURN                      : AUSTRALIA    2005 E  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Saviour
HOBART - STD                  : AUSTRALIA    2005 E  ring/chime
   Cathedral Church of St.David
MELBOURNE - STPI              : AUSTRALIA    2007 R  ring
   St.Pius X Church (RC)
Complete list of Taylor foundry output.

Whitechapel, London, England

Older bells carry the name Mears & Stainbank
SYDNEY - STP                  : AUSTRALIA    1794 C (chime)
   St.Philip's Anglican Church
SYDNEY - STM                  : AUSTRALIA    1843 C (ring)
   Central tower
   St.Mary's Cathedral Basilica
HOBART - HT                   : AUSTRALIA    1846 C  ring
   Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
   (was Holy Trinity Anglican Church)
SYDNEY - STP                  : AUSTRALIA    1858 R  ring
   St.Philip's Anglican Church
GEELONG                       : AUSTRALIA    1867 C  ring
   Church of St.Paul
BALLARAT - TH/1               : AUSTRALIA    1869 C  ring
   Alfred Memorial Bells
   Town Hall
BALLARAT - TH/2               : AUSTRALIA    1869 C
   Town Hall
MADRAS (CHENNAI)              : INDIA        1871 C
   St.George's Cathedral
   (Church of South India; was Anglican)
BENDIGO                       : AUSTRALIA    1873 C  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Paul
NEWTOWN                       : AUSTRALIA    1880 C  chimola
   St.Stephen's Anglican Church
   hemispherical bells
SYDNEY - STM                  : AUSTRALIA    1882 R (ring)
   Central tower
   St.Mary's Cathedral Basilica
MELBOURNE - STJ               : AUSTRALIA    1885 C  ring
   St.James' Old Cathedral
MARYBOROUGH                   : AUSTRALIA    1888 C  ring
   St.Paul's Anglican Church
SYDNEY - STP                  : AUSTRALIA    1888 I  ring/chime
   St.Philip's Anglican Church
MELBOURNE - STPC              : AUSTRALIA    1889 C  ring
   St.Paul's Cathedral (Anglican)
BALLARAT - STP                : AUSTRALIA    1892 C  ring
   St.Peter's Anglican Church
CAMDEN                        : AUSTRALIA    1896 C
   St.John's Anglican Church
SYDNEY - STP                  : AUSTRALIA    1898 E  ring/chime
   St.Philip's Anglican Church
WANGANUI                      : NEW ZEALAND  1908 C  chimola
   Whanganui Regional Museum
   hemispherical bells
CALCUTTA (KOLKATA) - STM      : INDIA        1914 C  chimola
   St.Mary's Mission
   hemispherical bells
TOWNSVILLE                    : AUSTRALIA    1920 C
   Sacred Heart Cathedral
GAWLER                        : AUSTRALIA    1921 C  chimola
   St.George's Anglican Church
   hemispherical bells
DARLING POINT                 : AUSTRALIA    1924 E  ring
   Church of St.Mark (Anglican)
MELBOURNE - T                 : AUSTRALIA    1927 E
   St.John's Anglican Church
BENDIGO                       : AUSTRALIA    1964 R  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Paul
AUCKLAND - STM                : NEW ZEALAND  1972 R  ring
   Church of St.Matthew-in-the-City
DUNEDIN - F                   : NEW ZEALAND  1973 C  ring/chime
   First Church of Otago
PARRAMATTA - AS               : AUSTRALIA    1974 E  ring
   All Saints' Anglican Church
PARRAMATTA - K                : AUSTRALIA    1974 C
   The King's School
KIAMA                         : AUSTRALIA    1976 C
   Christ Church (Anglican)
SYDNEY - CC                   : AUSTRALIA    1984 E  ring
   Christ Church, St.Laurence
ROTTNEST ISLAND               : AUSTRALIA    1985 C
   Holy Trinity Catholic Church
SYDNEY - STM                  : AUSTRALIA    1985 E  ring
   Central tower
   St.Mary's Cathedral Basilica
YORK                          : AUSTRALIA    1985 C  ring
   Holy Trinity Church
BRISBANE - STJ                : AUSTRALIA    1987 I  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.John (Anglican)
MELBOURNE - STPI              : AUSTRALIA    1989 C  ring
   St.Pius X Church (RC)
ALBURY                        : AUSTRALIA    1992 E  ring/chime
   St.Matthew's Church
ADELAIDE - STF                : AUSTRALIA    1994 E  ring
   St.Francis Xavier Cathedral
MOSMAN PARK                   : AUSTRALIA    1995 E  ring
   Chapel of St.Hilda of Whitby
   St.Hilda's Anglican School for Girls
ARMIDALE                      : AUSTRALIA    1996 C  ring
   St.Peter's Cathedral (Anglican)
ROCKINGHAM                    : AUSTRALIA    1996 E  ring
   Rockingham Centre (Civic Centre)
MANDURAH                      : AUSTRALIA    1997 E  ring
   Christ's Church (Anglican)
WAGGA WAGGA                   : AUSTRALIA    1997 E  ring
   St.John's Anglican Church
SYDNEY - STP                  : AUSTRALIA    2001 R  ring/chime
   St.Philip's Anglican Church
LISMORE - STA                 : AUSTRALIA    2003 E  ring
   St.Andrew's Church
ORANGE                        : AUSTRALIA    2005 E  ring
   Holy Trinity Anglican Church
BRISBANE - STJ                : AUSTRALIA    2008 E  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.John (Anglican)
Complete list of Whitechapel foundry output.

Warner, England

AUCKLAND - STM                : NEW ZEALAND  1863 C  ring
   Church of St.Matthew-in-the-City
CALCUTTA (KOLKATA) - STJ      : INDIA        1864 C
   St.James Church (Jora Girja)
ADELAIDE - TH                 : AUSTRALIA    1865 C  ring
   Town Hall
BRISBANE - STJ                : AUSTRALIA    1876 F  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.John (Anglican)
WELLINGTON - STPE             : NEW ZEALAND  188_ C
   St.Peter's Anglican Church
AUCKLAND - STM                : NEW ZEALAND  1883 R  ring
   Church of St.Matthew-in-the-City
MURRURUNDI                    : AUSTRALIA    1883 C
   St.Paul's Anglican Church
PERTH - STG                   : AUSTRALIA    1902 C (ring)
   Cathedral Church of St.George
TIMARU                        : NEW ZEALAND  1914 C
   Sacred Heart Basilica Church
Complete list of Warner foundry output.

Miscellaneous founders, not listed above

One instance each; in order by year, unknown first.
PERTH - SC/1                  : AUSTRALIA    1725-70*F  ring
   The Swan Bells
   The Bell Tower
   * cast by Rudhall for another site
WANGARATTA                    : AUSTRALIA    1806*C  ring
   Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity
   * cast for St.George's Church,
     Bolton, Lancashire, England,
     by Rudhall of Gloucester
RANDWICK                      : AUSTRALIA    1865 C (ring)
   St.Jude's Anglican Church
   cast by Vickers, Sheffield
MELBOURNE - STPAT             : AUSTRALIA    1868 C  ring
   St.Patrick's Cathedral
   cast by John Murphy, Dublin, Ireland
MELBOURNE - GPO               : AUSTRALIA    1890 C
   General Post Office
   by John C. Wilson & Co., Glasgow
ADDINGTON                     : NEW ZEALAND  1907 C
   Anglican Church of St.Mary the Virgin
   cast by James Barwell, Birmingham, England
SYDNEY - G                    : AUSTRALIA    1910 C  chimola
   St.John Bishopthorpe Anglican Church
   by Wm.Taylor, Pyrmont; segmented, hemispherical
LISMORE - STC                 : AUSTRALIA    1911 C
   St.Carthage's Cathedral (RC)
   by Matthew O'Byrne, Dublin
   St.Paul's Presbyterian Church
   cast by Colbachini
MELBOURNE - STB               : AUSTRALIA    1929 C
   St.Bartholomew's Church (Anglican)
   cast by John Danks & Son, Sydney
Complete list of miscellaneous foundry output.

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