Chimes in Belgium:
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NOTE:   Cities which have (or had) a carillon or chime during a historical period when they were part of, or were occupied by, a different country may be cross-referenced by the name which they bore in the language of that country.  For the same reason, place names are sometimes given in alternate languages.  Such references enable the reader to connect historical references with present circumstances, and are not intended to express any political opinion regarding past or present facts.

Chime-sized tower bell installations of all kinds may be found in the following cities of Belgium:

ALKEN-TERKOEST                : BELGIUM    
   O.L.V. Onbevlekt Ontvangenkerk
ARLON                         : BELGIUM    
BLANDAIN                      : BELGIUM    
   Tour St.Éleuthère
BOCHOLT                       : BELGIUM    
   R.C. Church
BRASSCHAAT                    : BELGIUM    
DUFFEL - U                    : BELGIUM    
FLOREFFE                      : BELGIUM    
   Klein Seminary
   (Toren Oude Praemonstr. Abdij)
GERPINNES                     : BELGIUM    
   St.Roland Tower
   Église Saint-Michel-et-Rolande
LIBRAMONT                     : BELGIUM    
   Heilig Hart (Sacré Coeur) Church
LIEGE - PPE                   : BELGIUM    
   Palais des Princes Evêques
LIER - STG/2                  : BELGIUM      peal
   Sint-Gummaruskerk (St.Gommarus)
LISSEWEGE                     : BELGIUM    
   (Our Lady's Visitation Church)
MESPELARE                     : BELGIUM    
SAINT-GHISLAIN                : BELGIUM    
   Tower of old church
SCHOTEN                       : BELGIUM    
   Department Store

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