Chimes in Central and South America:
index by size

This is an index to Central and South American chimes (and other installations of 8 to 22 tower bells) in order by number of bells.  Instruments with the same number of bells are in order by the city name.

22 bells
VALDIVIA                      : CHILE        chime
21 bells

20 bells

19 bells

18 bells
BRASILIA                      : BRAZIL       chime
   Catholic Church 
WILLEMSTAD - CB/1             : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Citco Bank
WILLEMSTAD - CB/2             : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Citco Bank
17 bells

16 bells

15 bells
PORT-AU-PRINCE                : HAITI        chime
   Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
14 bells
ANTIGUA                       : B. W. I.     chime/trad
   Northwest Tower 
   Cathedral Church of St.John the Divine 
ARUBA                         : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Spritzer & Fuhrmann, Jewellers 
13 bells
WILLEMSTAD - SF/1             : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Spritzer & Fuhrmann, Jewellers 
12 bells
CARTAGO                       : COSTA RICA   chime
   Almacén Gonzalez
MONTEGO BAY                   : JAMAICA      chime/trad
   St.James Parish Church (Anglican) 
ORANJESTAD                    : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Shopping Mall 
PARAMARIBO - J                : SURINAME     chime
   J.L.Jong A Kiem N.V.
11 bells

10 bells
SMITH'S PARISH                : BERMUDA      chime
   Church of St.Mark the Apostle 
9 bells
CARACAS                       : VENEZUELA    chime
8 bells
(UNKNOWN)                     : TRINIDAD     chime
   Catholic Church
CIENFUEGOS                    : CUBA         chime
   Catedral de la Purisima Concepcion
PORT OF SPAIN - HT            : TRINIDAD     chime
   Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity 

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