Chimes in Central and South America:
index by year of completion

This is an index to 17 existing Central and South American chimes, in order by year of completion (to the current number of bells), unknown first.  Instruments which were completed in the same year are listed in order by the city name without regard to the exact date on which the installation was finished.

After the year, a letter indicates that it is

C - when the complete instrument was installed;
E - when the instrument was enlarged from its previous size.

    Location (City : Country)                Year
Unknown - 2 instruments
ARUBA                         : NED.ANTIL.   19?? C
   Spritzer & Fuhrmann, Jewellers 
VALDIVIA                      : CHILE        19?? C

before 1960 - 6 instruments
(UNKNOWN)                     : TRINIDAD     1830 C
   Catholic Church
PORT OF SPAIN - HT            : TRINIDAD     1880 C
   Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity 
SMITH'S PARISH                : BERMUDA      1912 E
   Church of St.Mark the Apostle 
CIENFUEGOS                    : CUBA         1919 E
   Catedral de la Purisima Concepcion
WILLEMSTAD - SF/1             : NED.ANTIL.   1954 C
   Spritzer & Fuhrmann, Jewellers 
MONTEGO BAY                   : JAMAICA      1959 C
   St.James Parish Church (Anglican) 

1960s - 4 instruments
ANTIGUA                       : B. W. I.     1960 C
   Northwest Tower 
   Cathedral Church of St.John the Divine 
PORT-AU-PRINCE                : HAITI        1960 C
   Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
CARACAS                       : VENEZUELA    1969 C
CARTAGO                       : COSTA RICA   1969 C
   Almacén Gonzalez

1970s - 1 instruments
BRASILIA                      : BRAZIL       1977 C
   Catholic Church 

1980s - 1 instrument
WILLEMSTAD - CB/1             : NED.ANTIL.   1989 C
   Citco Bank

1990s - 2 instruments
ORANJESTAD                    : NED.ANTIL.   1991 C
   Shopping Mall 
WILLEMSTAD - CB/2             : NED.ANTIL.   1991 C
   Citco Bank

2000s - 1 instrument
PARAMARIBO - J                : SURINAME     2003 E
   J.L.Jong A Kiem N.V.

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