Index of all chimes in the British Isles by maker

Chimes and chime-sized tower bell instruments in the British Isles (including Ireland) contain bells supplied by a variety of bellfoundries.  All such sites are listed here by foundry in the following order:

For an explanation of what this index contains (and does NOT contain), and of the additional details on each entry, see the Bellfoundry Indexes Advice.

NOTE:   Instruments which were originally chimes but have since been enlarged are not listed here.  Neither are instruments which were replaced with one of a different range.  All of those instruments can be found either in the combined foundry index for the British Isles or in individual foundry indexes, each of which is linked from the end of the corresponding section of this page (or see list).

Bellfoundry unknown

The sources which reported the existence of these instruments did not identify their makers.
GLASGOW                       : SCOTLAND-LA  1665 C (chime)
   Tolbooth (or) Cross Steeple
   cast by an unknown Dutch founder
GLASGOW                       : SCOTLAND-LA  1738 C (chime)
   Tolbooth (or) Cross Steeple
   cast by an unknown London founder
GLASGOW                       : SCOTLAND-LA  1739 C (chime)
   Tolbooth (or) Cross Steeple
   cast by an unknown Edinburgh founder
LARBERT                       : SCOTLAND-ST  1978 F
   Old Church 
LARBERT                       : SCOTLAND-ST  1985 E
   Old Church 
SELBY                         : ENGLAND -YW  1957 C
   St.James the Apostle Parish Church 
STIRLING                      : SCOTLAND-ST  1??? E
   Tolbooth (or) Broad Street Steeple

van Aerschodt, Leuven (Louvain), Belgium

LERWICK                       : SHETLAND IS  1887 F (chime)
   Town Hall 
LERWICK                       : SHETLAND IS  1906 R (chime)
   Town Hall 
Complete list of van Aerschodt foundry output.

Eijsbouts, Asten, Netherlands

ASHORNE HILL                  : ENGLAND -WA  1976*C
   The Nickelodeon Collection 
   (Musical museum) 
   *  originally elsewhere
LONDON - E                    : ENGLAND -W   1986 C
   Arcadia Shopping Centre 
ABERDEEN - STM                : SCOTLAND-AB  1998 E  chime/ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Mary 
     of the Assumption (RC) 
LIMERICK                      : IRELAND      2009 C
   St.John's RC Cathedral
Complete list of Eijsbouts foundry output.

Petit & Fritsen, Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands

GLOUCESTER                    : ENGLAND -GL  1973 C
   Eastgate Shopping Centre 
Complete list of Petit & Fritsen foundry output.

Gillett & Johnston, Croydon, England

KIRKCALDY                     : SCOTLAND-FI  1880 C
   St.Brycedale Kirk
   St.Bryce Parish
PAISLEY                       : SCOTLAND-RE  1882 C
   Town Hall
GREENOCK                      : SCOTLAND-RE  1912 F
   St.George North Church (of Scotland)
GREENOCK                      : SCOTLAND-RE  1913 R
   St.George North Church (of Scotland)
KENNERLEIGH                   : ENGLAND -DE  1920 C
   St.John the Baptist Anglican Church 
LONDON - RE                   : ENGLAND -EC  1920 C
   The Royal Exchange 
CHOBHAM                       : ENGLAND -SR  1926 F  [chime]
   Westcroft Park 
LONDON - MC                   : ENGLAND -E   1925 C
   World War I memorial
   East tower
   Memorial Community Church
   (was Memorial Baptist Church)
COVENTRY                      : ENGLAND -WA  1927 C
   Cathedral Church of St.Michael
WYKE                          : ENGLAND -YW  1929 C
   St.Mary the Virgin Parish Church 
CLYDEBANK                     : SCOTLAND-SC  1929 C    
   Town Hall 
CARRICKMACROSS                : IRELAND -MN  1930 C
   St.Joseph Catholic Church
FOULRIDGE                     : ENGLAND -LA  1931 C
   St.Michael & All Angels Parish Church 
FRIMLEY                       : ENGLAND -SR  1931 C
   St.Peter Parish Church 
MANCHESTER - HN               : ENGLAND -LA  1931 C
   Church of the Holy Name (RC)
BLACKBURN                     : ENGLAND -LA  1932 C
   St.Jude Parish Church
DEPTFORD                      : ENGLAND -SE  1932 C
   St.Luke's Parish Church
PORTADOWN                     : N IRELAND-R  1932 C
   St.Mark's Church (C.I.) 
LONDON - HW                   : ENGLAND -EC  1935 C
   133, Houndsditch 
   (was Hounsditch Warehouse Company) 
   Shrine Church of Our Lady of Walsingham
   (The Pilgrim's Hospice) 
BRIDGE OF WEIR                : SCOTLAND-RE  1946 E
   Mount Zion Church
   Quarriers Homes
   (was Orphan Homes of Scotland)
ALSTON                        : ENGLAND -CU  1950 C
   St.Augustine Parish Church 
GREENOCK                      : SCOTLAND-RE  1950 E
   St.George North Church (of Scotland)
WYTHAM                        : ENGLAND -BR  1951 C
   All Saints Parish Church 
Complete list of Gillett & Johnston foundry output.

McShane, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

FALKIRK                       : SCOTLAND     1926 C
   "Auld Kirk" Presbyterian Church 
Complete list of McShane foundry output.

Paccard, Annecy, France

LEIGH-ON-SEA                  : ENGLAND -ES  1926 C
   Our Lady of Lourdes & St.Joseph (RC) 
Complete list of Paccard foundry output.

Taylor, Loughborough, England

PEEBLES                       : SCOTLAND-PB  ???? C
   Old Parish Church

BRADFORD                      : ENGLAND -YW  1873 C
   Town Hall 
ABERDEEN - STM                : SCOTLAND-AB  1877 F  chime/ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Mary 
     of the Assumption (RC) 
HOOTON PAGNELL                : ENGLAND -YW  1895 F
   All Saints Parish Church 
HOOTON PAGNELL                : ENGLAND -YW  1896 R
   All Saints Parish Church 
KENDAL                        : ENGLAND -CU  1897 C
   Town Hall
TOWCESTER                     : ENGLAND -NH  1897 F  ring
   St.Lawrence Parish Church 
NEWRY                         : N IRELAND-D  1898 F
   Cathedral of S.Patrick & St.Colman (CI)
KINGSTON-UPON-HULL - HT/1     : ENGLAND -YE  1899 F  ring
   Holy Trinity Church
   (Most Holy & Undivided Trinity)
LEXDEN                        : ENGLAND -ES  1901 C
   St.Leonard's Parish Church 
GLANDFORD                     : ENGLAND -NF  1903 C
   St.Martin Parish Church
MELLOR                        : ENGLAND -LA  1923 C
   St.Mary Parish Church 
ALFRETON                      : ENGLAND -DB  1929 C
   Watchorn Memorial Methodist Church 
LIMEHOUSE                     : ENGLAND -E   1933 C
   Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Church 
OULTON                        : ENGLAND -ST  1940 C
   St.Mary's Abbey (RC) 
ALVERTHORPE                   : ENGLAND -YW  1946 F
   Victory Carillon
   St.Paul Church
LONDON - AH                   : ENGLAND -EC  1948 C
   McConnell Chime
   All Hallows Church
GREAT WARLEY                  : ENGLAND -ES  1950 F
   Essex Regimental Chapel
KENILWORTH                    : ENGLAND -WA  1950 C
   St.John the Evangelist Parish Church
BOSTON - 2                    : ENGLAND -LI  1951 C
   Boston Parish Church (Boston Stump) 
ALVERTHORPE                   : ENGLAND -YW  1955 E
   Victory Carillon
   St.Paul Church
GREAT WARLEY                  : ENGLAND -ES  1956 E
   Essex Regimental Chapel
CARLTON                       : ENGLAND -NT  1957 F
   St.John the Baptist Church 
WHITWICK                      : ENGLAND -LE  1960 C
   Holy Cross Catholic Church 
LERWICK                       : SHETLAND IS  1976 R
   Town Hall 
CARLTON                       : ENGLAND -NT  1981 E
   St.John the Baptist Church 
NEWRY                         : N IRELAND-D  1987 E
   Cathedral of S.Patrick & St.Colman (CI)
TOWCESTER                     : ENGLAND -NH  1989 E  ring
   St.Lawrence Parish Church 
   Shrine Church of Our Lady of Walsingham
   (The Pilgrim's Hospice) 
Complete list of Taylor foundry output.

Vanbergen, Heiligerlee, Netherlands

[none posted yet]
Complete list of Vanbergen foundry output.

Whitechapel, London, England

Older bells carry the name Mears & Stainbank
HIGH BEACH                    : ENGLAND -ES  1873 C
   Church of the Holy Innocents
   SS.James & Basil Parish Church 
GOLDERS GREEN                 : ENGLAND -NW  1932 C
   St.Alban Martyr and St.Michael Church 
BECONTREE                     : ENGLAND -ES  1933 C
   St.Alban Parish Church 
DUNDEE                        : SCOTLAND-AN  1948 C
   St.Andrews Church 
POOLE                         : ENGLAND -DO  1957 C
   The Transfiguration Parish Church 
HOUNSLOW                      : ENGLAND -MD  1959 C
   Holy Trinity Parish Church 
DALSTON - SMY                 : ENGLAND -E   1963 C
   Saint Mary's Catholic Church
LEE                           : ENGLAND -SE  1963 C
   St.Margaret Parish Church
LONDON - FM                   : ENGLAND -W   1964 C
   Fortnum & Mason 
LONDON - WBF                  : ENGLAND -E   1981 C
   Whitechapel Bell Foundry
LLANDAFF                      : WALES - GL   1992 R
   Cathedral Church of SS. Peter and Paul 
     with Teilo, Dyfrig and Euddogwy
Complete list of Whitechapel foundry output.

Warner, England

DEPTFORD                      : ENGLAND -SE  1872 C (chimola)
   St.Luke's Parish Church
DALSTON - SMK                 : ENGLAND -E   1877 C  chime/ring
   Saint Mark's Parish Church 
BIRTLES HALL                  : ENGLAND -CH  1895 C
   St.Catherine Parish Church 
Complete list of Warner foundry output.

Miscellaneous founders, not listed above

One instance each; in order by year.
PRESTEIGNE                    : WALES - RD   1717 *  chime/ring
   St.Andrew Parish Church 
   a mix of Rudhall (1717) and Whitechapel (1906) bells
STIRLING                      : SCOTLAND-ST  1729 F
   Tolbooth (or) Broad Street Steeple
   cast by J.Waylett
NEWPORT                       : WALES - GT   1874 C
   St.Mary, Stow Hill, RC Church 
   cast by Blews
ROEHAMPTON                    : ENGLAND -SW  1879 C
   St.Joseph RC Church
   cast by T.C.Lewis
GLASGOW                       : SCOTLAND-LA  1881 C
   Tolbooth (or) Cross Steeple
   cast by John C. Wilson (local Scots)
BRIDGE OF WEIR                : SCOTLAND-RE  1888 F
   Mount Zion Church
   Quarriers Homes
   (was Orphan Homes of Scotland)
   by Llewellins & James, Avonmouth, Bristol, England 
   (Castle Green Foundry) 
Complete list of miscellaneous foundry output.

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