Non-traditional carillons in Italy:
index by city name

NOTE: Installations which originally had a traditional keyboard are marked "trad*".

Non-traditional carillons may be found in the following cities of Italy:

BOLOGNA                       : ITALY - BO 
   Santuario del SS.Crocifisso
BRESSANONE                    : ITALY - BZ 
   Torre Bianca / Weißer Turm
   Chiesa Parrocchiale S.Michele Arcangelo
MESSINA                       : ITALY - ME 
   Santuario de Montalto
ROMA                          : ITALY - RM   trad*
   S.Paulo intra Muros 
   (St.Paul's within the Walls, 
     American Episcopal) 
S.NAZARIO                     : ITALY - VI 
   Chiesa dei SS.Nazario e Celso
   Seminario Arcivescovile 

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