Traditional carillons in North America:
index by state/province and city

Traditional carillons may be found in North America in the indicated states and provinces:

American states: AK  AL  AR  AZ  CA  CO  CT  DC  DE  FL  GA  HI  IA  ID  IL  IN  KS  KY  LA  MA  MD  ME  MI  MN  MO  MS  MT  NC  ND  NE  NH  NJ  NM  NV  NY  OH  OK  OR  PA  RI  SC  SD  TN  TX  UT  VA  VT  WA  WI  WV  WY 

Canadian provinces: AB  BC  MB  NB  NF  NS  ON  PE  QC/QU  SK

Mexican states: DF  SLP

Click on any underlined state or province abbreviation above to go directly to that section of this index.  Within a state or province, sites are listed alphabetically by city and site-name.

If you are looking for a specific site by its institutional name (e.g., a church or school) or by the instrument's proper name, then use the "find in page" feature of your Web browser to locate a distinctive word (or partial word) in that name.

  1. Some sites are tagged as follows:

    traditional carillon incorporating at least one great bell

  2. If you do not find here a city (or instrument) which you think should be listed, then check the page of sites that are no more for this region or the combined index to all Netherlands sites.  If it's not there, then please send a message to telling everything you know about it.

American states


BIRMINGHAM - FPC              : USA - AL    
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
BIRMINGHAM - SU               : USA - AL    
   Rushton Memorial Carillon
   Harwell Goodwin Davis Library 
   Samford University 
HUNTSVILLE                    : USA - AL    
   First Baptist Church (SBC)
SCOTTSDALE                    : USA - AZ   
   Saint Barnabas on the Desert Episcopal Church
BERKELEY - UC                 : USA - CA     trad/great(2)
   Class of 1928 Carillon
   Jane K. Sather Tower
   University of California at Berkeley
GARDEN GROVE                  : USA - CA   
   Arvella Schuller Carillon
   Crean Tower
   The Crystal Cathedral
RIVERSIDE - UC                : USA - CA   
   Carillon Tower
   University of California
SAN JOSE                      : USA - CA   
   Trinity Chime
   Trinity Cathedral 
   (formerly Trinity Episcopal Church)
SANTA BARBARA                 : USA - CA   
   Thomas M. Storke Student Publication Building
   University of California
STANFORD                      : USA - CA   
   Lou Henry Hoover Carillon
   (formerly Hoover Institute Carillon)
   Hoover Tower
   Stanford University
DENVER - CWC                  : USA - CO   
   Charles S. Hill Memorial Carillon
   George W. Olinger Memorial Tower
   Johnson & Wales University
     (formerly Colorado Women's College;
     once Temple Buell College)
DENVER - DU                   : USA - CO     trad/great
   Carl M. Williams Carillon
   Carl M. Williams Tower
   Daniel L. Ritchie Center for Sports and Wellness
   University of Denver
DANBURY - STJ                 : USA - CT   
   Ella S. Bulkley Memorial Carillon
   St.James Episcopal Church
HARTFORD - TC                 : USA - CT   
   Plumb Memorial Carillon
   Chapel Tower
   Trinity College
MIDDLETOWN -- WU              : USA - CT   
   South College Building
   Wesleyan University 
NEW BRITAIN - FCC             : USA - CT   
   The Philip B. Stanley Carillon
   Robert S. Buol Tower 
   First Church of Christ, Congregational
NEW CANAAN                    : USA - CT    
   The Dana-Barton Carillon
   St.Mark's Episcopal Church 
NEW HAVEN - YU/1              : USA - CT     trad/great(3)
   Yale Memorial Carillon
   Harkness Tower
   Yale University
NEW MILFORD                   : USA - CT   
   Jose M. Ferrer Memorial Carillon
   Chapel of Our Lady
   Canterbury School
SIMSBURY                      : USA - CT   
   The Foreman Carillon
   Simsbury United Methodist Church
STAMFORD - FPC                : USA - CT   
   Walter N. Maguire Memorial Carillon
   Maguire Memorial Tower
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
STORRS - CC                   : USA - CT   
   Austin Cornelius Dunham Memorial Carillon
   Storrs Congregational Church (UCC)
WEST HARTFORD                 : USA - CT   
   Gordon Stearns Memorial Carillon
   First Church of Christ, Congregational
District of Columbia
WASHINGTON - A                : USA - DC   
   Annunciation Catholic Church
WASHINGTON - NC/1             : USA - DC     trad/great(5)
   Kibbey Carillon
   Gloria in Excelsis Tower 
   Washington National Cathedral 
WASHINGTON - NSIC             : USA - DC    
   Knights Tower 
   National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception 
WASHINGTON - ZP               : USA - DC    
   The Pelzman Glockenspiel
   The National Zoo 
CLEARWATER                    : USA - FL    
   Betty Jane Dimmitt Memorial Carillon
   Episcopal Church of the Ascension 
GAINESVILLE                   : USA - FL    
   Century Tower
   University of Florida 
LAKE WALES - B                : USA - FL     trad/great(5)
   Bok Singing Tower 
   Bok Tower Gardens
     (formerly Historic Bok Sanctuary)
     (formerly Mountain Lake Sanctuary) 
VENICE                        : USA - FL   
   Andrew W. Crawford Memorial Carillon
   Venice Performing Arts Center (VPAC)
CENTRALIA                     : USA - IL     trad/great
   The Centralia Carillon
   The Centralia Carillon Tower 
CHICAGO - STC                 : USA - IL    
   Crane Memorial Carillon
   St.Chrysostom's Episcopal Church 
CHICAGO - UC                  : USA - IL     trad/great(8)
   The Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Carillon 
   Rockefeller Memorial Chapel 
   University of Chicago 
ELSAH - 2                     : USA - IL    
   The Jean L. Rainwater Carillon
   Principia College 
EVANSTON - SW                 : USA - IL    
   Laurance Hearne Armour Memorial Carillon
   Chapel of St.John the Divine
   Seabury-Western Theological Seminary 
GLENCOE                       : USA - IL    
   Theodore C. Butz Memorial Carillon
   Chicago Botanic Garden
NAPERVILLE                    : USA - IL     trad/great
   Millennium Carillon
   Millennium Carillon Bell Tower 
PLAINFIELD                    : USA - IL   
   Plainfield United Methodist Church 
SPRINGFIELD -  TR             : USA - IL     trad/great(2)
   Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon
   Washington Park 
BLOOMINGTON - 1               : USA - IN     trad/great
   Arthur R. Metz Memorial Carillon
   Indiana University 
BLOOMINGTON - 2               : USA - IN    
   School of Music Carillon
   Music School Building 
     (or Music Annex)
   Indiana University 
CULVER                        : USA - IN    
   Memorial Chapel 
   The Culver Academies 
   (formerly Culver Military Academy) 

INDIANAPOLIS - SRC            : USA - IN     trad/great
   Scottish Rite Cathedral (Masonic) 
LA PORTE                      : USA - IN   
   The Children's Carillon
   The Presbyterian Church of La Porte 
MUNCIE - BSU                  : USA - IN    
   Shafer Tower 
   Ball State University 
NOTRE DAME                    : USA - IN    
   Basilica of the Sacred Heart (RC)
   University of Notre Dame du Lac 
AMES - 1                      : USA - IA    
   Stanton Memorial Carillon
   Iowa State University 
AMES - 2                      : USA - IA   
   Traveling demonstrator
   Iowa State University
CEDAR FALLS                   : USA - IA    
   University of Northern Iowa 
DES MOINES - STP              : USA - IA    
   Cathedral Church of St.Paul (Episcopal) 
LAWRENCE - KU                 : USA - KS     trad/great(2)
   World War II Memorial Carillon
   World War II Memorial Campanile 
   University of Kansas 
BEREA - 2                     : USA - KY   
   John Courter Carillon
   Draper Building 
     (Jessie Preston Draper Memorial) 
   Berea College 
COVINGTON - GP                : USA - KY    
   The Carroll Chimes
   Goebbel Park 
MORGAN CITY                   : USA - LA    
   Brownell Memorial Park 
FREDERICK - BP                : USA - MD    
   The Joseph Dill Baker Memorial Carillon
   Baker Park 
MCDONOGH                      : USA - MD    
   The McDonogh Carillon
   Tagart Memorial Chapel 
   McDonogh School 
SALISBURY - SU                : USA - MD   
   Brown & Church Carillon
   Patricia R. Guerrieri Academic Commons
   Salisbury University
AMHERST - UM                  : USA - MA   
   Warren Elmer Hinds Memorial Chime 
   Henry Vincent Couper Memorial Carillon
   Old Chapel 
   University of Massachusetts 
   (formerly Mass. State College)
COHASSET                      : USA - MA     trad/great
   The Cohasset Carillon
   (formerly known as the Bancroft Memorial Carillon 
     or the Jesse M. Barron Memorial Carillon)
   St.Stephen's Episcopal Church
FALL RIVER - HS               : USA - MA   
   B.M.C. Durfee High School  [new]
GLOUCESTER                    : USA - MA   
   Church of Our Lady of Good Voyage (RC)
NORTHAMPTON - 1               : USA - MA   
   Dorothea Carlile Carillon
   College Hall Tower
   Smith College
NORWOOD                       : USA - MA   
   Walter F. Tilton Memorial Carillon
   Norwood Memorial Municipal Building
     (Soldiers Memorial, WW I)
SPRINGFIELD - HPC             : USA - MA   
   Hillcrest Park Cemetery
SPRINGFIELD - TM              : USA - MA   
   Trinity Singing Tower
   Trinity United Methodist Church
WELLESLEY                     : USA - MA   
   Galen L. Stone Tower
   Green Hall
   Wellesley College
ALLENDALE                     : USA - MI    
   Cook Carillon
   Cook Carillon Tower 
   Grand Valley State University 
ANN ARBOR - UM/1              : USA - MI     trad/great(5)
   Charles Baird Carillon
   Marion Leroy Burton Memorial Tower
   Main Campus
   University of Michigan
ANN ARBOR - UM/2              : USA - MI     trad/great
   Ann & Robert H. Lurie Carillon
   North Campus 
   University of Michigan
   The Wallace Carillon
   Christ Church Cranbrook (Episcopal)
BLOOMFIELD HILLS - KH/1       : USA - MI     trad/great
   The Tower of the Apostles 
   Kirk in the Hills (Presbyterian/PCUSA) 
   St.Hugo of the Hills Catholic Church 
DETROIT - JAPC                : USA - MI    
   Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church 
DETROIT - STMR                : USA - MI   
   St.Mary of Redford Catholic Church 
EAST LANSING                  : USA - MI    
   Beaumont Tower 
   Michigan State University 
GRAND RAPIDS                  : USA - MI    
   Beckering Family Carillon Tower
   DeVos Center
   Grand Valley State University 
   Christ Church (Episcopal)
   Memorial Tower 
   The Grosse Pointe Memorial Church 
LANSING - C                   : USA - MI    
   Christopher Hansen Memorial Carillon
   Central United Methodist Church 
ROCHESTER                     : USA - MI   
   Elliott Carillon Tower
   Oakland University
MINNEAPOLIS - CL              : USA - MN   
   Central Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
ROCHESTER                     : USA - MN   
   The Rochester Carillon
   Plummer Building
   Mayo Clinic
SAINT PAUL - HHPC             : USA - MN   
   Noyes Memorial Carillon
   House of Hope Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
SPRINGFIELD -- SMS            : USA - MO    
   Jane A. Meyer Carillon
   Duane G. Meyer Library 
   Southwest Missouri State University 
SAINT LOUIS - CS              : USA - MO    
   Luther Tower 
   Concordia Seminary 
MISSOULA                      : USA - MT    
   Ellis Tower 
   Main Hall 
   University of Montana 
LINCOLN - FP/1                : USA - NE    
   Carrie Isabelle Raymond Mem'l Carillon
   First-Plymouth Congregational Church 
OMAHA - UNO                   : USA - NE    
   Henningson Memorial Campanile
   University of Nebraska at Omaha 
New Hampshire
CONCORD - S                   : USA - NH    
   Houghton Memorial Carillon
   Chapel of St.Peter and St.Paul 
   St.Paul's School 
New Jersey
MORRISTOWN                    : USA - NJ    
   St.Peter's Episcopal Church 
PLAINFIELD                    : USA - NJ    
   Pittis Carillon
   Grace Episcopal Church 
PRINCETON - PU                : USA - NJ     trad/great(2)
   The Class of 1892 Bells
   Grover Cleveland Tower 
   Graduate College 
   Princeton University 
RUMSON                        : USA - NJ    
   St.George's-by-the-River Episcopal Church 
New York
ALBANY - CH                   : USA - NY     trad/great
   City Hall 
ALFRED                        : USA - NY    
   Davis Memorial Carillon
   Alfred University 
NEW YORK - RC                 : USA - NY     trad/great(8)
   Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Carillon
   Riverside Church (interdenominational: ABC/UCC) 
NEW YORK - STM                : USA - NY    
   St.Martin's Episcopal Church
NEW YORK - STT                : USA - NY    
   St.Thomas Church (Episcopal)
ROCHESTER - UR                : USA - NY    
   Hopeman Memorial Carillon
   Rush Rhees Library
   River Campus
   University of Rochester 
WILLIAMSVILLE                 : USA - NY    
   The Niederlander Carillon
   Calvary Episcopal Church 
North Carolina
BELMONT - FPC                 : USA - NC    
   William James Pharr Carillon
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
CHARLOTTE - CPC               : USA - NC    
   Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
CHARLOTTE - MPP               : USA - NC    
   Myers Park Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
DURHAM - DU                   : USA - NC     trad/great
   West Campus 
   Duke University 
GASTONIA - FPC                : USA - NC    
   The Memorial Carillon
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
RALEIGH - HNJ                 : USA - NC   
   Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral (RC)
RALEIGH - NCS                 : USA - NC   
   Memorial Tower
   North Carolina State University
WINSTON-SALEM - WF            : USA - NC    
   Janet Jeffrey Carlile Harris Carillon
   Wait Chapel 
   Wake Forest University 
CLEVELAND - CC                : USA - OH    
   The McGaffin Carillon 
   (Alexander McGaffin Memorial)
   The Church of the Covenant (Presbyterian/PCUSA) 
   Arter Memorial Carillon
   Church of the Saviour 
   Harry A. & Mariah H. Seabrook and 
     Thomas Family Memorial Carillon
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
DAYTON - D                    : USA - OH    
   Deeds Carillon
   Deeds Memorial Tower 
   Carillon Historical Park 
GATES MILLS                   : USA - OH    
   Church of St.Christopher-by-the-River
GLENDALE - CT                 : USA - OH    
   Chapel Tower 
   Convent of the Transfiguration 
MARIEMONT                     : USA - OH    
   Mary M. Emery Memorial Carillon
   Thomas J. Emery Memorial Carillon Tower 
   Dogwood Park 
MIDDLETOWN - A                : USA - OH    
   The Sidney Case McCammon Memorial Carillon
   Episcopal Church of the Ascension
NEWARK - S                    : USA - OH    
   Flory Memorial Carillon
   Second Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
WILMINGTON --                 : USA - OH    
   Simon Goodman Memorial Carillon
   Collett Mall 
   Wilmington College 
OKLAHOMA CITY - STL           : USA - OK    
   V. V. Harris Memorial Carillon
   St.Luke's United Methodist Church 
OKLAHOMA CITY - WPC           : USA - OK    
   Westminster Carillon
   Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
BRYN MAWR - P                 : USA - PA   
   Middleton Family Carillon
   Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church 
ERIE - PS                     : USA - PA   
   Floyd and Juanita Smith Carillon
   Larry and Kathryn Smith Chapel 
   Penn State Erie, The Behrend College 
FORT WASHINGTON               : USA - PA    
   Catherine Colt Dickey Memorial Carillon
   St.Thomas' Episcopal Church 
HOLLAND                       : USA - PA    
   Henry D. Schneider Memorial Carillon
   Trinity Reformed Church (UCC) 
KENNETT SQUARE                : USA - PA    
   Longwood Gardens 
MERCERSBURG                   : USA - PA    
   The Henry Bucher Swoope Carillon
   Barker Tower 
   Mercersburg Academy 
NEW WILMINGTON                : USA - PA    
   Duff-Armington Memorial Carillon
   Old Main Building 
   Westminster College
PHILADELPHIA - FM             : USA - PA    
   Shelmerdine Memorial Carillon
   First United Methodist Church of Germantown 
PHILADELPHIA - HT             : USA - PA    
   Holy Trinity Church (Episcopal) 
PHILADELPHIA - STV            : USA - PA    
   Miraculous Medal Shrine (RC)
   (formerly St.Vincent's Seminary)
POTTSTOWN - Mobile/1          : USA - PA    
POTTSTOWN - Mobile/2          : USA - PA   
   The DellaPenna Family Carillon
READING - SLC                 : USA - PA    
   Bells of Joy
   Schwarzwald Lutheran Church (ELCA)
SHARON                        : USA - PA    
   Henry B. Forker, III and Harry B. 
     McDowell, Jr. Memorial Carillon
   St.John's Episcopal Church 
VALLEY FORGE                  : USA - PA    
   Washington Memorial National Carillon
   National Patriots Bell Tower
   Washington Memorial Chapel (Episcopal)
   Valley Forge National Historical Park 
WHITEMARSH                    : USA - PA
South Carolina
AIKEN                         : USA - SC    
   St.Thaddeus Episcopal Church
CHARLESTON - C                : USA - SC    
   The Thomas Dry Howie Carillon
   The Citadel  (Military College) 
CLEMSON - CU                  : USA - SC    
   Tillman Hall 
   Clemson University 
GREENWOOD - CSMBC             : USA - SC    
   Callie Self Memorial Baptist Church (SBC)
JACKSON - FP                  : USA - TN    
   The Jackson Memorial Carillon
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
MEMPHIS - I                   : USA - TN    
   Idlewild Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
NASHVILLE - BU                : USA - TN    
   Belmont University 
   (formerly Belmont College) 
NASHVILLE - LU                : USA - TN    
   Allen Bell Tower 
   Lipscomb University 
NASHVILLE - TB/1              : USA - TN     hybrid
   The Tennessee Bicentennial Bells [part 1]
   Bicentennial Capitol Mall 
OOLTEWAH                      : USA - TN   
   The Linnie M. Barger Memorial Carillon
   St.Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church
SEWANEE - 1                   : USA - TN    
   Leonidas Polk Memorial Carillon
   Shapard Tower 
   All Saints Chapel 
   The University of the South 
ABILENE - MMC                 : USA - TX    
   Radford Auditorium 
   McMurry University 
AUSTIN - UT/2                 : USA - TX    
   Kniker Carillon
   Main Building 
   The University of Texas 
CORPUS CHRISTI - CGS          : USA - TX    
   Memorial Carillon
   Church of the Good Shepherd 
CORPUS CHRISTI - FBC          : USA - TX    
   Glasscock Memorial Carillon
   First Baptist Church (SBC)
DALLAS - CG                   : USA - TX    
   Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe (RC)
     (Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe) 
     (orig. Cathedral of the Sacred Heart)
DALLAS - HP                   : USA - TX    
   Porter Memorial Carillon
   Highland Park United Methodist Church 
DALLAS - SMK                  : USA - TX   
   Roosevelt Family Carillon
   St.Mark's School of Texas
HOUSTON - HV                  : USA - TX    
   Bell Tower Center Carillon
   Hillside Village (shopping center) 
HOUSTON - STJ                 : USA - TX    
   Cora Allison Leavens Memorial Carillon
   St.John the Divine Episcopal Church 
HOUSTON - TLC                 : USA - TX    
   Theresa Mohnke Memorial Carillon
   Trinity Lutheran Church (LCMS)
LUBBOCK - TTU                 : USA - TX    
   Charles & Georgia Robertson Baird Memorial Carillon
   Administration Building
   Texas Tech University 
SAN ANTONIO - CC              : USA - TX    
   Nordan Memorial Carillon
   Central Christian Church 
SHERMAN                       : USA - TX    
   Wynne Chapel 
   Austin College 
WACO - BU/2                   : USA - TX    
   McLane Carillon
   Presley Tower 
   Pat Neff Hall (Administration) 
   Baylor University 
WACO - STA                    : USA - TX    
   St.Alban's Episcopal Church 
WICHITA FALLS - MSU           : USA - TX    
   Redwine Carillon
   Hardin Administration Building 
   Midwestern State University 
PROVO                         : USA - UT    
   BYU Centennial Carillon
   BYU Centennial Carillon Tower 
   Brigham Young University
MIDDLEBURY                    : USA - VT    
   Mead Memorial Chapel 
   Middlebury College 
NORTHFIELD                    : USA - VT    
   Charlotte Nichols Greene Memorial Carillon
   Jeannie Porter Adams Memorial Tower 
   Norwich University 
ARLINGTON                     : USA - VA     trad/great
   Netherlands Carillon
   Netherlands Carillon Gardens 
CHARLOTTESVILLE               : USA - VA    
   Sally Woods Rucker Memorial
   Christ Episcopal Church 
LURAY                         : USA - VA    
   Belle Brown Northcott Memorial Carillon
   Luray Singing Tower 
   Luray Caverns 
RICHMOND - WM                 : USA - VA     trad/great
   Virginia Soldiers' War Memorial 
ROANOKE - HC                  : USA - VA    
   Allie Nash Young Carillon
   Jessie Ball DuPont Chapel 
   Hollins University 
   (formerly Hollins College) 
RUTHER GLEN - 2               : USA - VA   
   Mobile carillon
   B. A. Sunderlin Bell Foundry
SEATTLE - UW/3                : USA - WA   
   Kane Hall
   University of Washington
SPOKANE - C                   : USA - WA    
   Carillon in Thanksgiving for the Life 
     and Work of George Frederick Jewett
   Bishop Cross Tower 
   Cathedral of St.John the Evangelist 
West Virginia
ATHENS                        : USA - WV    
   The Marsh Family Memorial Carillon
   Joseph F. Marsh Hall 
     (Administration Building) 
   Concord University 
GREEN BAY - FL                : USA - WI    
   Kaap Memorial Carillon
   First Evangelical Lutheran Church 
MADISON - UW                  : USA - WI    
   Memorial Carillon
   Carillon Tower 
   University of Wisconsin 
MILWAUKEE - MU                : USA - WI    
   The Marquette University Carillon
   Marquette Building 

Canadian provinces

British Columbia
VICTORIA - NCC                : CANADA - BC 
   The Netherlands Centennial Carillon
   Centennial Carillon Tower 
GUELPH                        : CANADA - ON 
   Cutten Memorial Carillon
   St.George's Anglican Church 
HAMILTON - CCK                : CANADA - ON  trad/great
   Cathedral of Christ the King (RC)
NIAGARA FALLS - RB            : CANADA - ON  trad/great(4)
   The Rainbow Tower Carillon
   Rainbow Tower
   Rainbow Bridge 
OTTAWA - PT                   : CANADA - ON  trad/great(5)
   Peace Tower
   Houses of Parliament
OTTAWA - STJ                  : CANADA - ON 
   Église St-Jean-Baptiste 
SIMCOE                        : CANADA - ON 
   Norfolk County War Memorial 
TORONTO - EP                  : CANADA - ON 
   The Exhibition Place Carillon 
   (formerly The Carlsberg Carillon)
   Exhibition Place 
TORONTO - MUC                 : CANADA - ON 
   Massey/Drury Memorial Carillon
   Metropolitan United Church 
TORONTO - UT                  : CANADA - ON 
   Soldiers' Tower 
   University of Toronto 
TORONTO - YP                  : CANADA - ON
   Yorkminster Park Baptist Church
MONTREAL - O                  : CANADA - QU 
   Oratoire St-Joseph du Mont-Royal 
     (St.Joseph's Oratory) 
Distrito Federal
MEXICO CITY - BNOP            : MEXICO       trad/great
   Torre Insignia
   (ex Banco Nacional de Obras
       y Servicios Públicos (Banobras))
San Luis Potosi (SLP)
SAN LUIS POTOSI               : MEXICO     
   Catedral Metropolitana

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