Index to carillons and chimes by Causard

The Causard foundries, now closed, provided bells for various carillons and chimes throughout Europe.  See the bottom of this page for additional historical notes on the origin and development of these bellfoundries, the various names used by them, and the various places where they operated.  For the purposes of this index, the various foundries are treated as one, with occasional distinguishing notes.

Some links to pages about the history of these foundries can be found after the history.

For an explanation of what this index contains (and does NOT contain), and of the additional details on each entry, see the Bellfoundry Indexes Advice.

Causard, Tellin (Belgium) and Colmar & Strasbourg (France)

 LUXEMBOURG                    : LUXEMBOURG   1??? F  non-trad
   Cathedrale Notre Dame
PARIS - SC                    : FRANCE - 00  1??? C  non-trad
   Basilique du Sacré Coeur de Montmartre

HALLE                         : BELGIUM      1892 F  trad
   O.L.V. Basiliek
   (was Hoofdkerk St.Martinus until 1946)
OUDENAARDE                    : BELGIUM      1894 I (trad)
   Ste.Walburgatoren (or St.Walburgis)
BRUSSELS - B                  : BELGIUM      1895 C [trad]
   City carillon (stadsbeiaard, #4)
AALST                         : BELGIUM      1896 I (trad)
OOSTENDE                      : BELGIUM      1896 R (trad)
   Feest- en Cultuurpaleis
FREIBURG-IM-BREISGAU - RH     : GERMANY      1900 C  non-trad
   Neues Rathaus
   cast in Strasbourg
IZEGEM                        : BELGIUM      1921 I  trad
   Sint Hiloniuskerk
STRASBOURG                    : FRANCE - 67  1923 - [trad]
   Exposition Pasteur, 1923
OOSTENDE                      : BELGIUM      1925 C (trad)
   Feest- en Cultuurpaleis
BAPAUME                       : FRANCE - 62  1930 C  chime
   Beffroi de l'Hôtel de Ville
DINANT                        : BELGIUM      1930 C (trad)
   Collégiale Notre-Dame
   cast by Slegers-Causard
HARNES                        : FRANCE - 62  1933 C  chime
   Église Saint-Martin
LE CATEAU                     : FRANCE - 59  1933 C  non-trad
   Hôtel de Ville
THUIN                         : BELGIUM      1936 F  non-trad
   Beffroi (Belfort)
OSLO - R                      : NORWAY       1949 F trad
   Rådhus (City Hall) 
Maredsous                     : Belgium      1952 -  great
   Benedictine abbey church
   cast by Causard or Slegers-Causard (Tellin)
DIJON                         : FRANCE - 21  1961 I  trad
   Cathédral St.Bénigne

Historical Notes:

Several generations of the Causard family (plus close relatives, some named Slegers) operated foundries in several places in Belgium and France.  Most notable of these was Tellin, Belgium, which produced some 13,000 bells between 1832 and 1970.  Most of the carillon work was done at Tellin, but some was done at Colmar or Strasbourg.  The specific foundry is noted in each case above when known.


An extensive biographical genealogy of the Causard family (in French) identifies over a dozen members who were important to the operation of the various foundries.
The same source presents a 9-page photo essay on the foundry as it remains today, a museum to its past.

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