Tower bells of the Kremlin,
Moscow (Moskva), Russia

The old central fortress (or Kremlin) of the ancient capital city of Russia is unique in the number, size and significance of of its tower bells and bell instruments.  While those are individually treated in detail elsewhere on this Website, their proximity to each other gives reason to view them collectively; hence this page.  They are as follows: Weblinks to pages or photographs which treat those bells or instruments individually are cited on the appropriate pages, linked above.  Weblinks to pages or photographs which include or relate to two or more of those bells or instruments or towers are listed here: It is possible that other towers on the walls of the Kremlin house additional bells or bell instruments which have not yet been adequately documented.  History records that a second Dutch-made carillon was shipped to the Kremlin centuries ago, but its fate is unknown.  Current histories make passing mention of clocks and/or chimes having once been installed elsewhere in the Kremlin's towers, but what they really were and whether they survived the purges of the Stalinist era are likewise unknown.  Clearly, much research remains to be done in and about this marvelous and fascinating place.

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