Anglican Church
   100 Beaver and Buffalo Streets
   Banff, Alberta, Canada
   LL: N 51.17449, W 115.57070
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   Sandra Hatch
   - and -
   Trish Purdy
   - and -
   Greg Ellis


   St.George in the Pines Church
   Box 309
   Banff, AB  T1L 1A4
   T: (403)762-2128   F: (403)762-2123




   Added semitones are minor 6th and
   flat 7th.

*Technical data:

   Traditional chime (baton keyboard) of 11 bells
   Pitch of heaviest bell is G# in the middle octave
   Transposition is up  8 semitone(s)
   Keyboard range:     C D   /    NONE  
   There are two added semitones
   The whole instrument was installed in 1927
     with bells made by Taylor      
   Year of latest technical information source is 1991


On the church Website, the splash page has a photo of the church; others are inside.  There are several photos related to the bells.

Where this work lies in the sequence of output of the Taylor bellfoundry, in this region and in the world.

Index to North American baton-keyboard chimes.

Ranking among all North American chimes by size (number of bells).
Ranking among all North American chimes by weight (pitch).
Ranking among all North American chimes by year of completion.

Index to all tower bell instruments in AB.


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