Indexes to chimes
in the British Isles
(Great Britain and Ireland)

There is a page of site-specific information for many(*) of the chimes in the British Isles.  To make it easy for you to find the page or site you seek, or to discover information about relationships among them, they are indexed in several different ways, as follows:

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*  NOTE: These pages are not intended to list all sets of bells in the British Isles which can be played as chimes, primarily because there are so many rings (which we don't list in this region) that have auxiliary equipment which permits occasional use as chimes.  We do intend to list all chimes which have baton keyboards, all chimes which have mechanical drums (excluding those drums which operate entirely upon change-ringing bells), and a fair sample of other types of actions.  That sample includes Ellacombe chiming racks as well as chimes made of tubular or hemispherical bells.

For a much more extensive (but in some respects less detailed) list of present and former chimes in this region, see Mike Chester's chime page.  His multi-sheet Excel workbook lists over 750 chimes of conventional bells, over 175 clock chimes (4 to 9 bells), over 300 chimes of tubular bells (4 to 13 notes, but only 2 have an added semitone), over 80 chimes of hemispherical bells (4 to 16 notes, but only 4 have an added semitone), and a few bar chimes (5 or 8 notes; only one survives).

For complete information about change-ringing towers in this region, see Dove's Guide.  As of August 2020, there were over 2200 such towers with at least 8 bells, as compared to a little over 100 for the rest of the world.

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