Non-traditional carillons in Asia and the Pacific Rim:
index by country and city

Non-traditional carillons may be found in Asia and the Pacific Rim region in the indicated countries:

Countries:  AU - Australia
CN - China
HK - Hong Kong
JP - Japan
KR - Korea (South)
NZ - New Zealand
PH - Philippines
SG - Singapore

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MELBOURNE - BM                : AUSTRALIA  
   The Federation Bells
   Field of Bells
   Birrarung Marr (Park)
PERTH - S                     : AUSTRALIA  
   "Carillon City" shopping mall
PERTH - SC/3                  : AUSTRALIA  
   Top deck
   The Bell Tower
     (home of The Swan Bells)


BEIJING - 2                   : CHINA        hybrid
   Da Zhong Si (Big Bell Temple) Museum

Hong Kong

HONG KONG - M                 : CHINA - HK 
   Methodist International Church


NAGOYA                        : JAPAN      
SASEBO - HTB/2                : JAPAN        
   "City hall Gouda"
   Huis ten Bosch
TOKYO - N                     : JAPAN      
   Nihombasji Building
TOKYO - P                     : JAPAN      
   Peaceful Monument
   Railway Station
YAESU                         : JAPAN      
   Chuo Street near Railway Station


SEOUL - HL/1                  : KOREA      
   Hotel Lotte Leisure Park
SEOUL - HL/2                  : KOREA      
   Hotel Lotte Departmentstore
SEOUL - Y                     : KOREA      
   Youngdong Presbyterian Church

New Zealand

NEW PLYMOUTH                  : NEW ZEALAND
   Mabel Kibby Memorial
   Marsland Hill Park


LOS BANOS                     : PHILIPPINES
   Rizal Centenary Carillon
   University of the Philippines Los Baños
MANDAUE                       : PHILIPPINES
   North tower
   San Jose (St.Joseph) Church


SINGAPORE - TA                : SINGAPORE  
   Clock Tower
   Telok Ayer Market (Lau Pa Sat)

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