Chimes in Asia and the Pacific Rim:
index by country and city

Chime-sized tower bell installations of all kinds may be found in Asia and the Pacific Rim region in the indicated countries:

Countries:  AustraliaHong KongIndiaJapanMalaysiaNew ZealandPhilippinesSingaporeThailand
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  1. This index not only is geographic but also includes information from the mechanism-specific indexes for this region.  Sites are tagged as follows:

    unrelated bells collected together in one place (e.g., a museum)
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ADELAIDE - STAU               : AUSTRALIA  
   St.Augustine of Canterbury Church
ADELAIDE - STC                : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Church of St.Cuthbert (Anglican)
ADELAIDE - STF                : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.Francis Xavier Cathedral
ADELAIDE - STP                : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Peter (Anglican)
ADELAIDE - TH                 : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Town Hall
ALBURY                        : AUSTRALIA    ring/chime
   St.Matthew's Church
ARMIDALE                      : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.Peter's Cathedral (Anglican)
BALLARAT - STP                : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.Peter's Anglican Church
BALLARAT - TH/1               : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Alfred Memorial Bells
   Town Hall
BALLARAT - TH/2               : AUSTRALIA  
   Town Hall
BATHURST - A                  : AUSTRALIA    ring
   All Saints' Anglican Cathedral
BENDIGO                       : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Paul
BRISBANE - STAL               : AUSTRALIA  
   St.Andrew's Anglican Church
BRISBANE - STJ                : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Cathedral Church of St.John (Anglican)
BUNBURY - STB                 : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.Boniface Cathedral (Anglican)
BUNBURY - STP                 : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Cathedral of St.Patrick (RC)
BUNDABERG - STA               : AUSTRALIA  
   St.Andrew's Church
     (Uniting; was Presbyterian)
BURWOOD                       : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.Paul's Anglican Church
CAMDEN                        : AUSTRALIA  
   St.John's Anglican Church
CANBERRA - STA                : AUSTRALIA  
   The Presbyterian Church of St.Andrew
CANBERRA - STJ                : AUSTRALIA  
   Church of St.John the Baptist/Anglican
CASTLEREAGH                   : AUSTRALIA    ring/chime
   Castlereagh Wesleyan Chapel
COLERAINE                     : AUSTRALIA  
   Holy Trinity Church (Anglican)
DARLING POINT                 : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Church of St.Mark (Anglican)
GAWLER                        : AUSTRALIA    chimola
   St.George's Anglican Church
GEELONG                       : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Church of St.Paul
GOULBURN                      : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Saviour
HOBART - HT                   : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
   (was Holy Trinity Anglican Church)
HOBART - STD                  : AUSTRALIA    ring/chime
   Cathedral Church of St.David
KIAMA                         : AUSTRALIA  
   Christ Church (Anglican)
LAUNCESTON                    : AUSTRALIA  
   Church of the Apostles (RC)
LISMORE - STA                 : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.Andrew's Church
LISMORE - STC                 : AUSTRALIA  
   St.Carthage's Cathedral (RC)
LITHGOW                       : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Hoskins Memorial Church (Presb/Uniting)
MANDURAH                      : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Christ's Church (Anglican)
MANUKA                        : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.Paul's Anglican Church
MARRICKVILLE                  : AUSTRALIA  
   St.Clement's Anglican Church
MARYBOROUGH                   : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.Paul's Anglican Church
MELBOURNE - GPO               : AUSTRALIA  
   General Post Office
MELBOURNE - STB               : AUSTRALIA    chime/ring
   St.Bartholomew's Church (Anglican)
MELBOURNE - STJ               : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.James' Old Cathedral
MELBOURNE - STPAT             : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.Patrick's Cathedral
MELBOURNE - STPC              : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.Paul's Cathedral (Anglican)
MELBOURNE - STPI              : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.Pius X Church (RC)
MELBOURNE - T                 : AUSTRALIA  
   St.John's Anglican Church
MENANGLE                      : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.James' Anglican Church
MOSMAN PARK                   : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Chapel of St.Hilda of Whitby
   St.Hilda's Anglican School for Girls
MURRURUNDI                    : AUSTRALIA  
   St.Paul's Anglican Church
NEWTOWN                       : AUSTRALIA    chimola
   St.Stephen's Anglican Church
ORANGE                        : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Holy Trinity Anglican Church
PARRAMATTA - AS               : AUSTRALIA    ring
   All Saints' Anglican Church
PARRAMATTA - K                : AUSTRALIA  
   The King's School
   Cathedral of St.John (Anglican)
     (was St.John's Church)
PERTH - SC/1                  : AUSTRALIA    ring
   The Swan Bells
   The Bell Tower
PERTH - STG                   : AUSTRALIA    ring/chime
   Cathedral Church of St.George
PERTH - STM                   : AUSTRALIA  
   St.Mary's Cathedral (RC)
RANDWICK                      : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.Jude's Anglican Church
ROBINA                        : AUSTRALIA  
   Business Building
   Bond University
ROCKHAMPTON                   : AUSTRALIA  
   St.Paul's Cathedral (Anglican)
ROCKINGHAM                    : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Rockingham Centre (Civic Centre)
   Holy Trinity Catholic Church
SINGLETON                     : AUSTRALIA    ring
   All Saints Church (Anglican)
SYDNEY - CC                   : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Christ Church, St.Laurence
SYDNEY - G                    : AUSTRALIA    chimola
   St.John Bishopthorpe Anglican Church
SYDNEY - Mobile               : AUSTRALIA  
   (Mobile trailer)
SYDNEY - STA                  : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Andrew (Anglican)
SYDNEY - STJ                  : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.James' Church (Queen's Square)
SYDNEY - STM                  : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Central tower
   St.Mary's Cathedral Basilica
SYDNEY - STP                  : AUSTRALIA    ring/chime
   St.Philip's Anglican Church
TOWNSVILLE                    : AUSTRALIA  
   Sacred Heart Cathedral
TURRAMURRA                    : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.James Anglican Church
VAUCLUSE                      : AUSTRALIA  
   St.Michael's Anglican Church
WAGGA WAGGA                   : AUSTRALIA    ring
   St.John's Anglican Church
WANGARATTA                    : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity
WARWICK                       : AUSTRALIA  
YORK                          : AUSTRALIA    ring
   Holy Trinity Church

Hong Kong

HONG KONG - STJ               : CHINA - HK 
   St.John's Anglican Cathedral


   St.James Church (Jora Girja)
CALCUTTA (KOLKATA) - STM      : INDIA        chimola
   St.Mary's Mission
COLABA                        : INDIA        
   Church of St. John the Evangelist (Anglican)
MADRAS (CHENNAI)              : INDIA      
   St.George's Cathedral
   (Church of South India; was Anglican)
MUMBIA (BOMBAY)               : INDIA        
   Rajabai Clock Tower
   University Library
   University of Mumbai
PUNE                          : INDIA        
   Church of the Holy Name
   (Church of Northern India
     [United Protestant] )


FUKUOKA SHI                   : JAPAN        
   Entertainment Building
HAIKI                         : JAPAN        
   Hirota Park
HIROSHIMA - U                 : JAPAN        
   University North Building
HIROSHIMA - W                 : JAPAN      
   Hiroshima Women's University
KASHIWA CITY                  : JAPAN        
   Shopping Center
KATSUSHIKA                    : JAPAN        
   Community Center
KYOTO                         : JAPAN      
   Doushisya Elementary School
   (Doshisha Primary School)
OKEGAWA                       : JAPAN        
OMURA CITY                    : JAPAN        
   Koyo Schools
OSAKA - M                     : JAPAN        
OYAMA                         : JAPAN      
   Clock tower
   Omoigawa Parking Lot
SAPPORO                       : JAPAN        
   Center building
SASEBO - HTB/3                : JAPAN        
   Huis ten Bosch
SASEBO - HTB/5                : JAPAN        
   Tante Annie (confectionery)
   Huis ten Bosch
TOKYO - SWU                   : JAPAN        
   University Building One
   Showa Women's University
YATSU                         : JAPAN        
YONO CITY                     : JAPAN        


IPOH                          : MALAYSIA     
   Perak Turf Club

New Zealand

ADDINGTON                     : NEW ZEALAND
   Anglican Church of St.Mary the Virgin
AUCKLAND - STM                : NEW ZEALAND  ring
   Church of St.Matthew-in-the-City
AUCKLAND - SV                 : NEW ZEALAND
   Chapel of Christ the King
   Selwyn Village
CHRISTCHURCH                  : NEW ZEALAND  ring
   Cathedral Church of Christ
   (Christchurch Cathedral)
DUNEDIN - F                   : NEW ZEALAND  ring/chime
   First Church of Otago
FENDALTON                     : NEW ZEALAND
   St.Barnabas Parish Church
HAMILTON                      : NEW ZEALAND  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Peter the Apostle
   St.Paul's Presbyterian Church
LEVIN                         : NEW ZEALAND
   St.Mary's Anglican Church
LOWER HUTT                    : NEW ZEALAND
   St.James Anglican Church
MERIVALE                      : NEW ZEALAND
   St.Mary's Anglican Church
NAPIER - MS                   : NEW ZEALAND  
   Clive Square / Memorial Square
NAPIER - STJ                  : NEW ZEALAND
   Waiapu Anglican Cathedral of
     St.John the Evangelist
NELSON - CC                   : NEW ZEALAND
   Christ Church Cathedral
PAPANUI                       : NEW ZEALAND  ring
   St.Paul's Anglican Church
PONSONBY                      : NEW ZEALAND
   All Saints Anglican Church
TIMARU                        : NEW ZEALAND
   Sacred Heart Basilica Church
WAIWHETU                      : NEW ZEALAND
   St.Paul's Anglican Church
WANGANUI                      : NEW ZEALAND  chimola
   Whanganui Regional Museum
WELLINGTON - STPA             : NEW ZEALAND  ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Paul
   St.Peter's Anglican Church


CEBU                          : PHILIPPINES
   Metropolitan Cathedral
MANILA - QP                   : PHILIPPINES  
   Shrine of Our Lady Queen of Peace
   (Our Lady of EDSA)
MANILA - UST                  : PHILIPPINES
   Martyrs' Monument
   (Santisimo Rosario Parish Church)
   University of Santo Tomas
QUEZON CITY - G               : PHILIPPINES  
   Church of the Gesù
   Ateneo de Manila University
   Loyola Heights Campus
   La Salle
   Sto.Niño Shrine


SINGAPORE - STA               : SINGAPORE    
   St.Andrew's Anglican Cathedral


CHIANG MAI                    : THAILAND     coll
   Wat Phra That Doi Suthap
   (Temple of Buddha Relics on Mt.Suthap)

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