Non-traditional carillons in Central and South America:
index by country

Non-traditional carillons may be found in Central and South America in the indicated countries:

AR - Argentina
BR - Brazil
CL - Chile
DO - Dominican Republic
GT - Guatemala
AN - Netherlands Antilles
PE - Peru
PR - Puerto Rico
UY - Uruguay

Click on any underlined country abbreviation above to go directly to that section of this index.  Within a country, sites are listed alphabetically by city name.

NOTE: If you do not find here a city (or instrument) which you think should be listed, then check the page of sites that are no more or the combined index to all Central and South American sites.

Argentina (AR)

BUENOS AIRES - ME             : ARGENTINA   
BUENOS AIRES - MU             : ARGENTINA   
   Torre del Consejo Deliberante
LA MERCED                     : ARGENTINA   
LA PLATA                      : ARGENTINA  
   La Catedral
MERCEDES                      : ARGENTINA   
   Iglesia de los Palotinos 

Brazil (BR)

SAO PAULO - BR                : BRAZIL     
   Banco Real

Chile (CL)

SANTIAGO                      : CHILE       
   Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Merced 

Dominican Republic (DO)

HIGUEY                        : DOMINICAN R 
   Catedral Basilica de Nuestra Señora 
     de la Altagracia

Guatemala (GT)

GUATEMALA CITY                : GUATEMALA   

Netherlands Antilles (AN)

PHILIPSBURG - G               : NED.ANTIL.  
   Government House
PHILIPSBURG - SF              : NED.ANTIL.  
   Omega Watch Company
   (was Spritzer & Fuhrmann)
WILLEMSTAD - SF/2             : NED.ANTIL.  
   (currently unidentified)
   was Spritzer & Fuhrmann, Jewellers

Peru (PE)

LIMA - CC                     : PERU        
   Catholic Church 
LIMA - SDF                    : PERU        
   Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Fatima 

Puerto Rico (PR)

BAYAMON                       : PUERTO RICO 
   Collegia Santa Rita 
HATO REY                      : PUERTO RICO 
   Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico 
   (Universidad Politécnica de P.R.) 

Uruguay (UY)

MONTEVIDEO - Unknown !        : URUGUAY     

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