Chimes in Germany:
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NOTE:   This list is not complete - many instruments remain to be added.

Chimes in Germany contain bells supplied by a variety of bellfoundries.  Most such sites (exceptions as noted below) are listed here by foundry in the following order:

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Bellfoundry unknown

The sources which reported the existence of these instruments, or the phase of work listed here, did not identify their makers.  They are listed in city name order rather than date order.
DUESSELDORF - M               : GERMANY-BRD  ???? C
   Shop facade
GOETTINGEN - EK               : GERMANY-BRD  19?? C
   Evangelische Kirche
GOETTINGEN - G                : GERMANY-BRD  ???? C
   Unidentified building
GOSLAR                        : GERMANY-BRD  1968 C
   Ehemalige Stadtkämmerei (Old City Hall)
NIERSTEIN                     : GERMANY-BRD  1968 C
   Weingut St.Urbanshof
   (St.Urbanshof Winery)
REGENSBURG - STJ              : GERMANY      ???? C
   Stiftskirche St.Johann

Schilling, Apolda, Heidelberg and Waren, Germany

FREIBURG-IM-BREISGAU - M      : GERMANY      1959 C  peal
Complete list of Schilling foundry output, grouped by foundry.

Eijsbouts, Asten, Netherlands

HAMBURG - I                   : GERMANY-BRD  1972 C
   IGA Fair 1973
KAISERSWERTH                  : GERMANY-BRD  1986 C
   Shopping Centre Kaiserswerth
MUENCHEN - P                  : GERMANY-BRD  1988 C
   Private estate
Complete list of Eijsbouts foundry output.

Petit & Fritsen, Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands

 [none posted yet]
Complete list of Petit & Fritsen foundry output.

Perner, Passau, Germany

NUREMBERG                     : GERMANY      ???? C
   City-Point Shopping Center

DONAUWOERTH                   : GERMANY      1990 C
   Rathaus (Town Hall)
APOLDA                        : GERMANY      2000 C
   Town house
KONSTANZ                      : GERMANY      2004 C
   Mainau Island
SCHWALMSTADT                  : GERMANY      2005 C
   Private house
SCHEYERN                      : GERMANY      2009 C  peal
   Klosterkirche Heilige Kreuz
Complete list of Perner foundry output.

Rincker, Sinn, Germany

BAD BERLEBURG                 : GERMANY-BRD  19?? C
FRANKFURT-AM-MAIN - B         : GERMANY-BRD  19?? C  peal
HILCHENBACH                   : GERMANY-BRD  19?? C
KOELN - B                     : GERMANY-BRD  19?? C  peal
LEMGO                         : GERMANY-BRD  193? F
LEMGO                         : GERMANY-BRD  19?? E
OSNABRUECK                    : GERMANY-BRD  19?? C
RUEDESHEIM                    : GERMANY-BRD  19?? C
WOCKLUM                       : GERMANY-BRD  19?? C

LEMGO                         : GERMANY-BRD  1948 I
BERLIN - KW                   : GERMANY-BRD  1959 C
   Altes Glockenturm
GOETTINGEN - JK               : GERMANY-BRD  1968 C
Complete list of Rincker foundry output.

Bochumer Verein, Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany (steel)

   Former post office building
Complete list of Bochumer Verein foundry output.

Miscellaneous founders, not listed above

One instance each; in order by year.
FREIBURG-IM-BREISGAU - M      : GERMANY      1843 C  peal
   cast by Glockengießerei Rosenlächer, Konstanz
FULDA                         : GERMANY      1897 F  peal
   Dom zu Fulda (Cathedral)
   cast by Petit & Gebr. Edelbrock
FULDA                         : GERMANY      1908 E  peal
   Dom zu Fulda (Cathedral)
   cast by Petit & Gebr. Edelbrock
FLENSBURG                     : GERMANY      1909 C
   cast by M.&O.Ohlsson, Lübeck
BOCHUM - B                    : GERMANY      2001 C
   Deutsches Bergbau-Museum
   (German Mining Museum)
   cast by Bachert
Complete list of miscellaneous foundry output.

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