Tower-bell instruments in Denmark & dependencies:
index by region and city

Tower bell instruments, including traditional carillons, non-traditional carillons, chimes, etc., may be found in Denmark and its dependencies in the following regions:

Jylland (mainland, west), Fyn (island, center), Sjaelland (island, northeast), various small islands (nearby), Faroe Islands (North Atlantic), Greenland (North Atlantic)
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  1. For an explanation of the instrument-type tag at the end of each site link line, see the Instrument Type Abbreviations.

  2. The region names used here are geographic, not political or administrative.  They are not used within the site data pages that are linked from this index.  Instead, you will find there the old county ("amt") names that were used prior to the metropolitan administrative reform that took effect on 1 January 2007.  For the names and locations of those old counties, see an English-language Wikipedia article with a with small map and English spellings, or the Danish-language equivalent articlewith larger map and Danish spellings; this also lists (but does not describe) the larger number of pre-1970 counties.

  3. If you do not find here a city (or instrument) which you think should be listed, then check the page of European sites that are no more.  If it's not there, then please send a message to telling everything you know about it.


BOGENSE                       : DENMARK - F  chime
FAABORG                       : DENMARK - F  trad
   Klokketårnet (Bell Tower)
NYBORG                        : DENMARK - F  chime
   Vor Frue Kirke
ODENSE                        : DENMARK - F  trad
   Sct.Knuds Domkirke
   (Saint Canute's Cathedral)
SVENDBORG                     : DENMARK - F  trad
   Vor Frue Kirke (Our Lady Church)


AALBORG - B                   : DENMARK - J  trad
   Sct.Budolfi Domkirke
   (St.Botolph Cathedral)
AALBORG - F                   : DENMARK - J
*See:  SOMMERSTED - 3         : DENMARK - J
AALBORG - M                   : DENMARK - J  chime
AARHUS                        : DENMARK - J  trad
   Rådhus (Town Hall)
ASTRUP                        : DENMARK - J  non-trad
BILLUND                       : DENMARK - J  non-trad
EBELTOFT                      : DENMARK - J  non-trad
EJSING                        : DENMARK - J  chime
FREDERIKSHAVN                 : DENMARK - J  trad
GEDSTED                       : DENMARK - J  chime
GRENAA                        : DENMARK - J  trad
   Queen Ingrids Carillon
   Sankt Gertruds kirke
HADSUND                       : DENMARK - J  non-trad
HAMMELEV - 1,2,3              : DENMARK - J
*See:  SOMMERSTED - 1,2,3,    : DENMARK - J
HASSERIS                      : DENMARK - J  non-trad
HERNING                       : DENMARK - J  trad
HERRUP                        : DENMARK - J  chime
HJORRING                      : DENMARK - J  non-trad
   Sct.Catharinæ Kirke
HOLSTEBRO - N                 : DENMARK - J  trad
HOLSTEBRO - STJ               : DENMARK - J  trad
   Sct.Jørgenskirke (St.Jorgen Tower)
HOLSTED                       : DENMARK - J  chime
IKAST                         : DENMARK - J  non-trad
KOLDING                       : DENMARK - J  trad
   Sct.Nicolai Kirke
LIHME                         : DENMARK - J  chime
LOGUMKLOSTER - Mobile         : DENMARK - J  trad
   Det transportable klokkespil
     (travelling carillon)
   Det Skandinaviske Klokkenistskole
   (Scandinavian Carillon School)
LOGUMKLOSTER - T              : DENMARK - J  trad
   [Kong] Frederik IX's Klokkespil
   Church Music School
LONBORG                       : DENMARK - J  chime
ODDER                         : DENMARK - J  non-trad
RAMSING                       : DENMARK - J  non-trad
RANDERS                       : DENMARK - J  trad
   Sct.Mortens Kirke
RIBE                          : DENMARK - J  chime
SEVEL                         : DENMARK - J  chime
SILKEBORG                     : DENMARK - J  trad
SKAGEN                        : DENMARK - J  non-trad
SKJERN                        : DENMARK - J  chime
SOMMERSTED - 1                : DENMARK - J  chime
   Hemispherical chime
   Dansk Klokkemuseum
   (Danish Bell Museum)
SOMMERSTED - 2                : DENMARK - J  chime
   Drum chime
   Dansk Klokkemuseum
   (Danish Bell Museum)
SOMMERSTED - 3                : DENMARK - J  chime
   Entranceway chime
   Dansk Klokkemuseum
   (Danish Bell Museum)
STOUBY                        : DENMARK - J  trad
   Rohden Gods
THISTED                       : DENMARK - J  trad
THYREGOD                      : DENMARK - J  non-trad
ULFKJAER                      : DENMARK - J  non-trad 
   Ulfkaer Kirke
VARDE                         : DENMARK - J  trad
   Sct.Jacobi Kirke
VEJLE                         : DENMARK - J  trad
   Sct.Nicolaj Kirke


BALLERUP                      : DENMARK - S  non-trad
   Vestkirken Tower
BRONDBY STRAND                : DENMARK - S  trad
   Brøndby Strand Kirke
COPENHAGEN - STA              : DENMARK      tubular
   St.Alban's Anglican Church
COPENHAGEN                    : DENMARK - S
*See also:  KOBENHAVN         : DENMARK - S
FREDERIKSBERG                 : DENMARK - S  trad
HILLEROD                      : DENMARK - S  trad
   Slot (Royal Castle)
HOLBAEK                       : DENMARK - S  trad
   Sct.Nicolai Kirke
HOLTE                         : DENMARK - S  trad*
   Søllerød Slot (Castle)
   * currently disconnected
KALUNDBORG                    : DENMARK - S  trad
   Kalundborg Kirke
KOBENHAVN - BB                : DENMARK - S  non-trad
   Ballerup Baltropkirke
KOBENHAVN - H                 : DENMARK - S  trad
   Helligånds Kirken (Holy Spirit Church)
KOBENHAVN - M                 : DENMARK - S  trad
   Margrethekirken (St.Margaret Church)
KOBENHAVN - VF                : DENMARK - S  trad
   Vor Frelsers Kirke
   (Church of Our Saviour)
KOBENHAVN                     : DENMARK - S
*See also:  COPENHAGEN        : DENMARK
VALBY                         : DENMARK - J  trad
   Margrethe Kirken

Small islands

BREJNING                      : DENMARK      chime
BYRUM                         : DENMARK      chime
MARSTAL                       : DENMARK      trad
NAKSKOV                       : DENMARK      chime
   Clocktower, near Sparkasse
NYKOBING F.                   : DENMARK      non-trad
NYSTED                        : DENMARK      chime
   Town Hall
RYDHAVE                       : DENMARK      chime
   Slots Ungdomsskole
RUDKOBING                     : DENMARK      chime
RYDE - K                      : DENMARK      chime
RYDE - S                      : DENMARK      non-trad
SKOVLUND                      : DENMARK      non-trad
SONDERBORG                    : DENMARK      non-trad
   Sct.Mariæ Kirke

Faroe Islands

TORSHAVN                      : DENMARK -FI  non-trad
   Havnar Kirke / Domkirken


GODTHAAB                      : GREENLAND    non-trad
   Hans Egedes Kirke

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