Tower-bell instruments in the British Isles:
index by country and city

Tower bell instruments, including traditional carillons, non-traditional carillons, chimes, etc., may be found in the British Isles in the indicated countries and counties:

Countries: England (UK), Ireland (Eire), Northern Ireland (UK), Scotland (UK), Shetland Isles (UK), Wales (UK)

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  1. For an explanation of the instrument-type tag at the end of each site link line, see the Instrument Type Abbreviations.

  2. If you do not find here a city (or instrument) which you think should be listed, then check the page of sites that are no more for this region.  If it's not there, then please send a message to telling everything you know about it.
  3. Many known chimes remain to be posted here.

  4. Rings (tower bells hung for change-ringing) are generally not listed in this region (though they are in other regions of the world) because there are too many of them (over 2100 with 8 or more bells).  To find information about them (and about the relatively few which are elsewhere), see the online Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers
    A few exceptions have been made for rings of 8 or more bells which can also be regarded as chimes:
    • When accompanied by at least one bell hung "dead" for chiming, they are indexed as a "chime/ring" (counting all bells), and they are color-coded as a chime on the regional locator map.
    • When equipped with an exceptionally interesting secondary mechanism for chiming, they are indexed as a "ring/chime", and they are color-coded as a ring on the regional locator map.
    • When there is another listable instrument at the same institution, they are indexed as a ring.


ALFRETON                      : ENGLAND -DB  chime
   Watchorn Memorial Methodist Church 
ALSTON                        : ENGLAND -CU  chime
   St.Augustine Parish Church 
ALVERTHORPE                   : ENGLAND -YW  chime
   Victory Carillon
   St.Paul Church
Ampleforth                    : England      great
   Ampleforth College and Abbey
ASHFORD                       : ENGLAND -KE  chime/ring
   Church of St.Mary the Virgin
ASHORNE HILL                  : ENGLAND -WA  chime
   The Nickelodeon Collection 
   (Musical museum) 
BANBURY                       : ENGLAND -OX  chime/ring
   St.Mary's Church
BECONTREE                     : ENGLAND -ES  chime
   St.Alban Parish Church 
Beverley                      : England      great
   Minster Church of St.John the Evangelist
Birmingham                    : England      great
   The Chamberlain Clock Tower
   Birmingham University
BIRTLES HALL                  : ENGLAND -CH  chime
   St.Catherine Parish Church 
BLACKBURN                     : ENGLAND -LA  chime
   St.Jude Parish Church
BLAGDON                       : ENGLAND -SM  chime/ring
   St.Andrew Parish Church
Bolton                        : England      great
   Town Hall
BOSTON - 2                    : ENGLAND -LI  chime
   Boston Parish Church (Boston Stump) 
BOURNVILLE                    : ENGLAND -WO  trad
   The George Cadbury Memorial Carillon
     (The Bournville Carillon)
   School Tower 
BRADFORD                      : ENGLAND -YW  chime/great
   Town Hall 
Bristol                       : England      great
   Bristol University
Buckfastleigh                 : England      great
   Buckfast Abbey
CAMBRIDGE                     : ENGLAND -CA  chime/ring
   The Church of Our Lady
     and the English Martyrs
  *See: POOLE                 : ENGLAND -DO
CARLTON                       : ENGLAND -NT  chime
   St.John the Baptist Church 
CHERTSEY                      : ENGLAND -SR  chime/ring
   St.Peter's Church
CLIFTON                       : ENGLAND -BD  chime/ring
   All Saints Parish Church
CLITHEROE                     : ENGLAND -LA  chime
   St.James Parish Church
COVENTRY                      : ENGLAND -WA  chime/ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Michael
DALSTON - SMK                 : ENGLAND -E   chime/ring
   Saint Mark's Parish Church 
DALSTON - SMY                 : ENGLAND -E   chime
   Our Lady & St.Joseph Catholic Church
   (was Saint Mary's Catholic Church)
DEPTFORD                      : ENGLAND -SE  chime
   St.Luke's Parish Church
DERBY                         : ENGLAND -DB  chime/ring
   All Saints Anglican Cathedral
EATON HALL                    : ENGLAND -CH  non-trad
   (Seat of the Duke of Westminster)
   Chapel Tower
Exeter                        : England      great
   Cathedral Church of St.Peter (Anglican)
FENHAM                        : ENGLAND -NM
FOULRIDGE                     : ENGLAND -LA  chime
   St.Michael & All Angels Parish Church 
FRIMLEY                       : ENGLAND -SR  chime
   St.Peter Parish Church 
GLANDFORD                     : ENGLAND -NF  chime
   St.Martin Parish Church
GLOUCESTER                    : ENGLAND -GL  chime
   Eastgate Shopping Centre 
GODALMING                     : ENGLAND -SR  trad
   War Memorial Carillon  (WW I)
   Founders' Chapel
   Charterhouse School
GOLDERS GREEN                 : ENGLAND -NW  chime
   St.Alban Martyr and St.Michael Church 
GREAT WARLEY                  : ENGLAND -ES  chime
   Essex Regimental Chapel
HARTLEPOOL                    : ENGLAND -DU  chime/ring
   St.Oswald Parish Church
HIGH BEACH                    : ENGLAND -ES  chimola
   Church of the Holy Innocents
HOOTON PAGNELL                : ENGLAND -YW  chime
   All Saints Parish Church 
HOUNSLOW                      : ENGLAND -MD  chime
   Holy Trinity Parish Church 
HULL                          : ENGLAND -YE
KENDAL                        : ENGLAND -CU  chime
   Town Hall
KENILWORTH                    : ENGLAND -WA  chime
   St.John the Evangelist Parish Church
KENNERLEIGH                   : ENGLAND -DE  chime
   St.John the Baptist Anglican Church 
KINGSTON-UPON-HULL - G        : ENGLAND -YE  non-trad
   Holy Trinity Church
   (Most Holy & Undivided Trinity)
LEE                           : ENGLAND -SE  chime
   St.Margaret Parish Church
Leeds                         : England      great
   Town Hall
LEIGH-ON-SEA                  : ENGLAND -ES  peal
   Our Lady of Lourdes & St.Joseph (RC) 
LEXDEN                        : ENGLAND -ES  chime
   St.Leonard's Parish Church 
LIMEHOUSE                     : ENGLAND -E   chime
   Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Church 
Lincoln                       : England      great
   Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary
LITTLE WALSINGHAM             : ENGLAND -NF  chime
   Shrine Church of Our Lady of Walsingham
   (The Pilgrim's Hospice) 
Liverpool                     : England      great #1
Liverpool                     : England      great #2
   Cathedral Church of Christ
Liverpool                     : England      great
   Liverpool Cathedral (RC)
LONDON - A                    : ENGLAND -W   trad
   The Atkinson Carillon
   above Salvatore Ferragamo
   (was J.Fox & Co.;
     originally Atkinson's Stores)
LONDON - AH                   : ENGLAND -EC  chime
   McConnell Chime
   All Hallows Church
LONDON - E                    : ENGLAND -W   chime
   Southwest entrance 
   Arcadia Shopping Centre 
LONDON - FM                   : ENGLAND -W   chime
   Fortnum & Mason 
LONDON - HW                   : ENGLAND -EC  chime
   133, Houndsditch 
   (was Hounsditch Warehouse Company) 
LONDON - MC                   : ENGLAND -E   chime
   World War I memorial
   East tower
   Memorial Community Church
   (was Memorial Baptist Church)
LONDON - MG                   : ENGLAND -W   zvon
   Orthodox Cathedral of the Nativity of
     the Most Holy Mother of God
       and the Holy Royal Martyrs (ROCOR)
LONDON - RE                   : ENGLAND -EC  chime
   The Royal Exchange 
LONDON - SNTO                 : ENGLAND -W   non-trad
   Swiss Centre
LONDON - WBF                  : ENGLAND -E   chime
   Whitechapel Bell Foundry
London                        : England      great
   "Great Tom", hour bell
   St.Paul's Cathedral (Anglican)
London                        : England      great
   "Great Paul"
   St.Paul's Cathedral (Anglican)
London                        : England      great
   Olympic Stadium
London                        : England      great
   (Italian) Church of St.Peter (RC)
LONDON                        : ENGLAND
  *See also:  DALSTON         : ENGLAND
  *See also:  DEPTFORD        : ENGLAND
  *See also:  LEE             : ENGLAND
LOUGHBOROUGH - TF/2           : ENGLAND -LE  trad
   Carillon tower
   Taylor Bell Foundry
LOUGHBOROUGH - WM             : ENGLAND -LE  trad/great
   War Memorial
LUDLOW                        : ENGLAND -SH  chime/ring
   Parish Church of St.Laurence Ludlow
MANCHESTER - HN               : ENGLAND -LA  chime
   Church of the Holy Name (RC)
MANCHESTER - TH               : ENGLAND -LA  non-trad
   Town Hall
Manchester                    : England      great
   Town Hall 
MELLOR                        : ENGLAND -LA  chime
   St.Mary Parish Church 
MELTHAM                       : ENGLAND -YW  chime/ring
   St.Bartholomew Parish Church
   SS.James & Basil Parish Church 
   Edith Adamson Memorial Carillon
   Civic Centre 
Newcastle upon Tyne           : England      great
   Cathedral Church of St.Nicholas
NEWPORT PAGNELL               : ENGLAND -BU  chime/ring
   St.Peter & St.Paul Parish Church
Nottingham                    : England      great
   Nottingham Exchange
NOTTINGHAM                    : ENGLAND
  *See:  CARLTON              : ENGLAND
OULTON                        : ENGLAND -ST  chime
   St.Mary's Abbey (RC) 
Oxford                        : England      great
   Christ Church (College)
   Oxford University
PARKGATE                      : ENGLAND -CH
   Mostyn House School 
  *See:  GODALMING            : ENGLAND -SR
PLAISTOW                      : ENGLAND
  *See:  LONDON - MC          : ENGLAND
POOLE                         : ENGLAND -DO  chime
   The Transfiguration Parish Church 
POULTON                       : ENGLAND -CH  non-trad
   The Brewhouse Clock Turret
   Poulton Hall
ROEHAMPTON                    : ENGLAND -SW  chime
   St.Joseph RC Church
SAINT HELENS                  : ENGLAND -LA  trad/great
   St.Mary's, Lowe House, RC Church 
SALTLEY                       : ENGLAND -WA  trad
   Our Lady's Carillon
   Our Lady of the Rosary and 
     St.Thérèse of Lisieux RC Church
SELBY                         : ENGLAND -YW  chime
   St.James the Apostle Parish Church 
SPALDING                      : ENGLAND -LI  non-trad
   South Holland Centre (Civic Centre) 
STEPNEY                       : ENGLAND
  *See:  LIMEHOUSE (London)   : ENGLAND
Stratton-on-the-Fosse         : England      great
   Basilica of St.Gregory the Great (RC)
   Downside Abbey
TAUNTON                       : ENGLAND -SM  chime/ring
   St.Mary Magdalene Parish Church
TOWCESTER - 1                 : ENGLAND -NH  chime
   St.Lawrence Parish Church
TOWCESTER - 2                 : ENGLAND -NH  ring
   St.Lawrence Parish Church
WESTMINSTER                   : ENGLAND -WC  chime/ring
   St.Clement Danes Parish Church
Westminster                   : England      great
   "Big Ben" (replacement)
   Clock Tower
   Houses of Parliament
WHITWICK                      : ENGLAND -LE  chime
   Holy Cross Catholic Church 
Wigton                        : England     [great]
   Highmoor Bell Tower
WORCESTER - 1                 : ENGLAND -WO  ring
   Cathedral Church of Christ
     and the Virgin Mary
WORCESTER - 2                 : ENGLAND -WO  chime
   Cathedral Teaching Centre
   Cathedral Church of Christ
     and the Virgin Mary
Worcester                     : England      great
   Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary
WYKE                          : ENGLAND -YW  chime
   St.Mary the Virgin Parish Church 
WYTHAM                        : ENGLAND -BR  chime
   All Saints Parish Church 
YORK                          : ENGLAND -YO  trad
   (Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of S.Peter)
York                          : England      great
   York Minster

Ireland (Republic of)

Country locator map (dynamic)
CARRICKMACROSS                : IRELAND -MN  chime
   St.Joseph Catholic Church
COBH                          : IRELAND -CK  trad
   St.Colman's Cathedral (RC) 
LIMERICK - SA                 : IRELAND -LM  chime/ring
   Mount St.Alphonsus
LIMERICK - STJ                : IRELAND -LM  chime
   St.John's RC Cathedral
SHANDON                       : IRELAND      chime
   Cathedral of St.Mary & St.Anne
WEXFORD                       : IRELAND -WX  chime/ring
   Immaculate Conception Church

Northern Ireland

ARMAGH                        : N IRELAND-R  trad
   St.Patrick's Cathedral (R.C.) 
LONDONDERRY                   : N IRELAND-D  chime/ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Columb (CI)
NEWRY                         : N IRELAND-D  chime
   Cathedral of S.Patrick & St.Colman (CI)
PORTADOWN                     : N IRELAND-R  chime
   St.Mark's Church (C.I.) 


ABERDEEN - STM                : SCOTLAND-AB  chime/ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Mary 
     of the Assumption (RC) 
ABERDEEN - STN                : SCOTLAND-AB  trad/great
   Municipal Carillon
   St.Nicholas' Church 
CLYDEBANK                     : SCOTLAND-SC  chime
   Town Hall 
DUMBARTON                     : SCOTLAND-DB  trad
   St.Patrick's Church (RC) 
DUNDEE                        : SCOTLAND-AN  chime
   St.Andrews Church 
DUNFERMLINE                   : SCOTLAND-FI  non-trad
   Dunfermline Abbey 
FALKIRK                       : SCOTLAND-ST  chime
   "Auld Kirk" Presbyterian Church 
GLASGOW                       : SCOTLAND-LA  chime
   Tolbooth (or) Cross Steeple
INVERNESS                     : SCOTLAND-HI  chime/ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Andrew
KILMARNOCK                    : SCOTLAND-AY  trad
   St.Andrew's & St.Marnock's Parish Church 
     (Church of Scotland) 
KIRKCALDY                     : SCOTLAND-FI  chime
   St.Brycedale Kirk
   St.Bryce Parish
LARBERT                       : SCOTLAND-ST  chime
   Old Church 
PAISLEY                       : SCOTLAND-RE  chime
   Town Hall
PEEBLES                       : SCOTLAND-PB  chime
   Old Parish Church
PERTH                         : SCOTLAND-PR  trad
   St.John's Kirk
   (St.John the Baptist Church) 
SAINT ANDREWS                 : SCOTLAND-FI  trad
   Holy Trinity Parish Church 
STIRLING                      : SCOTLAND-ST  chime
   Tolbooth (or) Broad Street Steeple

Shetland Isles

LERWICK                       : SHETLAND IS  chime
   Town Hall 


NEWPORT                       : WALES - GT   chime
   St.Mary, Stow Hill, RC Church 
PRESTEIGNE                    : WALES - RD   chime/ring
   St.Andrew Parish Church 

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