Great Bells of Central and South America

Here are listed 3 existing great bells of this region, plus one under construction, in descending order by weight.  The list includes qualifying bass bells of carillons.  The format of each entry is explained in a key at the bottom of this page.

1.   Trindade, Brazil - ~110,000 lbs

2.   Cuzco, Peru - ~14000 lbs

3.   Higuey, Dominican Republic - 9260 lbs

4.   Sao Paulo, Brazil - ~9000 lbs

It seems possible that there may still be some "undiscovered" great bells in other large old Catholic churches and cathedrals of this region.  This is because most early bells in such places were cast on site by itinerant bellfounders, and so there are few records of them elsewhere.


nr.   City, Country - EquivalentWeight lbs

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