Tower-bell and -tube instruments in North America:
index by state/province

Tower bell instruments, including traditional carillons, non-traditional carillons, chimes, rings and tower tube instruments may be found in North America in the indicated states and provinces:


Canadian provinces:   AB BC MB NB NF NS ON PE QU SK
NOTE:  In Dec.2001, the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador were combined into one.  In Oct.2002, the Canadian postal code for the combined province was changed from NF to NL.  For most purposes of this Website, we will continue to use the abbreviation NF so as to avoid confusion with the Netherlands.

Mexican states:   DF Other

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  1. For an explanation of the instrument-type tag at the end of each site link line, see the Instrument Type Abbreviations.

  2. If you do not find here a city (or instrument) which you think should be listed, then check the page of either conventional sites that are no more or tubular sites that are no more If that's not successful, then see things that are not carillons for disillusionment.

American states


ANNISTON                      : USA - AL     chime
   Church of St.Michael & All Angels (Episcopal)
BIRMINGHAM - A                : USA - AL     chime
   Crawford and Virginia Johnson Carillon [sic]   
   Cathedral Church of the Advent
BIRMINGHAM - FPC              : USA - AL     trad
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
BIRMINGHAM - HM               : USA - AL     chime
   The McCoy Tower Bells
   Highlands United Methodist Church 
BIRMINGHAM - STP              : USA - AL     ring
   Family Life Center
   Cathedral of St.Paul (RC)
BIRMINGHAM - SU               : USA - AL     trad
   Rushton Memorial Carillon
   Harwell Goodwin Davis Library 
   Samford University 
DOTHAN                        : USA - AL     tubular 
   Cherry Street AME Church 
FOLEY                         : USA - AL     non-trad
   Centennial Plaza
   Heritage Park
HANCEVILLE                    : USA - AL     chime
   Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament
   Our Lady of the Angels Monastery
HUNTSVILLE                    : USA - AL     trad
   First Baptist Church (SBC)
MOBILE                        : USA - AL     chime
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church
MONTGOMERY                    : USA - AL     chime
   St.John's Episcopal Church 
SELMA                         : USA - AL     chime
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
TUSCALOOSA - SS               : USA - AL     non-trad
   Clock tower 
   Shelton State Community College 
TUSCALOOSA - UA/2             : USA - AL     non-trad
   The Denny Chimes
   University of Alabama 
ANCHORAGE                     : USA - AK     zvon
   St.Innocent Russian Orthodox Cathedral
SITKA                         : USA - AK     zvon
   St.Michael the Archangel Orthodox Cathedral (OCA) 
BATESVILLE                    : USA - AR     non-trad
   Tower Campbell Carillon
   Lyon Business and Economics Building 
   Lyon College 
CARBON CITY                   : USA - AR     coll
   Cowie Wine Cellars
   collection of single steel bells
EL DORADO                     : USA - AR     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
FORT SMITH - FM               : USA - AR     tubular 
   Bourland Memorial Carillon
   Bourland Memorial Tower
   First United Methodist Church 
FORT SMITH - U                : USA - AR     non-trad
   Donald W. Reynolds Tower
   University of Arkansas - Fort Smith 
     (formerly Westark College) 
     (formerly Westark Community College) 
JONESBORO - STM               : USA - AR     non-trad
   St.Mark's Episcopal Church 
JONESBORO - U                 : USA - AR     non-trad
   Dean B. Ellis Library 
   Arkansas State University 
LITTLE ROCK - PHM             : USA - AR     non-trad
   Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church
LITTLE ROCK - TEC             : USA - AR     ring
   Centennial Ring
   Trinity Episcopal Cathedral 
MAGNOLIA                      : USA - AR     chime
   Water tower 
   Southern Arkansas University 
TEXARKANA                     : USA - AR     ring
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
MESA                          : USA - AZ     non-trad
   The Center 
   Las Sendas 
PEORIA                        : USA - AZ     tubular 
   Robert R. Roppolo residence 
PHOENIX                       : USA - AZ     tubular 
   W. J. Murphy Memorial
   Historic First Church (PCUSA) 
     (was First Presbyterian Church) 
SCOTTSDALE                    : USA - AZ     trad
   Saint Barnabas on the Desert Episcopal Church
TUCSON                        : USA - AZ     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church 
AVALON                        : USA - CA     tubular 
   Clock tower 
   Hillside above Town of Avalon 
BERKELEY - P                  : USA - CA     chime
   (Private house) 
BERKELEY - UC                 : USA - CA     trad
   Class of 1928 Carillon
   Jane K. Sather Tower
   University of California at Berkeley
BEVERLY HILLS                 : USA - CA     tubular 
   Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
     (was B.H. Community Presby.)
BODEGA BAY                    : USA - CA     coll
   The Bell Memorial
     (Children's Bell Tower)
BURLINGAME                    : USA - CA     tubular 
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
CALISTOGA                     : USA - CA     chime
   Sterling Winery 
CARMEL                        : USA - CA     chime
   San Carlos Borroméo de Carmel Mission
   (Carmel Mission Basilica)
CAZADERO                      : USA - CA     tubular 
   John Gittings residence 
Cazadero                      : USA - CA     great
   Odiyan Buddhist Retreat Center
DALY CITY - CL                : USA - CA     tubular 
   Cypress Lawn Memorial Park 
DALY CITY - OLPH              : USA - CA     tubular 
   St.Maximus Church 
   - or - 
   Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church 
DEATH VALLEY                  : USA - CA     tubular 
   Scotty's Castle 
   Death Valley National Park 
FOLSOM                        : USA - CA     chime
   City Hall
FRESNO                        : USA - CA     tubular 
   Parade trailer 
   Electric Motor Shop 
GARDEN GROVE                  : USA - CA     trad
   Arvella Schuller Carillon
   Crean Tower
   The Crystal Cathedral
HOLLYWOOD - FM                : USA - CA     tubular 
   Martindale Memorial Carillon
   First United Methodist Church 
HOLLYWOOD - FP                : USA - CA     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood (PCUSA) 
KINGSBURG                     : USA - CA     tubular 
   Kingsburg Community Church 
     (was Kingsburg Methodist Church) 
LA CRESCENTA                  : USA - CA     tubular 
   Emory Ewart Watchorn Memorial Chimes
   St.Luke's of the Mountains Episcopal Church 
LA JOLLA                      : USA - CA     tubular 
   St.James by-the-Sea Episcopal Church 
LOS ANGELES - CLA             : USA - CA     non-trad
   Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels (RC)
LOS ANGELES - HM              : USA - CA     chime
   Holman United Methodist Church 
LOS ANGELES - HP              : USA - CA     chime
   Otis Memorial Chimes 
   "The Bells of Hollywood"
   Hollywood Forever Memorial Park 
   (was Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetery)
LOS ANGELES - HS              : USA - CA     tubular
   Immanuel Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
LOS ANGELES - MC              : USA - CA     non-trad
   stage left 
   Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 
   Music Center of Los Angeles County 
LOS ANGELES - PA              : USA - CA     tubular 
   Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church 
   (was Pico-Arlington Christian Church)
LOS ANGELES - STA             : USA - CA     chime
   St.Agnes Catholic Church 
LOS ANGELES - STB             : USA - CA     chime
   St.Brendan's Catholic Church 
LOS ANGELES - STP             : USA - CA     chime
   St.Paul's Catholic Church 
LOS ANGELES - USC             : USA - CA     tubular 
   Seeley Wintersmith Mudd Memorial 
     Hall of Philosophy 
LOS ANGELES - WBC             : USA - CA     tubular 
   Wilshire Christian Church (DoC) 
     (was Wilshire Blvd Christian Church) 
Los Angeles                   : USA - CA     great
   Korean-American Peace Park
MODESTO                       : USA - CA     chime
   St.Stan's Brewery & Restaurant 
MONROVIA                      : USA - CA     chime
   St.Luke's Episcopal Church 
OAKLAND - CC                  : USA - CA     tubular 
   Chapel of the Chimes (funeral home) 
OAKLAND - M                   : USA - CA     chime
   El Campanil 
   Mills College 
ORANGE                        : USA - CA     chime
   Immanuel Evang. Lutheran Church (LCMS) 
PACIFIC PALISADES             : USA - CA     chime
   St.Matthew's Episcopal Church 
PASADENA - PP                 : USA - CA     chime
   Pasadena Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
   (formerly First Presbyterian Church)
PASADENA - STA                : USA - CA     tubular 
   St.Andrew's Catholic Church 
PORTOLA VALLEY                : USA - CA     non-trad
   Christ Episcopal Church 
RANCHO PALOS VERDES           : USA - CA     chime
   Wayfarers' Chapel (Swedenborgian) 
RIVERSIDE - FCC               : USA - CA     non-trad
   First Congregational Church (UCC)
RIVERSIDE - MI/1              : USA - CA     coll
   Mission Inn 
   (originally Glenwood Mission Inn) 
RIVERSIDE - MI/2              : USA - CA     tubular 
   Central tower 
   Mission Inn 
   (originally Glenwood Mission Inn) 
RIVERSIDE - UC                : USA - CA     trad
   Carillon Tower
   University of California
SACRAMENTO - E                : USA - CA     non-trad
   The September 11th Memorial Plaza
   California Exposition & State Fair
SACRAMENTO - MA               : USA - CA     tubular 
   Sacramento Memorial Auditorium 
     (Municipal Auditorium) 
SAN ANSELMO - SFTS            : USA - CA     chime
   San Francisco Theological Seminary
SAN ANSELMO - STN             : USA - CA     zvon
   St.Nicholas Orthodox Church (OCA) 
SAN DIEGO - FM                : USA - CA     chime
   Hartupee-Irwin Bells
   First United Methodist Church 
SAN DIEGO - U                 : USA - CA     tubular
SAN FRANCISCO - GC            : USA - CA     non-trad
   North Tower 
   Grace Cathedral (Episcopal) 
SAN FRANCISCO - GS            : USA - CA     chime
   Ghirardelli Square 
SAN FRANCISCO - LH            : USA - CA     tubular 
   Triumphal Arch 
   Court of Honor 
   Palace of the Legion of Honor 
SAN FRANCISCO - STP           : USA - CA     chime
   St.Patrick's Catholic Church 
SAN JOSE                      : USA - CA     trad
   Trinity Chime
   Trinity Cathedral 
   (formerly Trinity Episcopal Church)
SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO           : USA - CA     chime
   Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano
SAN MATEO                     : USA - CA     chime
   St.Matthew's Episcopal Church 
SAN RAFAEL                    : USA - CA     chime
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
SAN SIMEON                    : USA - CA     non-trad
   Hearst Castle Towers 
   Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument 
SANTA BARBARA                 : USA - CA     trad
   Thomas M. Storke Student Publication Building
   University of California
SANTA MONICA - STA            : USA - CA     chime
   St.Augustine by-the-Sea Church (Episcopal)
SANTA PAULA                   : USA - CA     chime
   St.Sebastian's Catholic Church 
SOUTH PASADENA                : USA - CA     tubular 
   St.James Episcopal Church 
STANFORD                      : USA - CA     trad
   Hoover Institute Carillon
   Hoover Tower
   Stanford University
STOCKTON                      : USA - CA     tubular 
   Trinity Lutheran Church (LCMS) 
VENTURA                       : USA - CA     tubular 
   Community Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
WEIMAR                        : USA - CA     tubular 
   Ed Whittlesey residence 
BOULDER                       : USA - CO     chime
   St.John Episcopal Church 
COLORADO SPRINGS              : USA - CO     non-trad
   American Legion Memorial
   Air Force Academy Cemetery
Colorado Springs              : USA - CO     great
   Shove Chapel
   The Colorado College
DENVER - CCB                  : USA - CO     chime
   City & County Building 
   Civic Center 
DENVER - CCC                  : USA - CO     non-trad
   Central Christian Church (DoC)
DENVER - CWC                  : USA - CO     trad
   Charles S. Hill Memorial Carillon
   George W. Olinger Memorial Tower
   Johnson & Wales University
     (formerly Colorado Women's College;
     once Temple Buell College)
DENVER - ICC                  : USA - CO     chime
   East Tower 
   Immaculate Conception Cathedral (RC) 
DENVER - OMS                  : USA - CO     chime
   Christ the King Chapel (RC) 
   (was Chapel of Our Merciful Saviour (Episc.))
DENVER - UD                   : USA - CO     trad
   Carl M. Williams Carillon
   Carl M. Williams Tower
   Daniel L. Ritchie Center
     for Sports and Wellness
   University of Denver
DENVER - STJ                  : USA - CO     chime/great
   Cathedral of St.John in the Wilderness
EVERGREEN                     : USA - CO     coll
   (former International Bell Museum)
   *See  HASTINGS - HC        : USA - NE     coll
FORT COLLINS                  : USA - CO     non-trad
   Mary Lee Townsend Memorial Carillon
   St.Luke's Episcopal Church 
VAIL - LR                     : USA - CO     chime
   LaTour Restaurant
VAIL - VS                     : USA - CO     chime
   The Arrabelle
WESTMINSTER                   : USA - CO     non-trad
   City Hall
ANSONIA                       : USA - CT     tubular 
   Christ Episcopal Church 
BRIDGEPORT                    : USA - CT     tubular
   St.John's Episcopal Church
DANBURY - STJ                 : USA - CT     trad
   Ella S. Bulkley Memorial Carillon
   St.James Episcopal Church
DANBURY - STPE                : USA - CT     chime
   St.Peter's Catholic Church 
DARIEN                        : USA - CT     chime
   St.Luke's Episcopal Church 
DERBY                         : USA - CT     chime
   Immanuel St.James Episcopal Church 
GREENWICH                     : USA - CT     chime
   Christ Episcopal Church 
HARTFORD - CCC                : USA - CT     chime
   Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal) 
HARTFORD - CGS                : USA - CT     chime
   Church of the Good Shepherd (Episcopal)
HARTFORD - STJ                : USA - CT     chime
   St.Joseph's Cathedral (RC)
HARTFORD - STP                : USA - CT     tubular 
   St.Peter's Catholic Church 
HARTFORD - TC                 : USA - CT     trad
   Plumb Memorial Carillon
   Chapel Tower
   Trinity College
KENT                          : USA - CT     ring
   St.Joseph's Chapel 
   Kent School 
MANCHESTER                    : USA - CT     chime
   South United Methodist Church 
MERIDEN                       : USA - CT     chime
   Holy Word Ministry
   (was The Unitarian Universalist Church of Meriden,
     formerly St.Paul Church, Unitarian) 
MIDDLETOWN - HT               : USA - CT     chime
   Church of the Holy Trinity (Episcopal) 
MIDDLETOWN -- WU              : USA - CT     trad
   South College Building
   Wesleyan University 
NEW BRITAIN - FCC             : USA - CT     trad
   The Philip B. Stanley Carillon
   Robert S. Buol Tower 
   First Church of Christ, Congregational
NEW BRITAIN - SCC             : USA - CT     chime
   South Congregational-First Baptist Church (UCC/ABC)
NEW CANAAN                    : USA - CT     trad
   The Dana-Barton Carillon
   St.Mark's Episcopal Church 
NEW HAVEN - C                 : USA - CT     chime
   Christ Episcopal Church 
NEW HAVEN - TCG               : USA - CT     chime
   Trinity Church on the Green (Episcopal)
NEW HAVEN - YU/1              : USA - CT     trad
   Yale Memorial Carillon
   Harkness Tower
   Yale University
NEW LONDON                    : USA - CT     chime
   Second Congregational Church 
     of New London (UCC)
NEW MILFORD                   : USA - CT     trad
   Jose M. Ferrer Memorial Carillon
   Chapel of Our Lady
   Canterbury School
NORWICH                       : USA - CT     chime
   Park Congregational Church (UCC)
OLD GREENWICH - B             : USA - CT     chimola
   Chimes Building 
   Tod's Point (Greenwich Point Park) 
OLD GREENWICH - FC            : USA - CT     chime
   The Robert Stewart Memorial Chimes
   First Congregational Church of Greenwich (UCC) 
ROCKVILLE                     : USA - CT     chime
   Union Congregational Church (UCC)
SIMSBURY                      : USA - CT     trad
   The Foreman Carillon
   Simsbury United Methodist Church
STAMFORD - FPC                : USA - CT     trad
   Walter N. Maguire Memorial Carillon
   Maguire Memorial Tower
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
STAMFORD - STJ                : USA - CT     chime
   St.John's Episcopal Church 
STORRS - CC                   : USA - CT     trad
   Austin Cornelius Dunham Memorial Carillon
   Storrs Congregational Church (UCC)
STORRS - STM                  : USA - CT     chime
   St.Mark's Episcopal Chapel 
WALLINGFORD - C               : USA - CT     chime
   Seymour St.John Chapel 
     (was Choate Chapel)
   Choate Rosemary Hall 
     (formerly Choate School) 
WALLINGFORD - F               : USA - CT     chime
   Yale Memorial Chime
   First Congregational Church 
     of Wallingford (UCC) 
WATERBURY - STJ               : USA - CT     chime
   St.John's Episcopal Church 
WATERBURY - STM               : USA - CT     zvon
   St.Mary's Orthodox Church (OCA) 
     (Holy Virgin Church) 
WEST HARTFORD                 : USA - CT     trad
   Gordon Stearns Memorial Carillon
   First Church of Christ, Congregational
WINSTED                       : USA - CT     chime
   St.Joseph's RC Church 
DOVER                         : USA - DE     tubular 
   Asa Johnson Memorial Tower Chimes
   People's Church of Dover (UCC) 
New Castle                    : USA - DE     ring
   Immanuel Episcopal Church
WILMINGTON - G                : USA - DE     chime
   Grace United Methodist Church 
WILMINGTON - N                : USA - DE     non-trad
   Nemours Carillon
   Alfred I. duPont Institute-
     Children's Hospital 
WILMINGTON - T                : USA - DE     chime
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
WILMINGTON - W                : USA - DE     chime
   Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
District of Columbia
WASHINGTON - CE               : USA - DC     chime
   Church of the Epiphany (Episcopal) 
WASHINGTON - NC/1             : USA - DC     trad/great
   Kibbey Carillon
   Lower belfry
   Gloria in Excelsis Tower 
   Washington National Cathedral 
WASHINGTON - NC/2             : USA - DC     ring
   Upper belfry 
   Gloria in Excelsis Tower 
   National Cathedral 
WASHINGTON - NC/3             : USA - DC     tubular 
   St.Alban's School 
   The National Cathedral School for Boys 
WASHINGTON - NCC              : USA - DC     tubular 
   National City Christian Church (DoC) 
WASHINGTON - NSIC             : USA - DC     trad
   Knights Tower 
   National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception 
WASHINGTON - PO               : USA - DC     ring
   Congress Bells
   Old Post Office Tower 
   Nancy Hanks Center 
WASHINGTON - SBS              : USA - DC     tubular 
   Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament 
WASHINGTON - STL              : USA - DC     non-trad
   St.Luke's United Methodist Church 
WASHINGTON - TCC              : USA - DC     chime
   Third Church of Christ, Scientist 
WASHINGTON - TM               : USA - DC     non-trad
   Taft Memorial 
WASHINGTON - ZP               : USA - DC     trad
   The Pelzman Glockenspiel
   The National Zoo 
Washington                    : USA - DC     great
   Freedom Bell
CLEARWATER                    : USA - FL     trad
   Betty Jane Dimmitt Memorial Carillon
   Episcopal Church of the Ascension 
DAYTONA BEACH                 : USA - FL     tubular 
   Community United Methodist Church 
DE LAND                       : USA - FL     chime
   The Eloise Chimes
   Hulley Tower 
   John B Stetson University 
FORT MYERS                    : USA - FL     chime
   Church of the Cross
   (was Horizon Ev. Friends Ch,
     or Pilgrims UCC)
GAINESVILLE                   : USA - FL     trad
   Century Tower
   University of Florida 
JACKSONVILLE                  : USA - FL     chime
   St.John's Episcopal Cathedral 
KEY WEST                      : USA - FL     chime
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
LAKE WALES - B                : USA - FL     trad
   Bok Singing Tower 
   Bok Tower Gardens
     (formerly Historic Bok Sanctuary)
     (formerly Mountain Lake Sanctuary) 
LAKE WALES - FP               : USA - FL     chime
   First Presbyterian Church (ARPC) 
MIAMI - FM                    : USA - FL     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church 
MIAMI - T                     : USA - FL     ring
   The Patterson Memorial Bells
   Trinity Episcopal Cathedral 
OCALA                         : USA - FL     chime
   Clock Tower
   College of Central Florida
PALM BEACH                    : USA - FL     chime
   Bethesda-by-the-Sea Church (Episcopal)
PANAMA CITY BEACH             : USA - FL     non-trad*
   Carillon Beach 
PENSACOLA - FP                : USA - FL     non-trad
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
PENSACOLA - PCC               : USA - FL     non-trad
   Pensacola Christian College 
SAINT PETERSBURG -- FM        : USA - FL     chime
   First United Methodist Church 
SAINT PETERSBURG -- STP       : USA - FL     tubular 
   St.Peter's Episcopal Cathedral 
     (was St.Peter's Church) 
TALLAHASSEE                   : USA - FL     chime
   Lewis Chime
   St.John's Episcopal Church 
TAMPA                         : USA - FL     tubular 
   First Baptist Church 
VENICE                        : USA - FL     trad
   Andrew W. Crawford Memorial Carillon
   Venice Performing Arts Center (VPAC)
VERO BEACH                    : USA - FL     non-trad
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
WHITE SPRINGS                 : USA - FL     tubular 
   Stephen Foster Memorial Carillon
   Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park 
WINTER HAVEN                  : USA - FL     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
ATLANTA - FC                  : USA - GA     non-trad
   Fulton County Government Center 
ATLANTA - FP                  : USA - GA     non-trad
   Devereaux McClatchey Carillon
   First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta 
ATLANTA - G                   : USA - GA     non-trad
   Clock tower
   Galleria Park
ATLANTA - OM                  : USA - GA     chime
   (former Ousley Methodist Church)
   *See  DECATUR              : USA - GA     chime
ATLANTA - OU                  : USA - GA     non-trad
   Lale Özgörkey Bell Tower
   Lupton Hall 
   Oglethorpe University
ATLANTA - PCC                 : USA - GA     tubular 
   Peachtree Christian Church 
ATLANTA - SS                  : USA - GA     chime
   Sandy Springs United Methodist Church 
ATLANTA - STB                 : USA - GA     chime
   St.Bartholomew's Episcopal Church 
ATLANTA - STL                 : USA - GA     ring
   Robert C. Alston II Memorial Bell Tower
   St.Luke's Episcopal Church 
ATLANTA - U                   : USA - GA     chime
AUGUSTA - FB                  : USA - GA     chime
   First Baptist Church 
AUGUSTA - CP                  : USA - GA     non-trad
   Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
AUGUSTA - GS                  : USA - GA     ring
   Church of the Good Shepherd (Episcopal)
AUGUSTA - STP                 : USA - GA     chime
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
CUMMING                       : USA - GA     chime
   Summits Wayside Tavern
   (formely Taco Mac Restaurant)
DALTON                        : USA - GA     non-trad
   Dalton State College
DECATUR                       : USA - GA     chime
   Trinity Baptist Church of Metro Atlanta
   - and -
   Free for All Deliverance Ch
   (was Ousley Methodist Church)
GAINESVILLE                   : USA - GA     non-trad
   First United Methodist Church 
LA GRANGE                     : USA - GA     non-trad
   Fuller B. Callaway Memorial Carillon
   1st Baptist Church on the Square 
LAWRENCEVILLE                 : USA - GA     chime
   First Baptist Church 
MACON                         : USA - GA     tubular 
   Christ Episcopal Church 
MARIETTA - LU                 : USA - GA     chime
   The Chiropractic Memorial Bell Tower
   Life University College of Chiropractic
MARIETTA - STJ                : USA - GA     ring
   St.James Episcopal Church 
NEWNAN                        : USA - GA     chime
   Newnan Presbyterian Church 
NORCROSS                      : USA - GA     non-trad
   Christ the King Lutheran Church
SAVANNAH                      : USA - GA     non-trad
   St.John's Episcopal Church 
HONOLULU - CU                 : USA - HI     tubular 
   Central Union Church (UCC) 
HONOLULU - STA                : USA - HI     ring
   St.Andrew's Episcopal Cathedral 
BOISE                         : USA - ID     tubular 
   St.Michael's Episcopal Cathedral 
     (formerly St.Michael's Church)
NAMPA                         : USA - ID     non-trad
   Leah Peterson Learning Commons
   Northwest Nazarene University
BARRINGTON                    : USA - IL     chime
   Bard Memorial Bells
   St.Michael's Episcopal Church 
BARRINGTON HILLS              : USA - IL     tubular 
   "Place de la Musique" 
     (private residence) 
BLOOMINGTON                   : USA - IL     chime
   St.Patrick's Catholic Church
CANTON                        : USA - IL     tubular 
   Wesley United Methodist Church 
     (was First Methodist Church) 
CENTRALIA                     : USA - IL     trad
   The Centralia Carillon
   The Centralia Carillon Tower 
CHICAGO - BA                  : USA - IL     tubular 
   Belmont Avenue 
CHICAGO - DB                  : USA - IL     tubular
   Deagan Building
CHICAGO - FH                  : USA - IL     tubular 
   Clock Tower
   Waveland Park Field House
   Lincoln Park 
CHICAGO - FP                  : USA - IL     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church 
CHICAGO - MT                  : USA - IL     ring
   Mitchell Tower 
   University of Chicago 
CHICAGO - STC                 : USA - IL     trad
   Crane Memorial Carillon
   St.Chrysostom's Episcopal Church 
CHICAGO - STI                 : USA - IL     tubular 
   St.Ignatius Catholic Church 
CHICAGO - STJCA               : USA - IL     chime
   James Carter Memorial Chime
   St.James Episcopal Cathedral 
   (formerly St.James P.E. Church) 
CHICAGO - STJCH               : USA - IL     chime
   St.James Catholic Church 
CHICAGO - STJE                : USA - IL     tubular 
   St.Jerome Catholic Church 
CHICAGO - STJO/1              : USA - IL     tubular 
   St.John Cantius Catholic Church 
CHICAGO - STJO/2              : USA - IL     non-trad
   Rooftop frame
   St.John Cantius Catholic Church
CHICAGO - STMI                : USA - IL     tubular 
   St.Michael Catholic Church 
CHICAGO - STP                 : USA - IL     tubular 
   Progressive True Vine MB Church No.111
     (was St.Paul's Lutheran Church)
CHICAGO - UC                  : USA - IL     trad
   The Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Carillon 
   Rockefeller Memorial Chapel 
   University of Chicago 
DECATUR                       : USA - IL     chime
   The Conklin Memorial Chimes
   First United Methodist Church 
Deerfield                     : USA - IL     great
   First Presbyterian Church
ELSAH - 2                     : USA - IL     trad
   The Jean L. Rainwater Carillon
   Principia College 
EVANSTON - L                  : USA - IL     tubular 
   Levere Memorial Temple (Chapel) 
   Sigma Alpha Epsilon (headquarters) 
EVANSTON - STM                : USA - IL     chime
   St.Mark's Episcopal Church 
EVANSTON - SW                 : USA - IL     trad
   Laurance Hearne Armour Memorial Carillon
   Chapel of St.John the Divine
   Seabury-Western Theological Seminary 
FOREST PARK                   : USA - IL     tubular 
   Concordia Cemetery 
GALESBURG                     : USA - IL     tubular 
   First Christian Church (DoC) 
GLENCOE                       : USA - IL     trad
   Theodore C. Butz Memorial Carillon
   Chicago Botanic Garden
HINSDALE                      : USA - IL     chime
   The Union Church of Hinsdale (UCC)
   (formerly Congregational Church)
JACKSONVILLE                  : USA - IL     tubular 
   The Congregational Church (UCC) 
LAKE FOREST                   : USA - IL     tubular 
   Church of the Holy Spirit (Episcopal) 
NAPERVILLE                    : USA - IL     trad
   Millennium Carillon
   Millennium Carillon Bell Tower
OAK PARK - FB                 : USA - IL     tubular 
   First Baptist Church (ABC) 
OAK PARK - G                  : USA - IL     chime
   Seabury Tower 
   Grace Episcopal Church 
PALOS HEIGHTS                 : USA - IL     chime
   The Evangelical Lutheran Church 
     of the Good Shepherd (ELCA) 
PARK FOREST                   : USA - IL     chime
   Engelmann Tower 
   Faith United Protestant Church 
PLAINFIELD                    : USA - IL     trad
   Plainfield United Methodist Church 
QUINCY                        : USA - IL     chime
   Arethusa Helen Woodruff Memorial Chime
   St.John's Parish (ACNA)
RIVERSIDE                     : USA - IL     ring
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church
SPRINGFIELD - FC              : USA - IL     tubular 
   First Christian Church (DoC) 
SPRINGFIELD - IC              : USA - IL     chime
   Immaculate Conception Cathedral (RC)
SPRINGFIELD -  TR             : USA - IL     trad
   Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon
   Washington Park 
URBANA - 1                    : USA - IL     chime
   The Senior Memorial Chime
   Upper belfry 
   Altgeld Hall 
   University of Illinois 
URBANA - 2                    : USA - IL     non-trad
   McFarland Memorial Bell Tower
   University of Illinois
WINNETKA                      : USA - IL     chime
   Christ Episcopal Church 
BLOOMINGTON - 1               : USA - IN     trad
   Arthur R. Metz Memorial Carillon
   Indiana University 
BLOOMINGTON - 2               : USA - IN     trad
   School of Music Carillon
   Music School Building 
     (or Music Annex)
   Indiana University 
BLOOMINGTON - 3               : USA - IN     chime
   Student Building 
   Indiana University 
CARMEL - 1                    : USA - IN     non-trad
   Coxhall Park (west entrance) 
CARMEL - 2                    : USA - IN     non-trad
   Coxhall Park (east entrance) 
CULVER                        : USA - IN     trad
   Memorial Chapel 
   The Culver Academies 
   (formerly Culver Military Academy) 
ELKHART                       : USA - IN     chime
   NIBCO Centennial Bell Tower
EVANSVILLE - TM               : USA - IN     tubular 
   Trinity United Methodist Church 
FORT WAYNE - E                : USA - IN     chime
   Becker Memorial Chimes
   Emmaus Evang. Lutheran Church (LCMS)
FORT WAYNE - FP               : USA - IN     chime
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
FRANKLIN                      : USA - IN     tubular 
   First United Presbyterian Church 
GREENCASTLE                   : USA - IN     non-trad
   Alpha Chi Omega Memorial Carillon
   Performing Arts Center 
   DePauw University
HUNTINGTON                    : USA - IN     chime
   First M.E. Church 
INDIANAPOLIS - B              : USA - IN     tubular 
   Broadway United Methodist Church 
INDIANAPOLIS - CCC            : USA - IN     chime
   Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal)
INDIANAPOLIS - IP             : USA - IN     non-trad
   IUPUI Campus Center
   Indiana Univ - Purdue Univ Indianapolis
INDIANAPOLIS - SRC            : USA - IN     trad
   Scottish Rite Cathedral (Masonic) 
INDIANAPOLIS - STPT           : USA - IN     tubular 
   St.Patrick's Catholic Church 
INDIANAPOLIS - Z              : USA - IN     tubular 
   Zion Evangelical Church (UCC) 
LA PORTE                      : USA - IN     trad
   The Children's Carillon
   The Presbyterian Church of La Porte 
LAFAYETTE                     : USA - IN     tubular 
   First Baptist Church 
LAWRENCEBURG                  : USA - IN     non-trad
   War Memorial to the Common Man 
MADISON                       : USA - IN     tubular 
   Christ Church (Episcopal) 
MARION                        : USA - IN     chime
   J. Wood Wilson Chimes
   God's House Ministries 
   (was First Presbyterian Church of 
     Grant County) 
MICHIGAN CITY                 : USA - IN     tubular 
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
MISHAWAKA                     : USA - IN     chime
   First United Methodist Church 
MUNCIE - BSU                  : USA - IN     trad
   Shafer Tower 
   Ball State University 
NEW ALBANY                    : USA - IN     tubular 
   St.Mark's UCC Church 
NEW CASTLE                    : USA - IN     tubular 
   First Christian Church 
NORTH MANCHESTER              : USA - IN     chime
   Administration Building 
   Manchester College 
NOTRE DAME                    : USA - IN     trad+great
   Basilica of the Sacred Heart (RC)
   University of Notre Dame du Lac 
RICHMOND                      : USA - IN     chime
   Reid Memorial United Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
SAINT MARY-OF-THE-WOODS       : USA - IN     chime
   Church of the Immaculate Conception 
   St.Mary-of-the-Woods College 
SEYMOUR                       : USA - IN     tubular 
   Trinity United Methodist Church 
SHELBYVILLE                   : USA - IN     tubular 
   First Baptist Church 
VALPARAISO                    : USA - IN     chime
   Brandt Campanile 
   Chapel of the Resurrection 
   Valparaiso University 
VINCENNES                     : USA - IN     tubular 
   Basilica of St.Francis Xavier 
     (was St.Francis Xavier Church) 
WABASH                        : USA - IN     tubular 
   Wabash Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
WINAMAC                       : USA - IN     non-trad
   St.Peter Catholic Church 
AMES - 1                      : USA - IA     trad
   Stanton Memorial Carillon
   Iowa State University 
AMES - 2                      : USA - IA     trad
   Traveling demonstrator
   Iowa State University
CEDAR FALLS                   : USA - IA     trad
   University of Northern Iowa 
DAVENPORT - P/1               : USA - IA     chime
   Palmer College (formerly School) 
     of Chiropractic 
DAVENPORT                     : USA - IA
   *See also  EDGEWOOD        : USA - RI     chime
DES MOINES - STP              : USA - IA     trad
   Cathedral Church of St.Paul (Episcopal) 
DES MOINES - UCC              : USA - IA     tubular 
   First Christian Church 
     (formerly University Church of Christ)
DUBUQUE                       : USA - IA     chime
   St.Luke's United Methodist Church 
FORT DODGE                    : USA - IA     chime
   (unknown, elsewhere)
   was at First United Methodist Church
IOWA CITY                     : USA - IA     chime
   St.Mary of the Visitation Church (RC)
   (aka St.Mary of the Assumption) 
JEFFERSON                     : USA - IA     non-trad
   Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower 
OSKALOOSA - CM                : USA - IA     tubular 
   Central United Methodist Church 
OSKALOOSA - STJ               : USA - IA     chime
   St.James' Episcopal Church 
OTTUMWA                       : USA - IA     tubular 
   First Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
SIOUX CITY - F                : USA - IA     chime
   First United Methodist Church 
SPENCER                       : USA - IA     chime
   Grace United Methodist Church 
STORM LAKE - BV               : USA - IA     chime
   Schaller Memorial Chapel 
   Buena Vista University 
   (formerly Buena Vista College) 
STORM LAKE - L                : USA - IA     tubular 
   Lakeside Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
WATERLOO                      : USA - IA     chime
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
ABILENE                       : USA - KS     tubular 
   Brown Memorial Home for the Aged 
DODGE CITY                    : USA - KS    (non-trad)
   St.Mary of the Plains College
   *See  MINNEAPOLIS - NHCC  : USA - MN     non-trad
FREDONIA                      : USA - KS     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church 
HUTCHINSON                    : USA - KS     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
LAWRENCE - KU                 : USA - KS     trad
   World War II Memorial Carillon
   World War II Memorial Campanile 
   University of Kansas 
LEAVENWORTH                   : USA - KS     tubular
   Chapel of the Veterans
MANHATTAN - FC                : USA - KS     tubular
   First Congregational Church (UCC)
SALINA                        : USA - KS     non-trad
   Christ Episcopal Cathedral 
SMOLAN                        : USA - KS     tubular 
   Salemsborg Lutheran Church 
TOPEKA - G                    : USA - KS     tubular 
   Grace Episcopal Cathedral 
TOPEKA - HS                   : USA - KS     tubular 
   Topeka High School 
WICHITA - FP                  : USA - KS     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church Camp 
WICHITA - HC                  : USA - KS     non-trad
   Holy Cross Lutheran Church (LCMS) 
WICHITA - I                   : USA - KS     chime
   Immanuel Lutheran Church 
BEREA - 1                     : USA - KY     chime
   William Goodell Frost Memorial Chimes
   Phelps Stokes Chapel 
   Berea College 
BEREA - 2                     : USA - KY     trad
   John Courter Carillon
   Draper Building 
     (Jessie Preston Draper Memorial) 
   Berea College 
BOWLING GREEN                 : USA - KY     non-trad
   Guthrie Plaza clock tower
   Western Kentucky University
COVINGTON - GP                : USA - KY     trad
   The Carroll Chimes
   Goebbel Park 
COVINGTON - T                 : USA - KY     chime
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
DANVILLE                      : USA - KY     chime
   Lexington Avenue Baptist Church (SBC)
LEXINGTON                     : USA - KY     chime
   Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal) 
LOUISVILLE - A                : USA - KY     non-trad
   Cathedral of the Assumption (RC)
LOUISVILLE - WS               : USA - KY     chime
   Parr Memorial Chimes 
   (in memory of Maria Marmaduke Parr)
   Walnut Street Baptist Church (SBC) 
MOUNT STERLING                : USA - KY     tubular 
   First Baptist Church (SBC) 
Newport                       : USA - KY     great
   Millennium Monument
OWENSBORO                     : USA - KY     tubular 
   Cathedral of St.Stephen 
     (was St.Stephen's Catholic Church) 
RICHMOND                      : USA - KY     non-trad
   Keen Johnson Building (administration)
   Eastern Kentucky University 
WILLIAMSBURG                  : USA - KY     non-trad
   University of the Cumberlands
LAKE CHARLES                  : USA - LA     non-trad
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
MORGAN CITY                   : USA - LA     trad
   Brownell Memorial Park 
NEW ORLEANS - G               : USA - LA     chime
   The Helen McLeary Dufour Memorial Chime
   Grace Episcopal Church 
NEW ORLEANS - HN              : USA - LA     chime
   Holy Name of Jesus Church (RC)
SHREVEPORT - FB               : USA - LA     chime
   First Baptist Church (SBC)
SHREVEPORT - STM              : USA - LA     chime/ring
   St.Mark's Episcopal Cathedral
     (was St.Mark's Church)
AUGUSTA --                    : USA - ME     chime
   St.Mark's Episcopal Church 
BANGOR                        : USA - ME     chime
   First Universalist Church 
BAR HARBOR                    : USA - ME     chime
   St.Saviour's Episcopal Church 
BRUNSWICK                     : USA - ME     chime
   Payson Memorial Chimes
   Bowdoin College 
CAMDEN                        : USA - ME     chime
   St.Thomas' Episcopal Church 
LEWISTON                      : USA - ME     chime
   St.Joseph's Catholic Church 
BALTIMORE - CC                : USA - MD     chime
   New Refuge Deliverance Cathedral 
   (formerly Christ Episcopal Church) 
BALTIMORE - CL                : USA - MD     chime
   Christ Lutheran Church (ELCA)
BALTIMORE - EL                : USA - MD     tubular 
   Epiphany Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
BALTIMORE - GR                : USA - MD     tubular 
   Grace United Church of Christ 
     (was Grace Reformed Church) 
BALTIMORE - OS                : USA - MD     chime
   Our Saviour Lutheran Church (LCMS)
BALTIMORE - STJ               : USA - MD     chime
   St.John's Episcopal Church--Huntingdon
BALTIMORE - STP               : USA - MD     non-trad
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
BALTIMORE - STV               : USA - MD     chime
   St.Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
BALTIMORE - YR                : USA - MD     chime
   J.Joseph Curran Memorial Clock Tower
   York Road Development Project 
COLUMBIA                      : USA - MD     chime
   Wharf Bell Tower 
CRISFIELD                     : USA - MD     chime
   Asbury United Methodist Church 
CUMBERLAND - ACC              : USA - MD     chime
   Allegany College of Maryland
   (was Allegany Community College)
CUMBERLAND - STP              : USA - MD     chime
   St.Paul's Lutheran Church (ELCA)
EMMITSBURG                    : USA - MD     chime
   Pangborn Memorial Campanile 
   The National Shrine of Our Lady 
FREDERICK - BP                : USA - MD     trad
   The Joseph Dill Baker Memorial Carillon
   Baker Park 
FREDERICK - C                 : USA - MD     ring
   Calvary United Methodist Church 
FREDERICK - E                 : USA - MD     chime
   Trinity Chimes
   Trinity Chapel 
   Evangelical Reformed Church (UCC) 
HAGERSTOWN - 2                : USA - MD     tubular 
   Trinity Lutheran Church 
MCDONOGH                      : USA - MD     trad
   The McDonogh Carillon
   Tagart Memorial Chapel 
   McDonogh School 
Princess Anne                 : USA - MD     ring
   St.Andrew's Episcopal Church 
SALISBURY - SU                : USA - MD     trad
   Brown & Church Carillon
   Patricia R. Guerrieri Academic Commons
   Salisbury University
SALISBURY - TM                : USA - MD     chime
   Phillips Memorial Chime
   Trinity United Methodist Church 
AMHERST - A                   : USA - MA     chime
   Stearns Steeple 
   Amherst College 
AMHERST - UM                  : USA - MA     trad
   Warren Elmer Hinds Memorial Chime 
   Henry Vincent Couper Memorial Carillon
   Old Chapel 
   University of Massachusetts 
   (formerly Mass. State College)
ANDOVER                       : USA - MA     non-trad
   Samuel Lester Fuller Carillon
   Memorial Tower
   Phillips Academy
ARLINGTON                     : USA - MA     chime
   St.Camillus Parish (RC)
BEDFORD                       : USA - MA     tubular 
   First Church of Christ (UCC) 
BEVERLY                       : USA - MA     chime
   First Parish Unitarian Church 
BOSTON - A                    : USA - MA     chime
   Phillips Chime
   Arlington Street Church (Unitarian-Universalist)
BOSTON - AS                   : USA - MA     chime
   All Saints Church (Episcopal)
BOSTON - CA                   : USA - MA     ring
   Church of the Advent (Episcopal)
BOSTON - CC                   : USA - MA     ring
   Christ Church ("Old North"; Episcopal) 
BOSTON - FCC/1                : USA - MA
   First Church of Christ, Scientist 
   see PERTH - SC/4 : AUSTRALIA    tubular 
BOSTON - FCC/2                : USA - MA     chime
   West tower 
   First Church of Christ, Scientist 
BOSTON - FCC/3                : USA - MA     chime
   East tower
   First Church of Christ, Scientist 
BOSTON - STA                  : USA - MA     tubular
   St.Augustine's P.E. Church
BROCKTON                      : USA - MA     chime
   Mt.Moriah Baptist Church 
   (was First Parish Church, Unitarian)
BROOKLINE - H                 : USA - MA     chime
   The United Parish in Brookline (ABC/UCC/UMC) 
   (was Harvard Cong. Church)
BROOKLINE - STAI              : USA - MA     tubular 
   St.Aidan's Catholic Church (closed) 
CAMBRIDGE - CC                : USA - MA     chime
   Christ Church in Cambridge (Episcopal)
CAMBRIDGE - HU                : USA - MA     zvon/great
   Lowell House 
   Harvard University 
CLINTON                       : USA - MA     chime
   St.John the Evangelist RC Church 
COHASSET                      : USA - MA     trad
   The Cohasset Carillon
   (formerly known as the Bancroft
     Memorial Carillon or the Jesse M. 
     Barron Memorial Carillon)
   St.Stephen's Episcopal Church
DALTON                        : USA - MA     tubular 
   First Congregational Church 
DEDHAM                        : USA - MA     chime
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
EAST NORTHFIELD               : USA - MA    (trad)
   *See  MOUNT HERMON         : USA - MA     non-trad
FAIRHAVEN                     : USA - MA     chime
   Memorial Unitarian Church 
   (originally Rogers Memorial Church) 
FALL RIVER - HS               : USA - MA     trad
   B.M.C. Durfee High School  [new]
GLOUCESTER                    : USA - MA     trad
   West Tower
   Church of Our Lady of Good Voyage (RC)
GROTON                        : USA - MA     ring
   St.John's Chapel 
   Groton School 
HAVERHILL                     : USA - MA     chime
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
HINGHAM                       : USA - MA     ring/chime
   Hingham Memorial Bell Tower
HOLYOKE - HC                  : USA - MA     chime
   Holy Cross Catholic Church 
HOLYOKE - SH                  : USA - MA     chime
   Our Lady of Guadelupe Church (RC)
   (was Church of the Sacred Heart) 
HOLYOKE - STJ                 : USA - MA     tubular 
   St.Jerome's Catholic Church 
HOPEDALE                      : USA - MA     chime
   Hopedale Unitarian Church 
HYANNIS                       : USA - MA     non-trad
   Christmas Tree Shop 
HYDE PARK                     : USA - MA     chime
   Church of the Most Precious Blood (RC)
LAWRENCE                      : USA - MA     chime
   St.Mary of the Assumption RC Church
LENOX                         : USA - MA     tubular 
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
LOWELL - STA                  : USA - MA     chime
   St.Anne's Episcopal Church 
LOWELL - STP                  : USA - MA     chime
   St.Patrick's RC Church 
LYNN                          : USA - MA     chime
   St.Stephen's Memorial Episcopal Church 
MALDEN                        : USA - MA     chime
   First Baptist Church of Malden (ABC)
MEDFORD - G                   : USA - MA     chime
   Grace Episcopal Church 
MEDFORD - STJ                 : USA - MA     chime
   St.Joseph's RC Church 
MEDFORD - TU                  : USA - MA     non-trad
   Bowen-Tilton Memorial Carillon
   Goddard Chapel 
   Tufts University 
METHUEN                       : USA - MA     tubular 
   New Hope Primitive Methodist Church 
     (was St.George's Primitive Methodist)
MILTON                        : USA - MA     chime
   St.Agatha's RC Church 
MOUNT HERMON                  : USA - MA     non-trad
   McRoberts Memorial Carillon
   The Rhodes Center for the Arts
   Northfield Mount Hermon School 
NEW BEDFORD - G               : USA - MA     chime
   Grace Episcopal Church 
NEW BEDFORD - STL             : USA - MA     chime
   St.Lawrence Martyr RC Church 
NEWTON - G                    : USA - MA     chime
   The Eldridge Chime
   Grace Episcopal Church 
NEWTON                        : USA - MA
   *See also   WEST NEWTON
NEWTON CENTER                 : USA - MA     chime
   "America" Tower 
   First Baptist Church in Newton (ABC)
NORTH ADAMS - STF             : USA - MA     chime
   St.Francis of Assisi Catholic Church 
NORTH ADAMS - STJ             : USA - MA     tubular 
   All Saints Episcopal Church
     (was St.John's Episcopal Church)
NORTH ANDOVER                 : USA - MA     non-trad
   First-Calvary Baptist Church (ABC)
NORTH ATTLEBORO               : USA - MA     chime
   St.Mary of the Immaculate Conception 
     RC Church 
NORTHAMPTON - 1               : USA - MA     trad
   Dorothea Carlile Carillon
   College Hall Tower
   Smith College
NORTHAMPTON - 2               : USA - MA     ring
   Mendenhall Center for the Performing Arts 
   Smith College 
NORWOOD                       : USA - MA     trad
   Walter F. Tilton Memorial Carillon
   Norwood Memorial Municipal Building
     (Soldiers Memorial, WW I)
ORLEANS                       : USA - MA     ring
   Church of The Transfiguration
   The Community of Jesus (Benedictine)
PALMER                        : USA - MA     tubular 
   Second Congregational Church (UCC) 
PLYMOUTH                      : USA - MA     chime
   Christ Episcopal Church 
ROXBURY                       : USA - MA     chime
   Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help 
     (Roman Catholic Mission Church)
SALEM                         : USA - MA     chime
   St.Peter's Episcopal Church 
SCITUATE                      : USA - MA     chime
   The Lawson Tower 
   (originally Observatory Tower, 
     Dreamwold, Egypt) 
SOMERVILLE                    : USA - MA     chime
   Mission Church of Christ
   (originally Unitarian Universalist)
SPRINGFIELD -- CT             : USA - MA     chime
   Clock Tower 
SPRINGFIELD - HPC             : USA - MA     trad
   Hillcrest Park Cemetery
SPRINGFIELD - TM              : USA - MA     trad
   Trinity Singing Tower
   Trinity United Methodist Church
STOCKBRIDGE                   : USA - MA     chime
   Dudley Field Memorial Tower 
   (also called "Children's Chime Tower") 
STONEHAM                      : USA - MA     tubular
   St.James United Methodist Church 
TAUNTON - STM                 : USA - MA     tubular 
   St.Mary's Catholic Church 
WAKEFIELD                     : USA - MA     tubular 
   First Parish Congregational Church (UCC)
WALTHAM                       : USA - MA     chime
   Beth Eden Baptist Church (ABC)
WATERTOWN - PIB               : USA - MA     ring
   Perkins Institute for the Blind 
WATERTOWN - STJ               : USA - MA     chime
   St.John's United Methodist Church 
WELLESLEY                     : USA - MA     trad
   Galen L. Stone Tower
   Green Hall
   Wellesley College
WEST NEWTON                   : USA - MA     chime
   First Unitarian Church
WILLIAMSTOWN                  : USA - MA     chime
   Thompson Memorial Chapel (UCC) 
   Williams College 
WINCHESTER - B                : USA - MA     tubular 
   First Baptist Church (ABC) 
WINCHESTER - U                : USA - MA     chime
   Unitarian Church of Winchester 
   (First Unitarian Church) 
ALLENDALE                     : USA - MI     trad
   Cook Carillon
   Cook Carillon Tower 
   Grand Valley State University 
ANN ARBOR - K                 : USA - MI     chime
   Kerrytown Chime 
   Kerrytown Shops 
ANN ARBOR - UM/1              : USA - MI     trad
   Charles Baird Carillon
   Marion Leroy Burton Memorial Tower
   Main Campus
   University of Michigan
ANN ARBOR - UM/2              : USA - MI     trad
   Ann & Robert H. Lurie Carillon
   North Campus 
   University of Michigan
BAY CITY                      : USA - MI     tubular 
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
BENTON HARBOR                 : USA - MI     chime
   First Congregational Church (UCC)
BIRMINGHAM --                 : USA - MI     non-trad
   St.James Episcopal Church 
BLOOMFIELD HILLS - BSL        : USA - MI     non-trad
   Beautiful Savior Luth. Church (ELCA)
     (also "Saviour")
BLOOMFIELD HILLS - CCC        : USA - MI     trad
   The Wallace Carillon
   Christ Church Cranbrook 
BLOOMFIELD HILLS - KH/1       : USA - MI     trad
   The Tower of the Apostles 
   Kirk in the Hills (Presbyterian/PCUSA) 
BLOOMFIELD HILLS - KH/2       : USA - MI     chime
   The Children's Bells of Blessing
   Kirk in the Hills (Presbyterian/PCUSA) 
BLOOMFIELD HILLS - STH        : USA - MI     trad
   St.Hugo of the Hills Catholic Church 
DETROIT - APC                 : USA - MI     tubular 
   Acacia Park Cemetery  (Beverly Hills)
DETROIT - CC                  : USA - MI     chime
   Christ Church Detroit (Episcopal) 
   (also called Old Christ Church)
DETROIT - CPB                 : USA - MI     chime
   St.Peter Claver Catholic Community
   (was Church of the Precious Blood)
DETROIT - DS                  : USA - MI     tubular 
   Word of Faith Int'l Christian Center
     (formerly Duns Scotus College)
DETROIT - FS                  : USA - MI     tubular
   Fort Street Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
DETROIT - HR                  : USA - MI     chime
   Holy Redeemer RC Church 
DETROIT - JAPC                : USA - MI     trad
   Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church 
DETROIT - MML                 : USA - MI     tubular 
   GVSU Detroit Center 
     (was Michigan Mutual Liability Company)
DETROIT - OLR                 : USA - MI     tubular 
   Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church 
DETROIT - PMC                 : USA - MI     tubular
   Park View Memorial Cemetery 
   See TOLEDO - C             : USA - OH     tubular
DETROIT - STAN                : USA - MI     chime
   Basilica of Ste.Anne de Detroit
DETROIT - STH                 : USA - MI     tubular 
   St.Hedwig's Catholic Church 
DETROIT - STMR                : USA - MI     trad
   St.Mary of Redford Catholic Church 
DETROIT - STPP                : USA - MI     chime
   SS.Peter & Paul RC Church 
DETROIT - STS                 : USA - MI     chime
   St.Stephen's (Polish) Catholic School 
DETROIT - STT                 : USA - MI     tubular 
   St.Theresa of Avila RC Church 
DETROIT - TE                  : USA - MI     chime
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
DETROIT - TL                  : USA - MI     chime
   Historic Trinity Lutheran Church (LCMS)
EAST LANSING                  : USA - MI     trad
   Beaumont Tower 
   Michigan State University 
ESCANABA                      : USA - MI     tubular 
   Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church 
FLINT - FB                    : USA - MI     chime
   Woodside Church (ABC/UCC) 
   (First Baptist Church of Flint) 
FLINT - FP                    : USA - MI     chime
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
FLINT - GMI                   : USA - MI     non-trad
   Alumni Tower 
   Kettering University 
   (formerly General Motors Institute) 
FLINT - SHM                   : USA - MI     tubular 
   Sunset Mausoleum
   Sunset Hills Cemetery
FRANKENMUTH                   : USA - MI     non-trad
   Glockenspiel Tower 
   Bavarian Inn 
GAYLORD                       : USA - MI     non-trad
   Glen's Markets
   Alpine Village 
GRAND RAPIDS - GVSU           : USA - MI     trad
   Beckering Family Carillon Tower
   DeVos Center
   Grand Valley State University 
GRAND RAPIDS - F              : USA - MI     chime
   Fountain Street Church (non-denom.) 
   (was Fountain Street Baptist Church)
GRAND RAPIDS - STA            : USA - MI     chime
   Cathedral of St.Andrew (RC) 
GROSSE POINTE FARMS - CC      : USA - MI     trad
   Christ Church 
   Memorial Tower 
   The Grosse Pointe Memorial Church 
GROSSE POINTE FARMS - J       : USA - MI     chime
   Joy Bells Park
HIGHLAND PARK                 : USA - MI     tubular 
   Trinity United Methodist Church 
HOLLAND - DV                  : USA - MI     non-trad
   Bell Tower building
   Nelis' Dutch Village
HOLLAND - HC                  : USA - MI     tubular 
   Dimnent Memorial Chapel 
     (originally Memorial Chapel) 
   Hope College 
HOWELL                        : USA - MI     chime
   St.Alexander Nevsky Church 
JACKSON                       : USA - MI     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church 
KALAMAZOO - KC                : USA - MI     ring
   Stetson Chapel 
   Kalamazoo College 
KALAMAZOO - STL               : USA - MI     tubular 
   St.Luke's Episcopal Church 
LAKE ORION                    : USA - MI     non-trad
   Olde World Canterbury Village 
LANSING - C                   : USA - MI     trad
   Christopher Hansen Memorial Carillon
   Central United Methodist Church 
LAPEER                        : USA - MI     chime
   Immaculate Conception of the Blessed 
     Virgin Mary Catholic Church 
MANISTEE                      : USA - MI     chime
   Guardian Angels RC Church 
MIDLAND - P                   : USA - MI     chime
   The Bertha E. R. Strosacker Memorial
     Presbyterian Church
MIDLAND - S                   : USA - MI     chime
   Santa House 
MUSKEGON                      : USA - MI     tubular 
   Bethany Christian Reformed Church 
PONTIAC                       : USA - MI     tubular 
   All Saints Episcopal Church 
ROCHESTER                     : USA - MI     trad
   Elliott Carillon Tower
   Oakland University
SAINT JOHNS                   : USA - MI     chime
   First Methodist Church 
SAULT SAINTE MARIE            : USA - MI     chime
   St.James' Episcopal Church 
WYANDOTTE                     : USA - MI     tubular 
   First Congregational Church 
FARIBAULT - OMS               : USA - MN     chime
   Bishop Whipple Memorial Chime
   Bishop Whipple Memorial Tower 
   Cathedral of Our Merciful Saviour (Episcopal)
MINNEAPOLIS - BS              : USA - MN     non-trad
   Chapel of the Holy Spirit 
   Breck School 
MINNEAPOLIS - C               : USA - MN     chime
   Minneapolis City Hall -
     Hennepin County Courthouse
MINNEAPOLIS - CL              : USA - MN     trad
   Central Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
MINNEAPOLIS - N               : USA - MN     tubular 
   Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church 
MINNEAPOLIS - NHCC            : USA - MN     non-trad
   North Hennepin Community College 
   (formerly N. Hennepin Junior College) 
MINNEAPOLIS - SMP             : USA - MN     tubular
   Tower of Memories
   Sunset Memorial Park
MINNEAPOLIS - STM             : USA - MN     non-trad
   St.Mark's Episcopal Cathedral 
MINNEAPOLIS - STO             : USA - MN     chime
   Church of St.Olaf (RC) 
   (formerly Church of the Redeemer, Universalist) 
Minneapolis                   : USA - MN     great
   Westminster Presbyterian Church
NEW ULM                       : USA - MN     non-trad
   Ted Schonlau Memorial Carillon
   Schonlau Park Plaza 
ROCHESTER                     : USA - MN     trad
   The Rochester Carillon
   Plummer Building
   Mayo Clinic
SAINT PAUL - FS               : USA - MN     tubular 
   Fort Snelling Chapel 
   Fort Snelling State Park 
SAINT PAUL - HC               : USA - MN     chime
   Holy Childhood RC Church 
SAINT PAUL - HHPC             : USA - MN     trad
   Noyes Memorial Carillon
   House of Hope Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
SAINT PAUL - STL              : USA - MN     non-trad
   Church of St.Louis, King of France
   "The Little French Church"
STILLWATER                    : USA - MN     chime
   St.Michael's RC Church 
WINONA                        : USA - MN     chime
   Central United Methodist Church 
JACKSON                       : USA - MS     chime
   St.Andrew's Episcopal Cathedral 
MCCOMB                        : USA - MS     tubular 
   J.J.White Memorial Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
MERIDIAN                      : USA - MS     tubular 
   Central United Methodist Church 
OXFORD                        : USA - MS     non-trad
   Peddle Bell Tower 
   Paris-Yates Chapel 
   The University of Mississippi 
VICKSBURG                     : USA - MS     chime
   St.Paul Catholic Church 
INDEPENDENCE                  : USA - MO     chime
   First Presbyterian Church 
KANSAS CITY - IB              : USA - MO     chime
   Independence Boulevard Christian Church
     (Disciples of Christ) 
KANSAS CITY - IC              : USA - MO     chime
   Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception 
     (Roman Catholic)
KANSAS CITY - LP              : USA - MO     tubular 
   Linwood Presbyterian Church (closed) 
KANSAS CITY - SP              : USA - MO     tubular 
   Second Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
KANSAS CITY - STJ             : USA - MO     tubular 
   St.James Catholic Church 
KANSAS CITY - STP             : USA - MO     tubular 
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
KANSAS CITY - TM              : USA - MO     tubular 
   Trinity United Methodist Church 
KANSAS CITY - V               : USA - MO     chime
   Visitation of the Blessed Virgin RC Church
MOBERLY                       : USA - MO     tubular 
   First Baptist Church (SBC) 
POINT LOOKOUT                 : USA - MO     tubular 
   Williams Memorial Chapel 
   College of the Ozarks 
RIVERSIDE                     : USA - MO     coll
   Red-X General Store 
SAINT LOUIS - CS              : USA - MO     trad
   Luther Tower 
   Concordia Seminary 
SAINT LOUIS - G               : USA - MO     tubular 
   Grace United Methodist Church 
SAINT LOUIS - PCC             : USA - MO     chime
   Pilgrim Congregational Church (UCC)
SAINT LOUIS - STJM            : USA - MO     tubular 
   St.John's United Methodist Church 
SAINT LOUIS - STJU            : USA - MO     tubular 
   Saint John's United Church of Christ 
SAINT LOUIS - STM             : USA - MO     tubular 
   St.Margaret of Scotland RC Church 
SAINT LOUIS - Z               : USA - MO     chime
   Zion Lutheran Church (LCMS)
SPRINGFIELD -- SMS            : USA - MO     trad
   Jane A. Meyer Carillon
   Duane G. Meyer Library 
   Southwest Missouri State University 
DEER LODGE                    : USA - MT     tubular 
   Immaculate Conception Catholic Church 
HELENA                        : USA - MT     chime
   St.Helena's RC Cathedral 
MISSOULA                      : USA - MT     trad
   Ellis Tower 
   Main Hall 
   University of Montana 
COLUMBUS                      : USA - NE     chime
   Columbus Quincentenary Belltower 
   Pawnee Park 
GERING                        : USA - NE     non-trad
   Dwight Palmer Griswold Memorial 
HASTINGS - FM                 : USA - NE     chime
   First United Methodist Church 
HASTINGS - HC                 : USA - NE     coll
   (in storage)
   Hastings College
KEARNEY                       : USA - NE     non-trad
   Kearney State College
     Mem'l Carillon Tower
   Univ. of Nebraska at Kearney
LINCOLN - FP/1                : USA - NE     trad
   Tower carillon
   First-Plymouth Congregational Church 
LINCOLN - FP/2                : USA - NE     non-trad
   Chamber carillon (indoors)
   First-Plymouth Congregational Church 
LINCOLN - STP                 : USA - NE     chime
   McKinley Memorial Chime
   St.Paul United Methodist Church 
OMAHA - T                     : USA - NE     chime
   Trinity Cathedral (Episcopal) 
OMAHA - UNO                   : USA - NE     trad
   Henningson Memorial Campanile
   University of Nebraska at Omaha 
SEWARD                        : USA - NE     tubular 
   Seward County Courthouse 
LAS VEGAS                     : USA - NV     non-trad
   Smith Center for the Performing Arts
RENO                          : USA - NV     non-trad
   Bonnie Jean Richardson Carillon
   Trinity Episcopal Church
New Hampshire
ALSTEAD                       : USA - NH     chime
   Vilas Pool Recreational Area 
   (former estate of Chas. N. Vilas) 
CONCORD - C                   : USA - NH     chime
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
CONCORD - FC                  : USA - NH     tubular
   First Church of Christ, Scientist
CONCORD - S                   : USA - NH     trad
   Houghton Memorial Carillon
   Chapel of St.Peter and St.Paul 
   St.Paul's School 
DOVER                         : USA - NH     chime
   St.John's United Methodist Church 
HANOVER                       : USA - NH     chime
   Baker Memorial Library 
   Dartmouth College 
LANCASTER                     : USA - NH     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church 
MANCHESTER                    : USA - NH     chime
   Governor Frederick Smythe Chimes
   Brookside Congregational Church (UCC) 
   (was Franklin Street Cong. Church)
MILFORD                       : USA - NH     chime
   First Congregational Church (UCC)
NASHUA - FC                   : USA - NH     chime
   Mary Park Nutt Memorial Chime
   The First Church, Congregational (UCC)
NASHUA - STP                  : USA - NH     chime
   St.Patrick's Catholic Church 
PETERBOROUGH                  : USA - NH     chime
   All Saints Episcopal Church 
PORTSMOUTH                    : USA - NH     chime
   Christ Episcopal Church
WINDHAM - S                   : USA - NH     tubular 
   Searles School and Chapel 
New Jersey
ATLANTIC CITY - FP            : USA - NJ     chime
   First United Presbyterian Church 
BRIDGETON                     : USA - NJ     chime
   Central United Methodist Church 
BURLINGTON                    : USA - NJ     ring
   St.Mary's Episcopal Church
CAMDEN                        : USA - NJ    (chime)
   First Methodist Church
   *See  OCEAN CITY           : USA - NJ  chime
CAMDEN - V                    : USA - NJ  
   Victor Talking Machine Company 
COLLINGSWOOD                  : USA - NJ     tubular 
   Collingswood Presbyterian Church
DOVER                         : USA - NJ     chime
   First Memorial Presbyterian Church 
EAST ORANGE                   : USA - NJ     chime
   Our Lady Help of Christians Church 
ELIZABETH                     : USA - NJ     chime
   St.Patrick's Roman Catholic Church 
ENGLEWOOD                     : USA - NJ     chime
   St.Cecilia's RC Church 
GLOUCESTER CITY               : USA - NJ     chime
   St.Mary's Catholic Church 
HACKENSACK                    : USA - NJ     tubular 
   Christ Episcopal Church 
HARRISON                      : USA - NJ     chime
   Holy Cross Catholic Church 
Hoboken                       : USA - NJ     great
JERSEY CITY - STA             : USA - NJ     chime
   St.Aedan's Catholic Church 
JERSEY CITY - STJ             : USA - NJ     chime
   St.John the Baptist RC Church
JERSEY CITY - STPT            : USA - NJ     chime
   St.Patrick's Catholic Church 
LAKEWOOD                      : USA - NJ     non-trad
   Winkelmann's Restaurant 
LAWRENCEVILLE                 : USA - NJ     tubular 
   Edith Memorial Chapel 
   Lawrenceville School 
MERCHANTVILLE                 : USA - NJ     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church 
MOORESTOWN                    : USA - NJ     tubular 
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
MORRISTOWN                    : USA - NJ     trad
   St.Peter's Episcopal Church 
NEW BRUNSWICK - S             : USA - NJ     non-trad
   Charavay Memorial Carillon
   New Brunswick Theological Seminary 
     (Dutch Reformed) 
NEW BRUNSWICK - STP           : USA - NJ     chime
   St.Peter the Apostle Catholic Church 
NEWARK - BSC                  : USA - NJ     chimola
   Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church 
NEWARK - CBSH                 : USA - NJ     chime
   Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart 
NEWARK - SHC                  : USA - NJ     chime
   Sacred Heart RC Church (Vailsburg) 
NEWARK - STA                  : USA - NJ     chime
   St.Aloysius' Catholic Church 
NEWARK - STJO                 : USA - NJ     chime
   St.John's Catholic Church 
NEWARK - STP                  : USA - NJ     chime
   St.Patrick's Pro-Cathedral (RC) 
Newark                        : USA - NJ     great
OCEAN CITY - T                : USA - NJ     chime
   Ocean City Tabernacle
ORANGE - OV                   : USA - NJ     chime
   Love of Jesus Family Church
   (was Orange Valley Congregational Church,
     later Highland Avenue Cong.Church)
ORANGE - STJ                  : USA - NJ     chime
   St.John the Evangelist Catholic Church 
PATERSON - STJ                : USA - NJ     chime
   Cathedral of St.John the Baptist (RC) 
PATERSON - STMA               : USA - NJ     tubular 
   St.Mark's Episcopal Church 
PATERSON - STMI               : USA - NJ     chime
   St.Michael's Russian Orthodox Church 
      (or Cathedral)  (ROCOR) 
PERTH AMBOY                   : USA - NJ     chime
   Simpson United Methodist Church 
PLAINFIELD                    : USA - NJ     trad
   Pittis Carillon
   Grace Episcopal Church 
PRINCETON - PU                : USA - NJ     trad
   The Class of 1892 Bells
   Grover Cleveland Tower 
   Graduate College 
   Princeton University 
PRINCETON - T                 : USA - NJ     chime
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
RED BANK                      : USA - NJ     chime
   St.James' Catholic Church 
RUMSON                        : USA - NJ     trad
   St.George's-by-the-River Episcopal Church 
TENAFLY                       : USA - NJ    (chime)
   Jno.S.Lyle Memorial Tower
   *See  ENGLEWOOD            : USA - NJ     chime
TRENTON                       : USA - NJ     chime
   St.Mary's Cathedral (RC) 
   (St.Mary of the Assumption) 
   (formerly St.Mary's Church) 
UPPER MONTCLAIR - PC          : USA - NJ     chime
   The Presbyterian Church of 
     Upper Montclair (PCUSA) 
UPPER MONTCLAIR - STJ         : USA - NJ     chime
   St.James Episcopal Church 
VINELAND                      : USA - NJ     chime
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
WEST NEW YORK                 : USA - NJ     chime
   St.Joseph of the Palisades RC Church
WEST ORANGE                   : USA - NJ     tubular 
   St.Mark's Church
WILDWOOD                      : USA - NJ     chime
   Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 
     Catholic Church 
New York
NOTE: New York City is divided into five boroughs, which are individually listed here as follows:
  Manhattan = NEW YORK
  Bronx = BRONX
  Brooklyn = BROOKLYN
  Staten Island = STATEN ISLAND
ALBANY - IC                   : USA - NY     chime
   Immaculate Conception Cathedral (RC) 
ALBANY - CH                   : USA - NY     trad
   City Hall 
ALBANY - STJ                  : USA - NY     chime
   St.Joseph's RC Church 
ALBANY - STM                  : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Mary's Catholic Church 
ALBANY - STP                  : USA - NY     chime
   St.Peter's Episcopal Church 
ALBION                        : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Joseph's Catholic Church 
ALFRED                        : USA - NY     trad
   Davis Memorial Carillon
   Alfred University 
AMSTERDAM                     : USA - NY     chime
   St.Mary's RC Church 
ASTORIA                       : USA - NY     chime
   Episcopal Church of the Redeemer 
AUBURN                        : USA - NY     chime
   Episcopal Church of SS.Peter & John 
     (was St.Peter's Episcopal Church) 
AURORA                        : USA - NY     chime
   Main Hall 
   Wells College 
BINGHAMTON - C                : USA - NY     chime
   Christ Episcopal Church 
BINGHAMTON - H                : USA - NY     tubular 
   High Street United Methodist Church 
BREWSTER                      : USA - NY     ring
   St.Cuthbert's Chapel
   Melrose School (Episcopal)
BRIARCLIFF MANOR              : USA - NY  
   *See  SCARBOROUGH          : USA - NY     chime
BRONX - OLM                   : USA - NY     chime
   (unknown, elsewhere)
   was at Our Lady of Mercy School
BRONX - STLM                  : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Anselm's Catholic Church 
BRONX - STPE                  : USA - NY     chime
   St.Peter's Episcopal Church 
BRONX - STPL                  : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Peter's in the Bronx Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
BRONX - STR                   : USA - NY     chime
   St.Rita of Cascia Shrine Church (RC) 
BRONXVILLE - BRC              : USA - NY     chime
   The Reformed Church of Bronxville 
     (Dutch Reformed Church) 
BRONXVILLE - VLC              : USA - NY     non-trad
   Wyman Memorial Carillon
   Village Lutheran Church (LCMS)
BROOKLYN - BSC                : USA - NY     chime
   Blessed Sacrament RC Church 
BROOKLYN - FP                 : USA - NY     tubular 
   Flatbush United Presbyterian Church 
BROOKLYN - HI                 : USA - NY     tubular 
   Church of the Holy Innocents 
BROOKLYN - OLGC               : USA - NY     chime
   Our Lady of Good Counsel Church (RC)
BROOKLYN - RDC                : USA - NY     chime
   Flatbush Reformed Church 
   (originally Reformed Dutch Church) 
BROOKLYN - STAE               : USA - NY     chime
   Middle School Building
   (was St.Ann's Episcopal Church)
   Packer Collegiate Institute
BROOKLYN - STAI               : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Augustine Catholic Church 
BROOKLYN - STBA               : USA - NY     chimola
   St.Bartholomew's Episcopal Church 
BROOKLYN - STBR               : USA - NY     chime
   St.Brigid's Catholic Church 
BROOKLYN - STFA               : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Francis of Assisi Church 
BROOKLYN - STFX               : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Francis Xavier Catholic Church 
BROOKLYN - STMK               : USA - NY     chime
   St.Mark's Evang. Lutheran Church (LCMS)
BROOKLYN - STMY               : USA - NY     chime
   St.Mary's Catholic Church
   (St.Mary's Star of the Sea)
BROOKLYN - STP                : USA - NY     chime
   St.Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church
     (ELCA; was once called 
     1st Ger.Ev.Luth. St.Peter's Church)
BROOKLYN - STR                : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Rosalia's Church 
BROOKLYN - STTE               : USA - NY     chime
   St.Teresa of Avila Catholic Church 
BROOKLYN - STTH               : USA - NY     chimola
   St.Thomas' Episcopal Church 
BUFFALO - A                   : USA - NY     chime
   Assumption of the BVM Catholic Church 
   (was Assumption Polish Cath. Church) 
BUFFALO                       : USA - NY     chime
   St.Mary's Catholic Church
   *See  WARREN               : USA - PA     chime
BUFFALO - FL                  : USA - NY     chime
   Forest Lawn Cemetery
BUFFALO - STM                 : USA - NY     chime
   St.Michael's Catholic Church
BUFFALO - STP                 : USA - NY     chime
   St.Paul's Episcopal Cathedral 
   (originally St.Paul's Episcopal Church)
CAMBRIDGE                     : USA - NY     chime
   New Skete Monastery (Eastern Orthodox) 
CANAJOHARIE                   : USA - NY     chime
   Canajoharie United Methodist Church 
   (originally First Methodist Church) 
CANTON                        : USA - NY     chime
   Bacheller Memorial Chimes
   Gunnison Memorial Chapel 
   St.Lawrence University 
CHAPPAQUA                     : USA - NY     chime
   Episcopal Church of St.Mary the Virgin 
CHAUTAUQUA                    : USA - NY     chime
   Miller Bell Tower 
   Chautauqua Institution 
CHAZY                         : USA - NY     tubular 
   Chazy Central Rural School 
CLIFTON                       : USA - NY   
   St.John PE Church 
   *See STATEN ISLAND         : USA - NY     chime
COHOES - STA                  : USA - NY     chime
   St.Agnes RC Church 
COOPERSTOWN                   : USA - NY     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church 
CROTON-ON-HUDSON              : USA - NY     tubular 
   Holy Name of Mary Church 
DIAMOND POINT                 : USA - NY     chime
   Diamond Point Community Church 
ELMIRA                        : USA - NY     tubular 
   The Park Church, UCC 
     (was First Congregational Church) 
ENDICOTT                      : USA - NY     chime
   First United Methodist Church 
FOREST HILLS                  : USA - NY     tubular
   The Church-in-the-Gardens (Congreg.)
GARDEN CITY                   : USA - NY     chime
   Episcopal Cathedral of the Incarnation 
GENEVA                        : USA - NY     chime
   St.Peter's Memorial Episcopal Church 
GLOVERSVILLE - FC             : USA - NY     chime
   First Congregational Church (UCC)
GLOVERSVILLE - OLMC           : USA - NY     chime
   Our Lady of Mt.Carmel Church (RC)
GREAT NECK                    : USA - NY     chime
   All Saints' Episcopal Church 
HAVERSTRAW                    : USA - NY     chime
   St.Peter's Catholic Church 
HEWLETT                       : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Joseph's Catholic Church 
HONEOYE FALLS                 : USA - NY     chime
   St.John's Episcopal Church 
HOOSICK FALLS                 : USA - NY     chime
   St.Mark's Episcopal Church 
HUDSON FALLS                  : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Mary's Catholic Church 
ILION                         : USA - NY     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
ITHACA                        : USA - NY     chime
   The Cornell Chimes
   McGraw Tower 
   Uris Library (formerly Main Library) 
   Cornell University 
JAMESTOWN                     : USA - NY     chime
   St.Luke's Episcopal Church 
JOHNSON CITY                  : USA - NY     chime
   St.James' Catholic Church 
JOHNSTOWN                     : USA - NY     chime
   1st Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
JORDANVILLE - 1               : USA - NY     zvon
   Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Monastery (ROCOR) 
JORDANVILLE - 2               : USA - NY     zvon/great
   Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Monastery (ROCOR) 
KINGSTON                      : USA - NY     chime
   Evangelical Lutheran Church of the
     Redeemer (ELCA) 
LARCHMONT - KKH               : USA - NY     chime
   King-Kerr House
LARCHMONT - STA               : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Augustine's Catholic Church 
LARCHMONT - STJ               : USA - NY     chime
   St.John's Episcopal Church 
LE ROY                        : USA - NY     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church 
LITTLE FALLS                  : USA - NY     chime
   Holy Family Parish 
   (formerly St.Mary RC Church) 
MALONE                        : USA - NY     chime
   Howard Memorial Chimes
   First Congregational Church (UCC) 
MAMARONECK                    : USA - NY     chime
   St.Thomas Episcopal Church 
MIDDLETOWN --                 : USA - NY     chime
   St.Joseph's Catholic Church 
MOUNT VERNON                  : USA - NY     tubular 
   The Bible Church of Christ
     (was First United Methodist Church)
NANUET                        : USA - NY     zvon
   Novo-Diveevo Russian Orthodox Convent
NEW YORK - A                  : USA - NY     chime
   Episcopal Church of the Ascension
NEW YORK - CP                 : USA - NY     non-trad
   The James D. Johnson Bells
   The DeVos Memorial Bell Tower
   Central Presbyterian Church
NEW YORK - G                  : USA - NY     chime
   Grace Episcopal Church 
NEW YORK - GS                 : USA - NY     tubular 
   General Theological Seminary of 
     The Episcopal Church 
NEW YORK - HR                 : USA - NY     chime
   Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church 
NEW YORK - HTC                : USA - NY     chime
   The Church of the Holy Trinity (Episc.)
NEW YORK - IC                 : USA - NY     chime
   Immaculate Conception RC Church 
   (formerly Grace Chapel, Episcopal) 
NEW YORK - OLP                : USA - NY     tubular 
   Our Lady of Pompeii Catholic Church 
NEW YORK - RC                 : USA - NY     trad
   Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Carillon
   Riverside Church (interdenominational: ABC/UCC) 
NEW YORK - STAL               : USA - NY     chime
   St.Aloysius Church 
NEW YORK - STAN               : USA - NY     chime
   The Seguin Chimes
   St.Andrew's Episcopal Church 
NEW YORK - STJS               : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Joseph's Church 
NEW YORK - STM                : USA - NY     trad
   St.Martin's Episcopal Church
NEW YORK - STMI               : USA - NY     chime
   St.Michael's Episcopal Church 
NEW YORK - STPA               : USA - NY     chime
   St.Patrick's Cathedral (RC)
NEW YORK - STT                : USA - NY     trad
   St.Thomas Church (Episcopal)
NEW YORK - TC/1               : USA - NY     ring/chime
   Trinity Parish Church (Episcopal) 
NEW YORK - TC/2               : USA - NY     ring
   Trinity Parish Church (Episcopal)
New York                      : USA - NY     great
   City Hall
NEWBURGH                      : USA - NY     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church
     (was Trinity Methodist Episcopal Ch)
NIAGARA FALLS - Z             : USA - NY     chime
   Zion Lutheran Church (ELCA)
NYACK                         : USA - NY     zvon
   Holy Virgin Protection Church (Russian Orthodox - ROCOR) 
OLEAN                         : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Mary of the Angels Catholic Church 
ONEIDA                        : USA - NY     tubular 
   First Methodist Church 
OWEGO                         : USA - NY     chime
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
PLATTSBURGH - STJ             : USA - NY     chime
   St.John the Baptist RC Church
PORT JERVIS                   : USA - NY     chime
   The Memorial Chimes
   Deerpark Reformed Church (RCA)
PORT WASHINGTON               : USA - NY     tubular 
   Nassau Knowles Cemetery 
POUGHKEEPSIE - D              : USA - NY     tubular 
   Dutch Reformed Church 
POUGHKEEPSIE - V              : USA - NY     tubular 
   Vassar College 
RIDGEWOOD                     : USA - NY     chime
   St.Aloysius Catholic Church 
ROCHESTER - A                 : USA - NY     ring
   Church of the Ascension (Episcopal)
ROCHESTER - CRDS              : USA - NY     chime
   Colgate Rochester Crozer 
     Divinity School (Baptist)
ROCHESTER - SE                : USA - NY     tubular 
   Salem United Church of Christ
     (was Salem Evangelical Church)
ROCHESTER - STMI              : USA - NY     chime
   St.Michael's Catholic Church 
ROCHESTER - STMY              : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Mary's Catholic Church 
ROCHESTER - STP               : USA - NY     chime
   SS.Peter & Paul Catholic Church 
ROCHESTER - TP                : USA - NY     chime
   Third Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
ROCHESTER - UR                : USA - NY     trad
   Hopeman Memorial Carillon
   Rush Rhees Library
   River Campus
   University of Rochester 
ROCKVILLE CENTRE              : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Mark's United Methodist Church 
ROME - FB                     : USA - NY     chime
   1st Baptist Church (ABC)
ROME - STP                    : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Peter's Catholic Church 
ROSLYN                        : USA - NY     tubular  
   Residence of Arthur Williams 
RYE                           : USA - NY     tubular 
   Christ's Church (Episcopal) 
SACKETS HARBOR                : USA - NY     chime
   The Dewitt C. Hay Memorial Tower and Library
   United Presbyterian Church 
SAINT JOHNSVILLE              : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.John's Reformed Church 
SCARBOROUGH                   : USA - NY     chime
   St.Mary's Episcopal Church 
SCHENECTADY - STJ             : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.John the Evangelist Catholic Church 
SCHENECTADY - UC              : USA - NY     chimola
   Memorial Chapel Cupola 
   Union College 
STATEN ISLAND - STJ           : USA - NY     chime
   St.John's Episcopal Church 
STATEN ISLAND - STP           : USA - NY     chime
   St.Peter's Catholic Church 
SYRACUSE - SU                 : USA - NY     chime
   Crouse College Chime
   Crouse College 
   Syracuse University 
TARRYTOWN                     : USA - NY     tubular 
   Sleepy Hollow Cemetery 
TROY - A                      : USA - NY     chime
   Mount Ida Preservation Hall
   (was Episcopal Church of the Ascension)
TROY - STJOH                  : USA - NY     chime
   St.John's Episcopal Church 
TROY - STJOS                  : USA - NY     chime
   St.Joseph Catholic Church 
TROY - STPA                   : USA - NY     chime
   St.Patrick's Catholic Church 
TROY - STPE                   : USA - NY     chime
   St.Peter's Catholic Church 
TROY - W                      : USA - NY     chime
   Contemporary Artists Center
   (was Woodside Presbyterian Church)
UTICA - FN                    : USA - NY     tubular 
   First National Bank Building 
UTICA - G                     : USA - NY     chime
   Grace Episcopal Church 
UTICA - STJ                   : USA - NY     chime
   St.John's RC Church 
UTICA - STP                   : USA - NY     chime
   St.Joseph & St.Patrick RC Church 
UTICA - STPE                  : USA - NY     tubular 
   St.Peter's Catholic Church 
WAPPINGERS FALLS              : USA - NY     chime
   Zion Episcopal Church 
WATERFORD                     : USA - NY     chime
   The Kavanaugh Chime
   Grace Episcopal Church 
WATERTOWN --                  : USA - NY     chime
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
WATERVILLE                    : USA - NY     chime
   Sanger Lodge Masonic Temple
WATERVLIET                    : USA - NY     chimola
   Watervliet Historical Society
   relocated from Bangor PA in 2006,
   then from Fulton County NY in 2013
WATERVILLE                    : USA - NY     chime
   Sanger Lodge Masonic Temple
WEST POINT                    : USA - NY     chime
   The Cadet Chapel 
   United States Military Academy 
WILLIAMSVILLE                 : USA - NY     trad
   The Niederlander Carillon
   Calvary Episcopal Church 
YONKERS - IC                  : USA - NY     chime
   Immaculate Conception (St.Mary's) 
     Catholic Church 
YONKERS - STA                 : USA - NY     chime
   St.Andrew's Memorial Episcopal Church / 
     Iglesia San Andres 
YONKERS - STP                 : USA - NY     non-trad
   Faith Church
     (was St.Paul's Episcopal Church)
North Carolina
ASHEVILLE                     : USA - NC     tubular 
   World War I Memorial
   City Hall 
BELMONT - FPC                 : USA - NC     trad
   William James Pharr Carillon
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
BELMONT - HC                  : USA - NC     non-trad
   Lineberger Memorial Carillon
   Lutheran Church of the Holy Comforter (ELCA) 
BOILING SPRINGS               : USA - NC     non-trad
   Lake Hollifield Carillon
   Gardner-Webb University 
BUIES CREEK                   : USA - NC     non-trad
   Dinah E. Gore Bell Tower
   Butler Chapel
   Campbell University
CHAPEL HILL                   : USA - NC     chime
   Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower 
   University of North Carolina 
CHARLOTTE - CPC               : USA - NC     trad
   Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
CHARLOTTE - FM                : USA - NC     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church 
CHARLOTTE - MPP               : USA - NC     trad
   Myers Park Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
CHARLOTTE - MPUM              : USA - NC     non-trad
   Myers Park United Methodist Church 
Charlotte                     : USA - NC     great
   The American Freedom Bell
Charlotte - FMBC              : USA - NC     great
   Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
CHERRYVILLE                   : USA - NC     non-trad
   Beam, Pratt & Brawley Memorial Carillon
   First United Methodist Church
CONCORD - FM                  : USA - NC     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church 
CONCORD - FP                  : USA - NC     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church 
CONCORD - STJ                 : USA - NC     non-trad
   Blanche Brown Coltrane Memorial Carillon
   Evangelical Lutheran Church of St.James
DURHAM - DU                   : USA - NC     trad
   West Campus 
   Duke University 
DURHAM - MMC                  : USA - NC     chime
   Duke Memorial United Methodist Church 
FAYETTEVILLE - FP             : USA - NC     chime
   Ray Memorial Chimes
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
FAYETTEVILLE - SM             : USA - NC     chime
   Snyder Memorial Baptist Church
GASTONIA - FB                 : USA - NC     tubular
   First Baptist Church
GASTONIA - FPC                : USA - NC     trad
   The Memorial Carillon
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
GASTONIA - FUMC               : USA - NC     non-trad
   First United Methodist Church
GREENSBORO - LG               : USA - NC     chime
   Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church 
GREENSBORO - U                : USA - NC     non-trad
   Nicholas A. Vacc Bell Tower
   University of North Carolina
     at Greensboro (UNCB)
HENDERSON                     : USA - NC     chime
   First Baptist Church 
HENDERSONVILLE                : USA - NC     ring
   Patton Memorial Tower 
   St.James' Church (Episcopal)
HIGH POINT                    : USA - NC     chime
   Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church
KINSTON                       : USA - NC     chime
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
LAURINBURG - FM               : USA - NC     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church 
LAURINBURG - STA              : USA - NC     chime
   Katherine McKay Belk Bell Tower 
   St.Andrews Presbyterian College 
LEXINGTON                     : USA - NC     tubular 
   First Reformed United Church of Christ
   (was First Evangelical & Reformed Ch.)
MCADENVILLE                   : USA - NC     chime
   City of McAdenville 
MORGANTON                     : USA - NC     non-trad
   First Baptist Church (SBC) 
NEW BERN                      : USA - NC     non-trad
   Christ Episcopal Church 
RALEIGH - C                   : USA - NC     ring
   Christ Episcopal Church 
RALEIGH - HNJ                 : USA - NC     trad
   Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral (RC)
RALEIGH - NCS                 : USA - NC     trad
   Memorial Tower
   North Carolina State University
REIDSVILLE                    : USA - NC     tubular 
   The Clock Tower 
   Chinqua-Penn Plantation 
SALISBURY                     : USA - NC     tubular 
   St.John's Lutheran Church 
SANFORD                       : USA - NC     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
SHELBY                        : USA - NC     chime
   First Baptist Church 
STATESVILLE                   : USA - NC     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church 
WILMINGTON -- CC              : USA - NC     tubular 
   Church of the Covenant 
WILMINGTON -- FA              : USA - NC     chime
   Fifth Avenue United Methodist Church 
WINSTON-SALEM - AB            : USA - NC     tubular 
   Ardmore Baptist Church 
WINSTON-SALEM - HM            : USA - NC     tubular 
   Home Moravian Church 
WINSTON-SALEM - WF            : USA - NC     trad
   Janet Jeffrey Carlile Harris Carillon
   Wait Chapel 
   Wake Forest University 
AKRON                         : USA - OH     chime
   North Clock Tower 
   Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company 
ALLIANCE                      : USA - OH     chime
   Christ United Methodist Church 
   (formerly First Methodist Church) 
BELLEFONTAINE                 : USA - OH     tubular 
   First United Presbyterian Church 
BEXLEY                        : USA - OH     tubular 
   Trinity Lutheran Seminary (ELCA) 
BRYAN                         : USA - OH     non-trad
   Markey Memorial Carillon
   Wesley United Methodist Church 
BUCYRUS                       : USA - OH     chime
   The John Q. Shunk Memorial
   Aumiller Park 
CANTON - F                    : USA - OH     tubular 
   (former First Evangelical Church) 
CANTON - G                    : USA - OH     tubular 
   Grace United Church of Christ 
     (was Grace Reformed Church) 
CANTON - P                    : USA - OH     chime
   Garden Center Park 
CINCINNATI - CC               : USA - OH     chime
   Christ Church Cathedral 
CINCINNATI - FP               : USA - OH     tubular
   Foot piano
   Smale Riverfront Park
CINCINNATI - GH               : USA - OH     non-trad
   Gate of Heaven Cemetery 
CINCINNATI - HP               : USA - OH     tubular 
   Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church 
CINCINNATI - IP               : USA - OH     tubular 
   Immanuel Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
     (was Clifton Presbyterian)
CINCINNATI - OTR              : USA - OH     chime
   Over-the-Rhine Bell Tower 
CINCINNATI - SP               : USA - OH     non-trad
   Crusader Carillon
   Sawyer Point Riverfront Park 
CINCINNATI - STG              : USA - OH     chime
   St.Gregory Street Project 
CINCINNATI - STJ              : USA - OH     non-trad
   St.John's United Church of Christ 
CINCINNATI - STM              : USA - OH     chime
   Old St.Mary's Catholic Church 
CINCINNATI - STPC             : USA - OH     chime
   St.Peter in Chains Cathedral (RC)
CINCINNATI - STT              : USA - OH     chime
   St.Teresa of Avila RC Church 
CINCINNATI - VF               : USA - OH     tubular
   Verdin Factory
CINCINNATI - W                : USA - OH     chime
   Westwood United Methodist Church
Cincinnati                    : USA - OH     great
   St.Francis de Sales Catholic Church
CIRCLEVILLE                   : USA - OH     chime
   William Foresman Chime
   Pickaway County Courthouse 
CLEVELAND - CC                : USA - OH     trad
   The McGaffin Carillon 
   (Alexander McGaffin Memorial)
   The Church of the Covenant 
CLEVELAND - IC                : USA - OH     chime
   Immaculate Conception Church (RC) 
CLEVELAND - OS                : USA - OH     tubular 
   Old Stone Church (PCUSA) 
     (First Presbyterian Church) 
CLEVELAND - SH                : USA - OH     chime
   The Cleveland Orchestra
   Severance Hall
CLEVELAND - STP               : USA - OH     chime
   St.Patrick's RC Church (Bridge Avenue)
CLEVELAND HEIGHTS - CS        : USA - OH     trad
   Arter Memorial Carillon
   Church of the Saviour 
CLEVELAND HEIGHTS - STA       : USA - OH     chime
   St.Ann's Catholic Church 
CLEVELAND HEIGHTS - STP       : USA - OH     trad
   Harry A. & Mariah H. Seabrook and 
     Thomas Family Memorial Carillon
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
COLUMBUS - KA                 : USA - OH     chime
   King Avenue United Methodist Church 
COLUMBUS - OSU                : USA - OH     chime
   Orton Hall 
   Ohio State University 
COLUMBUS - TC                 : USA - OH     chime
   Trinity Chime
   All Saints' Tower 
   Trinity Church (Episcopal) 
DAYTON - BW                   : USA - OH     chime
   The Bell Wagon (mobile)
   Carillon Historical Park
DAYTON - D                    : USA - OH     trad
   Deeds Carillon
   Deeds Memorial Tower 
   Carillon Historical Park 
DAYTON - F                    : USA - OH     chime
   First [English] Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
DELAWARE - OW                 : USA - OH     chime
   Stuyvesant Hall 
   Ohio Wesleyan University 
DELAWARE - STM                : USA - OH     chime
   St.Mary's Church (RC)
ELYRIA                        : USA - OH     tubular 
   St.Andrew's Episcopal Church 
FINDLAY                       : USA - OH     tubular 
   St.Andrews United Methodist Church
     (was First Methodist Church)
GALION                        : USA - OH     tubular 
   Peace Lutheran Church 
GAMBIER                       : USA - OH     chime
   Church of the Holy Spirit 
   (College Chapel) 
   Kenyon College 
GATES MILLS                   : USA - OH     trad
   Church of St.Christopher-by-the-River
GLENDALE - CC                 : USA - OH     chime
   Christ Church - Glendale (Episcopal)
GLENDALE - CT                 : USA - OH     trad
   Chapel Tower 
   Convent of the Transfiguration 
GRANVILLE                     : USA - OH     chime
   Swasey Chapel 
   Denison University 
JACKSON                       : USA - OH     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
LANCASTER - 1                 : USA - OH     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church 
LANCASTER - 2                 : USA - OH     chime
   First United Methodist Church
LIMA                          : USA - OH     tubular 
   Trinity United Methodist Church 
MAPLE HEIGHTS                 : USA - OH     non-trad
   Lutheran Church of the Covenant (ELCA)
MARIEMONT                     : USA - OH     trad
   Mary M. Emery Memorial Carillon
   Thomas J. Emery Memorial Carillon Tower 
   Dogwood Park 
MARIETTA                      : USA - OH     chime
   North tower
   First Congregational Church (UCC)
MARYSVILLE                    : USA - OH     chime
   Arthur Chimes
   First United Methodist Church 
MAUMEE                        : USA - OH     tubular 
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
MIDDLETOWN - A                : USA - OH     trad
   The Sidney Case McCammon Memorial Carillon
   Episcopal Church of the Ascension
MIDDLETOWN - C                : USA - OH     non-trad
   Casper Memorial Carillon
   Donham Plaza (City Centre Plaza) 
   City Building 
MONTGOMERY                    : USA - OH     chime
   Heritage District
NEW PHILADELPHIA              : USA - OH     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
NEWARK - FA                   : USA - OH     tubular 
   Faith United Methodist Church 
     (was First United Brethren Church) 
NEWARK - FI                   : USA - OH     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church 
NEWARK - S                    : USA - OH     trad
   Flory Memorial Carillon
   Second Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
NORWALK                       : USA - OH     chime
   St.Paul's RC Church 
OXFORD - 1                    : USA - OH     chime
   Molyneaux-Western Bell Tower 
   Miami University 
OXFORD - 2                    : USA - OH     non-trad
   The Verlin L. Pulley Carillon
   Pulley Bell Tower 
   Miami University 
PIQUA                         : USA - OH     tubular 
   Greene Street United Methodist Church 
PORTSMOUTH                    : USA - OH     chime
   Holy Redeemer Catholic Church 
RIO GRANDE                    : USA - OH     non-trad
   Alumni Carillon
   Alumni Memorial Bell Tower 
   Rio Grande University 
SANDUSKY                      : USA - OH     tubular 
   Grace Episcopal Church 
SPRINGFIELD                   : USA - OH     tubular 
   Central United Methodist Church 
STEUBENVILLE - FW             : USA - OH     tubular 
   First Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
STEUBENVILLE - STP            : USA - OH     tubular 
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
TIFFIN - F                    : USA - OH     chime
   First English Lutheran Church (ELCA)
TIFFIN - T                    : USA - OH     tubular 
   Tiffin Developmental Center 
TOLEDO - C                    : USA - OH     tubular 
   Corinth Missionary Baptist Church
     (was St.Matthew's English Luth. Church)
TOLEDO - STJ                  : USA - OH     chime
   St.Joseph's French Church 
TOLEDO - STM                  : USA - OH     tubular 
   St.Mark's Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
TOLEDO - T                    : USA - OH     chime
   The Gardner Chime
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
UNIONTOWN                     : USA - OH     tubular 
   Charles Kegg residence 
VAN WERT                      : USA - OH     chime
   St.Mark's Lutheran Church (ELCA)
WAPAKONETA                    : USA - OH     non-trad
   St.Mark's Evang. Lutheran Church (ELCA)
WEST CHESTER                  : USA - OH     chime
WILLARD                       : USA - OH     chime
   Willard Christian Reformed Church 
WILMINGTON --                 : USA - OH     trad
   Simon Goodman Memorial Carillon
   Collett Mall 
   Wilmington College 
WOOSTER                       : USA - OH     tubular 
   Zion Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
YOUNGSTOWN                    : USA - OH     non-trad
   Boardman United Methodist Church 
ARDMORE                       : USA - OK     chime
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
Edmond                        : USA - OK     great
   St.Luke's United Methodist Church Edmund
NORMAN                        : USA - OK     tubular 
   McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church 
OKLAHOMA CITY - FUMC          : USA - OK     chime
   First United Methodist Church 
     of Oklahoma City 
OKLAHOMA CITY - PS            : USA - OK     chime
   Penn Square Mall 
OKLAHOMA CITY - STE           : USA - OK     non-trad
   Chapel of St.Edward the Confessor
   Casady School
OKLAHOMA CITY - STL           : USA - OK     trad
   V. V. Harris Memorial Carillon
   St.Luke's United Methodist Church 
OKLAHOMA CITY - WPC           : USA - OK     trad
   Westminster Carillon
   Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
TULSA - FP/2                  : USA - OK     non-trad
   First Presbyterian Church
TULSA - HF                    : USA - OK     tubular 
   Holy Family Cathedral
     (was Holy Family Catholic Church) 
TULSA - MP                    : USA - OK     tubular 
   Memorial Park Cemetery 
EUGENE                        : USA - OR     tubular 
   First Christian Church (DoC) 
PORTLAND - T                  : USA - OR     chime
   Trinity Episcopal Cathedral 
   (formerly Trinity Church) 
PORTLAND - U                  : USA - OR     chime
   Marian Garden
   University of Portland
SAINT BENEDICT                : USA - OR     chime
   Mount Angel Abbey
ALLENTOWN                     : USA - PA     chime
   St.John's United Church of Christ (UCC)
   (was St.John's Reformed Church) 
ALTOONA                       : USA - PA     tubular 
   Second Avenue United Methodist Church
     (was 2nd United Brethren Church)
ANNVILLE                      : USA - PA     tubular 
   Annville United Methodist Church 
     (was United Brethren Church)
ARDMORE                       : USA - PA     chime
   St.George's Episcopal Church 
   (The Nevil Memorial Church of St.George) 
BALA-CYNWYD - CC              : USA - PA     chime
   Podowon Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
   (was Presby. Church of the Covenant
BALA-CYNWYD - STM             : USA - PA     chime
   St.Matthias Catholic Church 
BANGOR                        : USA - PA  
   *See  WATERVLIET           : USA - NY     chimola
BEAVER                        : USA - PA     chime
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
   originally in Rochester, PA
BEAVER FALLS                  : USA - PA     chime
   McCartney Library 
   Geneva College 
BETHLEHEM - G                 : USA - PA     tubular
   Grace Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
BETHLEHEM - N                 : USA - PA     chime
   Sallie P. Wlibur Memorial
   Cathedral Church of the Nativity (Episcopal) 
BROOKVILLE                    : USA - PA     tubular 
   The Presbyterian Church 
BROWNSVILLE                   : USA - PA     tubular 
   Christ Episcopal Church 
BRYN ATHYN                    : USA - PA     tubular
   Indoors (organ)
   Bryn Athyn Cathedral (Swedenborgian)
BRYN MAWR - P                 : USA - PA     trad
   Middleton Family Carillon
   Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church 
BRYN MAWR - R                 : USA - PA     chime
   Catherwood Memorial Bells
   Church of the Redeemer (Episcopal)
CAMP HILL                     : USA - PA     chime
   Shopping Center
CARLISLE                      : USA - PA     chime
   First United Church of Christ (UCC)
CATASAUQUA - F                : USA - PA     chime
   Edwin Thomas Memorial Chimes
   Catasauqua Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
     (was First Presbyterian Church)
CATASAUQUA - STP              : USA - PA     tubular 
   St.Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
CHAMBERSBURG                  : USA - PA     chime
   First United Methodist Church 
     (was First Ev.United Brethren Church)
CHESTER                       : USA - PA     chime
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
COLUMBIA                      : USA - PA     chime
   St.John's Evang. Lutheran Church (ELCA)
CONSHOHOCKEN                  : USA - PA     chime
   Saylor Memorial Chime
   Calvary Episcopal Church 
DREXEL HILL                   : USA - PA     chime
   Collenbrook United Church 
   (was Northminster Presby. Church, Federated)
   originally in Philadelphia 
EASTON                        : USA - PA     chime
   First United Church of Christ 
     (formerly 1st Reformed Church) 
     (originally German Reformed Church) 
ELIZABETHTOWN                 : USA - PA     chime
   John S. Sell Memorial Chapel 
   Masonic Village at Elizabethtown
EMMAUS                        : USA - PA     chime
   St.John's United Church of Christ (UCC)
     (was St.John's Reformed Church) 
ERIE - PS                     : USA - PA     trad
   Floyd and Juanita Smith Carillon
   Larry and Kathryn Smith Chapel 
   Penn State Erie, The Behrend College 
ERIE - SPA                    : USA - PA     tubular 
   Episcopal Cathedral of St.Paul 
ERIE - SPE                    : USA - PA     chime
   St.Peter Cathedral (RC) 
EVERETT                       : USA - PA     tubular 
   United Methodist Church of Everett 
     (was Barndollar Methodist Church) 
FORT WASHINGTON               : USA - PA     trad
   Catherine Colt Dickey Memorial Carillon
   St.Thomas' Church
FRACKVILLE                    : USA - PA     tubular 
   Zion Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
GETTYSBURG - GC               : USA - PA     non-trad
   Gettysburg College 
GETTYSBURG - STJ              : USA - PA     chime
   St.James Lutheran Church (ELCA)
GLEN MILLS                    : USA - PA     chime
   Glen Mills Schools Library 
   (formerly Smith Memorial Chapel) 
GROVE CITY                    : USA - PA     tubular 
   Tower Presbyterian Church 
     (was First Presbyterian, 1926-1959) 
GWYNEDD                       : USA - PA     chime
   Episcopal Church of the Messiah 
HARRISBURG - C                : USA - PA     tubular
   Chime Master Systems warehouse
HARRISBURG - Z                : USA - PA     chime
   Zion Lutheran Church (ELCA)
HAZLETON                      : USA - PA     tubular 
   Christ Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
HOLLAND                       : USA - PA     trad
   Henry D. Schneider Memorial Carillon
   Trinity Reformed Church (UCC) 
JIM THORPE                    : USA - PA     chime
   Episcopal Parish of St.Mark & St.John 
   (formerly St.Mark's Church) 
JOHNSTOWN                     : USA - PA     chime
   First Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
KENNETT SQUARE                : USA - PA     trad
   Longwood Gardens 
LAKE ARIEL                    : USA - PA     tubular 
   Lacawac Sanctuary 
LANCASTER - G                 : USA - PA     chime
   Grace Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
LANCASTER - T                 : USA - PA     chime
   The Evangelical Lutheran Church of 
     The Holy Trinity (ELCA) 
LEBANON - CC                  : USA - PA     chime
   Christ Church (Presbyterian/PCUSA) 
LEBANON - STL                 : USA - PA     chime
   St.Luke's Church (Episcopal)
LEECHBURG                     : USA - PA     non-trad
   First Evangelical Lutheran Church 
LEHIGHTON - F                 : USA - PA     non-trad
   Our Father's Divine Work
LEHIGHTON - Z                 : USA - PA     chime
   Zion United Church of Christ (UCC)
     (was Zion Reformed Church) 
LEWISTOWN                     : USA - PA     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church 
LOCK HAVEN - C                : USA - PA     tubular 
   House of the Lord Fellowship
     (was Covenant United Methodist Church,
     formerly Trinity Methodist Episcopal)
LOCK HAVEN - U                : USA - PA     non-trad
   Fredericks Family Memorial Carillon
   Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania 
MAUCH CHUNK                   : USA - PA  
MEADVILLE                     : USA - PA     tubular 
   Crawford Chimes
   Ford Memorial Chapel 
   Allegheny College 
MERCERSBURG                   : USA - PA     trad
   The Henry Bucher Swoope Carillon
   Barker Tower 
   Mercersburg Academy 
MOHNTON                       : USA - PA     tubular 
   Zion Evangelical Congregational Church
MONONGAHELA                   : USA - PA     chime
   First United Methodist Church 
NAZARETH                      : USA - PA     tubular
   St.John's United Church of Christ 
NEW BETHLEHEM                 : USA - PA     tubular 
   New Bethlehem Presbyterian Church 
     (was First Presbyterian Church; PCUSA)
NEW WILMINGTON                : USA - PA     trad
   Duff-Armington Memorial Carillon
   Old Main Building 
   Westminster College
OIL CITY                      : USA - PA     chime
   Christ Church (Episcopal)
ORWIGSBURG                    : USA - PA     tubular 
   St.John's United Church of Christ 
     (was St.John's Reformed Church) 
PALMERTON                     : USA - PA     tubular 
   Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
PAOLI                         : USA - PA     chime
   Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan 
PHILADELPHIA - BL             : USA - PA     tubular 
   The Berry Long Memorial
     United Methodist Church
PHILADELPHIA - CC             : USA - PA     ring/chime
   Christ Church (Episcopal) 
PHILADELPHIA - CS             : USA - PA     chime
   Cathedral Church of the Saviour 
PHILADELPHIA - CSTM           : USA - PA     chime
   Christ Church & St.Michael's (Episcopal)
PHILADELPHIA - FAB            : USA - PA     tubular 
   First African Baptist Church 
PHILADELPHIA - FM             : USA - PA     trad
   Shelmerdine Memorial Carillon
   First United Methodist Church of Germantown 
PHILADELPHIA - HN             : USA - PA     tubular 
   Holy Name Church 
PHILADELPHIA - HT             : USA - PA     trad
   Holy Trinity Church (Episcopal) 
PHILADELPHIA - LHG            : USA - PA     non-trad
   Harrison Bell Tower
   The Lutheran Home of Germantown (ELCA)
PHILADELPHIA - OL             : USA - PA     tubular 
   Korean United Church of Philadelphia
     (was Oak Lane M.E. Church)
PHILADELPHIA - OR             : USA - PA     tubular 
   Memorial Church of Our Redeemer 
PHILADELPHIA - RA             : USA - PA     tubular 
   Reformed Episcopal Church of the Atonement 
PHILADELPHIA - SB             : USA - PA     tubular 
   Shalom Baptist Church 
PHILADELPHIA - STCB           : USA - PA     chime
   Church of St.Charles Borromeo (RC) 
PHILADELPHIA - STD            : USA - PA     tubular 
   St.Donato's Catholic Church 
     & St.Francis Cabrini Shrine 
PHILADELPHIA - STF            : USA - PA     chime
   St.Francis de Sales Catholic Church 
PHILADELPHIA - STJL/1         : USA - PA     chime
   Wanamaker Mausoleum
   Church of St.James-the-Less (Episcopal)
PHILADELPHIA - STJL/2         : USA - PA     tubular 
   Wanamaker Mausoleum 
   Church of the St.James-the-Less (Episcopal)
PHILADELPHIA - STJM           : USA - PA     tubular 
   Solid Rock United Methodist Church
     (was St.James M.E. Church)
PHILADELPHIA - STL            : USA - PA     chime
   St.Luke's Episcopal Church 
PHILADELPHIA - STMKF          : USA - PA     chime
   St.Mark's Episcopal Church (Frankford)
PHILADELPHIA - STMKL          : USA - PA     ring
   St.Mark's Episcopal Church 
PHILADELPHIA - STMTF/1        : USA - PA     chime
   Upper belfry
   The Episcopal Church of St.Martin-in-the-Fields 
PHILADELPHIA - STMTF/2        : USA - PA     ring
   Lower belfry
   The Episcopal Church of St.Martin-in-the-Fields 
PHILADELPHIA - STMY           : USA - PA     chime
   St.Mary's-at-the-Cathedral Episcopal Church 
PHILADELPHIA - STP            : USA - PA     ring/chime
   St.Peter's Episcopal Church 
PHILADELPHIA - STT            : USA - PA     chime
   St.Timothy's Episcopal Church 
PHILADELPHIA - STV            : USA - PA     trad
   Miraculous Medal Shrine (RC)
   (formerly St.Vincent's Seminary)
PHILADELPHIA - W              : USA - PA     chime
   Wynnefield Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
PHILADELPHIA - 39B            : USA - PA     chime
   "39 Bells"
   Public soundscape (bells on lampposts)
PHILADELPHIA - WDS            : USA - PA     tubular 
   Wanamaker Grand Court Organ
   Macy's Department Store
     (was Wanamaker Department Store)
PHILADELPHIA                  : USA - PA  
   *See also DREXEL HILL
Philadelphia                  : USA - PA     great
   PNB-First Union Bank Building
   (formerly John Wanamaker's Department Store)
Philadelphia                  : USA - PA     great
   Independence Hall
Philadelphia                  : USA - PA     great
   Bicentennial Bell
   Independence Park Visitor's Center Tower
PITTSBURGH - CC               : USA - PA     chime
   Calvary Episcopal Church 
PITTSBURGH - FB               : USA - PA     chimola
   First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh (ABC)
PITTSBURGH - SPC              : USA - PA     ring
   Southminster Presbyterian Church 
PITTSBURGH - STR              : USA - PA     tubular 
   St.Rosalia's Catholic Church 
PITTSBURGH - STS              : USA - PA     chime
   St.Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church
PITTSBURGH - T                : USA - PA     chime
   Trinity Episcopal Cathedral (ACNA)
POTTSTOWN - Mobile/1          : USA - PA     trad
POTTSTOWN - Mobile/2          : USA - PA     trad
   DellaPenna Travelling Carillon
POTTSVILLE                    : USA - PA     chime
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
READING - CC                  : USA - PA     chime
   Christ Episcopal Church 
READING - SLC                 : USA - PA     trad
   Bells of Joy
   Schwarzwald Lutheran Church (ELCA)
READING - STP                 : USA - PA     chime
   St.Paul's Catholic Church
READING - TL                  : USA - PA     chime
   Trinity Lutheran Church (ELCA)
READING - W                   : USA - PA     chime
   Wesley United Methodist Church
     (was Windsor Street Methodist Church)
RED LION                      : USA - PA     tubular
   *See  CINCINNATI - FP      : USA - OH
RIDGWAY                       : USA - PA     tubular 
   Grace Episcopal Church 
ROSEMONT                      : USA - PA     chime
   Memorial Church of the Good Shepherd (Episcopal)
SAYRE                         : USA - PA     chime
   Church of the Redeemer (Episcopal)
SCOTTDALE                     : USA - PA     chime
   First Regular Baptist Church (ABC) 
SCRANTON - EP                 : USA - PA     chime
   Elm Park United Methodist Church 
   (formerly First Methodist Church) 
SEWICKLEY                     : USA - PA     chime
   St.Stephen's Episcopal Church (ACNA) 
SHAMOKIN                      : USA - PA     tubular 
   St.John's United Church of Christ 
     (was St.John's Reformed Church) 
SHARON                        : USA - PA     trad
   Henry B. Forker, III and Harry B. 
     McDowell, Jr. Memorial Carillon
   St.John's Episcopal Church 
SHENANDOAH                    : USA - PA     chime
   St.George's Catholic Church (Lith.)
SHIPPENSBURG                  : USA - PA     tubular 
   Grace United Church of Christ 
     (was Grace Reformed Church) 
SMETHPORT                     : USA - PA     tubular 
   St.Luke's Episcopal Church 
SUNBURY                       : USA - PA     tubular 
   Zion Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
TAMAQUA                       : USA - PA     chime
   Trinity United Church of Christ 
TARENTUM - F                  : USA - PA     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
TROY --                       : USA - PA     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
UNIONTOWN                     : USA - PA     chime
   Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus
VALLEY FORGE                  : USA - PA     trad
   Washington Memorial National Carillon
   National Patriots Bell Tower
   Washington Memorial Chapel (Episcopal)
   Valley Forge National Historical Park 
WARREN - FM                   : USA - PA     chime
   First United Methodist Church 
WARREN - P                    : USA - PA     chime
WAYMART                       : USA - PA     zvon
   Millenium Belltower
   The Monastery of St.Tikhon of Zadonsk (Orthodox)
WAYNE                         : USA - PA     chime
   St.Mary's Episcopal Church 
WHITEMARSH                    : USA - PA
WILKES-BARRE - F              : USA - PA     tubular 
   First Baptist Church (ABC) 
WILKES-BARRE - M              : USA - PA     tubular 
   Memorial Presbyterian Church 
WILKES-BARRE - W              : USA - PA     tubular 
   Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
WILKINSBURG - STJ             : USA - PA     chime
   St.James Catholic Church 
WILLIAMSPORT - FP             : USA - PA     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
WILLIAMSPORT - STM            : USA - PA     chime
   St.Mark's Lutheran Church (ELCA)
WILLIAMSPORT - T              : USA - PA     chime
   The Maynard Chime
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
YORK                          : USA - PA     chime
   Trinity Church (UCC) 
   (formerly Trinity Reformed Church) 
Rhode Island
BRISTOL                       : USA - RI     chime
   St.Michael's Church (Episcopal)
CENTRAL FALLS                 : USA - RI     chime
   St.George's Episcopal Church 
EAST GREENWICH                : USA - RI     chime
   St.Luke's Episcopal Church 
EDGEWOOD                      : USA - RI     chime
   Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration 
   originally in Davenport, IA
NEWPORT - CM                  : USA - RI     chime
   Channing Memorial Church (UU)
NEWPORT - T                   : USA - RI     chime
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
PAWTUCKET - OLC               : USA - RI     tubular 
   Church of Our Lady of Consolation 
PAWTUCKET - STP               : USA - RI     chime
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
PROVIDENCE - G                : USA - RI     chime
   Grace Church in Providence (Episcopal)
PROVIDENCE - STMAT            : USA - RI     chime
   St.Martin's Episcopal Church 
PROVIDENCE - STMAY            : USA - RI     chime
   St.Mary's Catholic Church 
PROVIDENCE - STMI             : USA - RI     chime
   St.Michael the Archangel RC Church 
WESTERLY                      : USA - RI     chime
   Christ Episcopal Church 
WOONSOCKET                    : USA - RI     tubular 
   St.Charles Borromeo Catholic Church 
South Carolina
AIKEN                         : USA - SC     trad
   St.Thaddeus Episcopal Church
CHARLESTON - C                : USA - SC     trad
   The Thomas Dry Howie Carillon
   The Citadel  (Military College) 
CHARLESTON - G                : USA - SC     ring
   Columbarium tower 
   Grace Episcopal Church 
CHARLESTON - LP               : USA - SC     ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Luke & St.Paul (Episcopal) 
CHARLESTON - STJ              : USA - SC     chime
   St.John's Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
CHARLESTON - STMA             : USA - SC     chime
   St.Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
CHARLESTON - STMI             : USA - SC     ring
   St.Michael's Episcopal Church 
CLEMSON - CU                  : USA - SC     trad
   Tillman Hall 
   Clemson University 
CLEMSON - HT                  : USA - SC     chime
   Holy Trinity Episcopal Church 
CLINTON                       : USA - SC     non-trad
   Bailey Memorial Carillon
   Bailey Memorial Bell Tower 
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
COLUMBIA - FP                 : USA - SC     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church 
COLUMBIA - SM                 : USA - SC     chime
   Shandon United Methodist Church
COLUMBIA - STJ                : USA - SC     non-trad
   St.Joseph's Catholic Church
GREENVILLE - FU/2             : USA - SC     non-trad
   The Burnside Carillon
   Furman University [new campus]
GREENVILLE - R                : USA - SC     non-trad
   Terrace at Riverplace
GREENVILLE - SP               : USA - SC     tubular 
   Second Presbyterian Church (PCA) 
GREENVILLE - WPC              : USA - SC     non-trad
   Niven Memorial Carillon
   Niven Memorial Tower 
   Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
GREENWOOD - CSMBC             : USA - SC     trad
   Callie Self Memorial Baptist Church (SBC)
GREENWOOD - FBC               : USA - SC     non-trad
   First Baptist Church (CBF)
GREENWOOD - GBLC              : USA - SC     chime
   GBLC Building 
   (was Greenwood Building and Loan Co.) 
GREENWOOD - LC                : USA - SC     non-trad
   Laura Lander Hall 
   Lander University
     (formerly Lander College)
SENECA                        : USA - SC     chime
   Trinity Baptist Church 
SPARTANBURG - A               : USA - SC     chime
   Episcopal Church of the Advent 
SPARTANBURG - FP              : USA - SC     non-trad
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
SULLIVAN'S ISLAND             : USA - SC     ring
   Stella Maris RC Church 
South Dakota

BROOKINGS - FL                : USA - SD     chime
   First Lutheran Church 
BROOKINGS - SDSU              : USA - SD     tubular 
   Coughlin Campanile 
   South Dakota State University 
DEADWOOD                      : USA - SD     tubular 
   Deadwood History's Adams Museum
     (was Adams Memorial Museum)
CHATTANOOGA                   : USA - TN     chime
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
CLEVELAND --                  : USA - TN     chime
   The Forum
   Lee University
CLINTON                       : USA - TN     chime
   Slover Chimes
   Anderson County Courthouse 
JACKSON - FP                  : USA - TN     trad
   The Jackson Memorial Carillon
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
JACKSON - U                   : USA - TN     non-trad
   Miller Bell Tower
   Union University
JOHNSON CITY                  : USA - TN     non-trad
   East Tennessee State University 
KNOXVILLE - MA                : USA - TN     tubular 
   Magnolia Avenue United Methodist Church
     (was Magnolia Ave. M.E.Church South)
KNOXVILLE - SP                : USA - TN     chime
   Second Presbyterian Church
LEBANON                       : USA - TN     non-trad
   First Presbyterian Church 
MEMPHIS - I                   : USA - TN     trad
   Idlewild Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
NASHVILLE - BU                : USA - TN     trad
   Belmont University 
   (formerly Belmont College) 
NASHVILLE - LU                : USA - TN     trad
   Allen Bell Tower 
   Lipscomb University 
NASHVILLE - STG               : USA - TN     chime
   St.George's Episcopal Church 
NASHVILLE - T                 : USA - TN     chime
   Tulip Street United Methodist Church 
NASHVILLE - TB/1              : USA - TN     hybrid
   The Tennessee Bicentennial Bells 
     [part 1]
   Bicentennial Capitol Mall 
NASHVILLE - TB/2              : USA - TN     non-trad
   The Tennessee Bicentennial Bells 
     [part 2]
   Bicentennial Capitol Mall 
OOLTEWAH                      : USA - TN     trad
   The Linnie M. Barger Memorial Carillon
   St.Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church
PIGEON FORGE                  : USA - TN     chime
   Grand Lobby
   The Inn at Christmas Place
SEWANEE - 1                   : USA - TN     trad
   Leonidas Polk Memorial Carillon
   Shapard Tower 
   All Saints Chapel 
   The University of the South 
SEWANEE - 2                   : USA - TN     ring
   Bentley Bells
   Breslin Tower 
   Convocation Hall
   The University of the South 
ABILENE - CHR                 : USA - TX     non-trad/ring
   All Saints' Tower
   Church of the Heavenly Rest (Episcopal)
ABILENE - FP                  : USA - TX     tubular 
   First Central Presbyterian Church 
     (was First Presbyterian Church) 
ABILENE - MMC                 : USA - TX     trad
   Radford Auditorium 
   McMurry University 
AMARILLO - CP                 : USA - TX     tubular 
   Central Presbyterian Church 
AMARILLO - FB                 : USA - TX     chime
   First Baptist Church (SBC)
AUSTIN - GS                   : USA - TX     non-trad
   Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
AUSTIN - UT/1                 : USA - TX     chime
   The Burleson Bells
   Bass Concert Hall Plaza 
   The University of Texas 
AUSTIN - UT/2                 : USA - TX     trad
   Kniker Carillon
   Main Building 
   The University of Texas 
COLLEGE STATION               : USA - TX     non-trad
   Albritton Tower Carillon
   Texas A & M University 
CORPUS CHRISTI - C            : USA - TX     tubular 
   Corpus Christi Cathedral 
CORPUS CHRISTI - CGS          : USA - TX     trad
   Memorial Carillon
   Church of the Good Shepherd 
CORPUS CHRISTI - FBC          : USA - TX     trad
   Glasscock Memorial Carillon
   First Baptist Church (SBC)
DALLAS - CG                   : USA - TX     trad
   Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe (RC)
     (Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe) 
     (orig. Cathedral of the Sacred Heart)
DALLAS - CI                   : USA - TX     non-trad
   Church of the Incarnation 
DALLAS - CT                   : USA - TX     chime
   Church of the Transfiguration (Episcopal) 
DALLAS - G                    : USA - TX     tubular 
   Criswell College
     (was Gaston Avenue Baptist Church)
DALLAS - HP                   : USA - TX     trad
   Porter Memorial Carillon
   Highland Park United Methodist Church 
DALLAS - PCB                  : USA - TX     non-trad
   Park Cities Baptist Church (SBC)
DALLAS - SMA                  : USA - TX     chime
   Church of St.Michael and All Angels (Episcopal) 
DALLAS - SMK                  : USA - TX     trad
   Roosevelt Family Carillon
   St.Mark's School of Texas
DALLAS - SMU                  : USA - TX     non-trad
   Fondren Science Building
   Southern Methodist University 
Dallas - STJ                  : USA - TX     ring
   St.James Episcopal Church 
DALLAS - STM                  : USA - TX     tubular 
   St.Matthew's Episcopal Cathedral
     (was chapel of St.Mary's College)
EL PASO                       : USA - TX     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church 
FORT WORTH - FM               : USA - TX     tubular 
   First UMC of Fort Worth 
FORT WORTH - STJ              : USA - TX     chime
   St.John's Episcopal Church (ACNA) 
FORT WORTH - TS               : USA - TX     chime
   Harrison Chimes
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
   (including Taylor Street Presb. Church) 
GALVESTON                     : USA - TX     chime
   John Sealy Memorial Chime
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
HEREFORD                      : USA - TX     chime
   St.Anthony's RC Church 
HOUSTON - CCC                 : USA - TX     tubular 
   Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal) 
HOUSTON - HV                  : USA - TX     trad
   Bell Tower Center Carillon
   Hillside Village (shopping center) 
HOUSTON - PM/1                : USA - TX     chime
   Upper belfry 
   Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church 
HOUSTON - PM/2                : USA - TX     ring
   Lower belfry 
   Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church 
HOUSTON - SH                  : USA - TX     non-trad
   Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
HOUSTON - STJ                 : USA - TX     trad
   Cora Allison Leavens Memorial Carillon
   St.John the Divine Episcopal Church 
HOUSTON - STM                 : USA - TX     non-trad
   Chapel Tower 
   St.Mary's Seminary (RC)
HOUSTON - STP/1               : USA - TX     chime
   Martin Milford Jones Memorial
   Upper belfry 
   St.Paul's United Methodist Church 
HOUSTON - STP/2               : USA - TX     ring
   Lower belfry 
   St.Paul's United Methodist Church 
HOUSTON - STT                 : USA - TX     ring
   St.Thomas Episcopal Church 
HOUSTON - STV                 : USA - TX     chime
   St.Vincent de Paul Church (RC)
HOUSTON - TLC                 : USA - TX     trad
   Theresa Mohnke Memorial Carillon
   Trinity Lutheran Church (LCMS)
HUNTSVILLE                    : USA - TX     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church 
LUBBOCK - FM                  : USA - TX     non-trad
   Overton Memorial Bell Tower 
   First United Methodist Church 
LUBBOCK - TTU                 : USA - TX     trad
   Charles & Georgia Robertson Baird Memorial Carillon
   Administration Building
   Texas Tech University 
NACOGDOCHES                   : USA - TX     non-trad
   Griffith Fine Arts Building
   Stephen F. Austin State University
PARIS                         : USA - TX     chime
   DeShong Chapel
   Paris Junior College
ROSENBERG                     : USA - TX     non-trad
   The Jilji Louis Riha and Ruth Ellen
     Engelhardt Riha Memorial Carillon
   Holy Rosary Catholic Church
SAN ANTONIO - CC              : USA - TX     trad
   Nordan Memorial Carillon
   Central Christian Church 
SAN ANTONIO - STMK            : USA - TX     tubular 
   St.Mark's Episcopal Church 
SAN ANTONIO - STMY            : USA - TX     tubular 
   St.Mary's Catholic Church 
SAN ANTONIO - WW              : USA - TX     tubular 
   William A. Fraser Memorial Chapel 
   Sunset Ridge Church of Christ 
SHERMAN                       : USA - TX     trad
   Wynne Chapel 
   Austin College 
TYLER - U                     : USA - TX     non-trad
   Riter Millennium Carillon Plaza 
   The University of Texas at Tyler 
VICTORIA --                   : USA - TX     chime
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
WACO - BU/2                   : USA - TX     trad
   McLane Carillon
   Presley Tower 
   Pat Neff Hall (Administration) 
   Baylor University 
WACO - BU/3                   : USA - TX     non-trad
   George W. Truett Theological Seminary
   Baylor University 
WACO - STA                    : USA - TX     trad
   St.Alban's Episcopal Church 
WICHITA FALLS - FM            : USA - TX     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church 
WICHITA FALLS - MSU           : USA - TX     trad
   Redwine Carillon
   Hardin Administration Building 
   Midwestern State University 
CEDAR CITY                    : USA - UT     non-trad
   Carter Carillon Tower
   Southern Utah University
OGDEN                         : USA - UT     tubular 
   First Baptist Church 
PROVO                         : USA - UT     trad
   BYU Centennial Carillon
   BYU Centennial Carillon Tower 
   Brigham Young University
BRATTLEBORO                   : USA - VT     tubular
   St.Michael's Catholic Church
BURLINGTON                    : USA - VT     chime
   St.Paul's Episcopal Cathedral 
   (originally St.Paul's PE Church)
MIDDLEBURY                    : USA - VT     trad
   Mead Memorial Chapel 
   Middlebury College 
MONTPELIER                    : USA - VT     chime
   Trinity United Methodist Church 
NORTHFIELD                    : USA - VT     trad
   Charlotte Nichols Greene Memorial Carillon
   Jeannie Porter Adams Memorial Tower 
   Norwich University 
PROCTOR                       : USA - VT     chime
   Union Church of Proctor 
RUTLAND                       : USA - VT     chime
   Grace Congregational Church (UCC)
SAINT ALBANS                  : USA - VT     chime
   St.Luke's Episcopal Church 
SPRINGFIELD                   : USA - VT     tubular 
   First United Methodist Church 
ALEXANDRIA                    : USA - VA     ring
   Immanuel Chapel
   Virginia Theological Seminary
ARLINGTON                     : USA - VA     trad
   Netherlands Carillon
   Netherlands Carillon Gardens 
BEDFORD                       : USA - VA     tubular 
   St.John's Episcopal Church 
CHARLOTTESVILLE               : USA - VA     trad
   Sally Woods Rucker Memorial
   Christ Episcopal Church 
COPPER HILL                   : USA - VA     chime
   Syon Abbey
COVINGTON                     : USA - VA     tubular 
   Emmanuel Episcopal Church 
DANVILLE                      : USA - VA     chime
   Southside Center for Preservation and
     History (was Main St U Methodist Ch)
FALLS CHURCH                  : USA - VA     chime
   St.Anthony of Padua Catholic Church
FERRUM                        : USA - VA     non-trad
   Vaughn Memorial Tower 
   Ferrum College 
   (formerly Ferrum Junior College)
FRONT ROYAL                   : USA - VA     chime
   Christ the King Chapel
   Christendom College
HAMPTON                       : USA - VA     chime
   The Memorial Church 
   Hampton University 
     (formerly Hampton Institute) 
HARRISONBURG                  : USA - VA     tubular 
   Otterbein United Methodist Church
     (was First Church United Brethren)
HOT SPRINGS                   : USA - VA     tubular 
   Melville Edgar Ingalls Memorial
   St.Luke's Episcopal Church 
LURAY                         : USA - VA     trad
   Belle Brown Northcott Memorial Carillon
   Luray Singing Tower 
   Luray Caverns 
LYNCHBURG - C                 : USA - VA     chime
   Court Street United Methodist Church 
LYNCHBURG - LU                : USA - VA     non-trad
   Freedom Tower
   Liberty University
LYNCHBURG - Q                 : USA - VA     chime
   Quaker Memorial Church (PCUSA)
MILLWOOD                      : USA - VA     chime
   Christ Church, 
     Cunningham Chapel Parish (Episcopal) 
NEWPORT NEWS - CA             : USA - VA     tubular 
   St.Paul AME Church
     (was Chestnut Avenue Methodist Church)
NEWPORT NEWS - OL             : USA - VA     chime
   Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church 
NEWPORT NEWS - P              : USA - VA     tubular 
   The Tower of Memories Chapel 
   Peninsula Memorial Park 
NORFOLK - F                   : USA - VA     chime
   Freemason Street Baptist Church
NORFOLK - VAF/mobile          : USA - VA     non-trad
   VAF mobile carillon
   Virginia Arts Festival (VAF)
PETERSBURG                    : USA - VA     chime
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
PULASKI                       : USA - VA     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church
     (was Pulaski Presbyterian Church)
RICHMOND - C                  : USA - VA     chime
   Talbott Chime
   Centenary United Methodist Church 
RICHMOND - J                  : USA - VA     chime
   Boatman's Tower
   James Center 
RICHMOND - S                  : USA - VA     chime
   Sixth Street Market Place
RICHMOND - STJ                : USA - VA     tubular 
   St.James Episcopal Church 
RICHMOND - WM                 : USA - VA     trad
   Virginia Soldiers' War Memorial 
ROANOKE - G                   : USA - VA     chime
   Greene Memorial Methodist Church 
ROANOKE - HC                  : USA - VA     trad
   Allie Nash Young Carillon
   Jessie Ball DuPont Chapel 
   Hollins University 
   (formerly Hollins College) 
ROCKY MOUNT                   : USA - VA     tubular 
   Rocky Mount M.E. Church 
RUTHER GLEN - 1               : USA - VA     ring
   B. A. Sunderlin Bell Foundry
RUTHER GLEN - 2               : USA - VA     trad
   B. A. Sunderlin Bell Foundry
VINTON                        : USA - VA     non-trad
   Thrasher Memorial United Methodist Church
WINCHESTER                    : USA - VA     chime
   Grace Evang. Lutheran Church (ELCA)
LONGVIEW                      : USA - WA     chime
   Longview Community Church 
SEATTLE - CTC                 : USA - WA     non-trad
   The Washington State Centennial Bell Garden
   Washington State Convention and Trade Center 
SEATTLE - UW/2                : USA - WA     ring
   The Gordon Stuart Peek Foundation
     Memorial Bells
   Gerberding Hall
   University of Washington
SEATTLE - UW/3                : USA - WA     trad
   Kane Hall
   University of Washington
SPOKANE - C                   : USA - WA     trad
   Carillon in Thanksgiving for the Life 
     and Work of George Frederick Jewett
   Bishop Cross Tower 
   Cathedral of St.John the Evangelist 
SPOKANE - W                   : USA - WA     tubular 
   Westminster Congregational Church (UCC)
TACOMA - FB                   : USA - WA     tubular 
   Urban Grace
     (was First Baptist Church)
TACOMA - FP                   : USA - WA     tubular 
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
VANCOUVER                     : USA - WA     non-trad
   Salmon Run Bell Tower
   Esther Short Park
WHITE SALMON                  : USA - WA     chime
   City Hall 
YAKIMA                        : USA - WA     tubular 
   First Baptist Church 
West Virginia
ATHENS                        : USA - WV     trad
   The Marsh Family Memorial Carillon
   Joseph F. Marsh Hall 
     (Administration Building) 
   Concord University 
CHARLESTON                    : USA - WV     tubular
   Christ Church United Methodist 
   (was State Street M.E., then First M.)
HUNTINGTON                    : USA - WV     chime
   Thornburg Carillon [sic]
   James E. Morrow Library 
   Marshall University 
MARTINSBURG                   : USA - WV     tubular 
   St.John's Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
MORGANTOWN                    : USA - WV     chime
   Wesley United Methodist Church 
MOUNDSVILLE                   : USA - WV     chime
   Simpson United Methodist Church 
     (was First M.E. Church) 
PHILIPPI                      : USA - WV     non-trad
   Jean Cunningham Bell Tower [demolished]
   Wilcox Chapel 
   Alderson Broadus University 
BARABOO                       : USA - WI     chime
   Ringling Bros. Bell Wagon
   Circus World Museum 
EAU CLAIRE - C                : USA - WI     chime
   Christ Church Cathedral 
EAU CLAIRE - G                : USA - WI     chime
   Grace Lutheran Church (ELCA) 
FOND DU LAC - P               : USA - WI     chime
   Pilgrim United Church of Christ
FOND DU LAC - STP             : USA - WI     chime
   Cathedral Church of St.Paul (Episcopal)
GREEN BAY - FL                : USA - WI     trad
   Kaap Memorial Carillon
   First Evangelical Lutheran Church 
GREEN BAY - STP               : USA - WI     tubular 
   St.Patrick's Catholic Church 
JANESVILLE                    : USA - WI     chime
   First Congregational Church, UCC 
LA CROSSE                     : USA - WI     tubular 
   Our Savior's Lutheran Church 
MADISON - GC                  : USA - WI     non-trad
   Grace Episcopal Church 
MADISON - UW                  : USA - WI     trad
   Memorial Carillon
   Carillon Tower 
   University of Wisconsin 
MILWAUKEE - CDLC              : USA - WI     chime
   Capitol Drive Lutheran Church (ELCA)
MILWAUKEE - MU                : USA - WI     trad
   The Marquette University Carillon
   Rooftop belfry 
   Marquette Building 
MILWAUKEE - OT                : USA - WI     tubular 
   Oriental Theater 
MILWAUKEE - STJO              : USA - WI     tubular 
   Cathedral of St.John the Evangelist (Catholic) 
Milwaukee                     : USA - WI     great
   City Hall
NASHOTAH                      : USA - WI     ring
   Nashotah House Theological Seminary
   (in storage) 
NEILLSVILLE                   : USA - WI     chime
   United Church of Christ 
NEW GLARUS - B                : USA - WI     chime
   New Glarus Brewing Company
NEW GLARUS - RM               : USA - WI     chime
   Re/Max Preferred
   (was Bank of New Glarus drive-up)
OSHKOSH                       : USA - WI     chime
   Trinity Episcopal Church 
PEWAUKEE                      : USA - WI
RACINE - E                    : USA - WI     tubular 
   Atonement Lutheran Church
     (was English Evangelical Lutheran)
RACINE - STL                  : USA - WI     chime
   St.Luke's Episcopal Church 
SPRING GREEN                  : USA - WI     tubular 
   The House on the Rock 
STEVENS POINT                 : USA - WI     tubular 
   St.Stephen's Catholic Church 
WEST ALLIS                    : USA - WI     tubular 
   Holy Assumption Church 
WISCONSIN DELLS               : USA - WI     chime
   The Bavarian Village
CHEYENNE                      : USA - WY     chime
   St.Mark's Episcopal Church 
LARAMIE                       : USA - WY     chime
   St.Matthew's Episcopal Cathedral 
   (formerly St.Matthew's Church)

Canadian provinces


BANFF                         : CANADA - AB  chime
   St.George's-in-the-Pines Anglican Church 
CALGARY - CE                  : CANADA - AB  tubular 
   Central United Church of Canada 
     (was Central Methodist Church)
CALGARY - CH                  : CANADA - AB  ring
   Christ Church 
EDMONTON - CH                 : CANADA - AB  non-trad
   City Hall 
EDMONTON - FP                 : CANADA - AB  tubular
   First Presbyterian Church

British Columbia

LANGLEY                       : CANADA - BC  chime
   Trinity Western University
MILL BAY                      : CANADA - BC  chime
   Vancouver Island Regional Library
     (South Cowichan Branch)
MISSION CITY                  : CANADA - BC  ring
   Pfitzer Memorial Bell Tower
   Westminster Abbey (St.Joseph's) 
OLIVER                        : CANADA - BC  chime
   St.Edward the Confessor Anglican Church 
RICHMOND                      : CANADA - BC  non-trad
   [Bota] Fantasy Garden World 
SURREY                        : CANADA - BC  tubular 
   St.Helen's Anglican Church
VANCOUVER - FB                : CANADA - BC  tubular 
   First Baptist Church 
VANCOUVER - HR                : CANADA - BC  ring
   Holy Rosary Cathedral 
VANCOUVER - STJ               : CANADA - BC  chime
   St.James Church 
VICTORIA - CCC                : CANADA - BC  ring
   Christ Church Cathedral 
VICTORIA - MUC                : CANADA - BC  chime
   (in storage)
   (was Metropolitan United Church)
   (now Victoria Conservatory of Music)
VICTORIA - NCC                : CANADA - BC  trad
   The Netherlands Centennial Carillon
   Centennial Carillon Tower 
VICTORIA - STA                : CANADA - BC  tubular 
   St.Andrew's Presbyterian Church 


BOISSEVAIN                    : CANADA - MB  chime
   Sifton Chimes
   International Peace Garden 
BRANDON                       : CANADA - MB  (chime)
   St.George's Anglican Church 
   moved to BOISSEVAIN, above
WINNIPEG - K                  : CANADA - MB  chime
   Knox United Church 
   (formerly Knox Presbyterian Church)
WINNIPEG - OV                 : CANADA - MB  chime
   Osborne Village Square 
WINNIPEG - P                  : CANADA - MB  chime
   Portage Place 
WINNIPEG - STL                : CANADA - MB  chime
   St.Luke's Anglican Church 

New Brunswick

FREDERICTON - CCC             : CANADA - NB  chime
   Christ Church Cathedral 
FREDERICTON - UNB/1           : CANADA - NB  chime
   Lady Beaverbrook Residence Hall
   University of New Brunswick 
FREDERICTON - UNB/2           : CANADA - NB  tubular 
   University of New Brunswick 
MIRAMICHI                     : CANADA - NB
NEWCASTLE                     : CANADA - NB  chime
   St.James & St.John United Church 
   (was St.James United Church) 
SAINT JOHN - IC               : CANADA - NB  chime
   Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception 
SAINT JOHN - T                : CANADA - NB  chime
   Trinity Anglican Church 
WEST SAINT JOHNS              : CANADA - NB  tubular 
   Church of Our Lady of the Assumption


SAINT JOHNS                   : CANADA - NF  chime
   Cathedral Basilica of St.John the Baptist 
SAINT JOHNS - STT             : CANADA - NF  tubular chime
   St.Thomas Church

Nova Scotia

CHESTER                       : CANADA - NS  chime
   Chester United Baptist Church 
HALIFAX - STA                 : CANADA - NS  chime
   St.Agnes Catholic Church 
HALIFAX - STJ                 : CANADA - NS  chime
   St.John's United Church 
HALIFAX - STM                 : CANADA - NS  chime
   St.Mary's Cathedral Basilica (RC) 
HALIFAX - UM                  : CANADA - NS  chime
   The Halifax Explosion Memorial Bell Tower
   Fort Needham Memorial Park 
   - and - 
   The United Memorial Church 
LUNENBURG                     : CANADA - NS  chime
   St.John's Anglican Church 
SYDNEY                        : CANADA - NS  chime
   St.Andrew's United Church
TRURO                         : CANADA - NS  chime
   St.John the Evangelist Anglican Church 
YARMOUTH                      : CANADA - NS  chime
   Holy Trinity Anglican Church 


BRAMPTON                      : CANADA - ON  non-trad
   Holland Christian Homes 
BRANTFORD                     : CANADA - ON  chime
   Grace Anglican Church
BROCKVILLE - STP              : CANADA - ON  tubular 
   Parish of St.Lawrence
   (St.Peter's Anglican Church)
CAMBRIDGE                     : CANADA - ON  chime
   Central Presbyterian Church
CHATHAM                       : CANADA - ON  chime
   First Presbyterian Church 
COBOURG                       : CANADA - ON  chime
   St.Peter's Anglican Church 
CORNWALL                      : CANADA - ON  chime
   The Mountain Chime
   Trinity Anglican Church 
ERIN MILLS                    : CANADA - ON
EXETER                        : CANADA - ON  chime/ring
   Trivitt Memorial Church (Anglican) 
     and Precious Blood Mission (RC)
FORT WILLIAM                  : CANADA - ON  chime
   St.Paul's Anglican Church
GALT                          : CANADA - ON
GEORGETOWN                    : CANADA - ON  chime
   Lawson Memorial Chimes
   Knox Presbyterian Church 
GUELPH                        : CANADA - ON  trad
   Cutten Memorial Carillon
   St.George's Anglican Church 
HAMILTON - CCK                : CANADA - ON  trad
   Cathedral of Christ the King (RC)
HAMILTON - MCT                : CANADA - ON  chime
   Hamilton Memorial Clock Tower
HAMILTON - STG                : CANADA - ON  chime
   St.Giles United Church 
     (was St.Giles' Presbyterian Church) 
HAMILTON - STP                : CANADA - ON  chime
   St.Paul's Presbyterian Church 
KINGSTON                      : CANADA - ON  chime
   St.Andrew's Presbyterian Church
KITCHENER - O                 : CANADA - ON  non-trad
   Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest 
   Benton Building east entrance
KITCHENER - STP               : CANADA - ON  chime
   St.Peter's Evang. Lutheran Church (ELCC)
LONDON - STJE                 : CANADA - ON  chime
   St.John the Evangelist Church (Anglican) 
LONDON - STPA                 : CANADA - ON  chime
   The Meredith Memorial Bells
   St.Paul's Cathedral (Anglican)
LONDON - STPE                 : CANADA - ON  chime
   Saint Peter's Cathedral Basilica 
LONDON - VP                   : CANADA - ON  chime
   Dutch Canadian Memorial Carillon
   The Canadian Veterans Memorial 
   Victoria Park
Markham                       : CANADA - ON  great(3)
   Cathedral of the Transfiguration (Byzantine Slovak)
MASONVILLE                    : CANADA - ON  chime
   Masonville Place Shopping Center
MISSISSAUGA                   : CANADA - ON  chime
   Clock tower
   Erin Mills Town Centre (shopping mall)
NIAGARA FALLS - RB            : CANADA - ON  trad
   The Rainbow Tower Carillon
   Rainbow Tower
   Rainbow Bridge 
NIAGARA FALLS - CC            : CANADA - ON  chime
   Christ Church (Anglican) 
NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE           : CANADA - ON  chime
   St.Mark's Anglican Church 
NORTH YORK                    : CANADA - ON  chime
   "Mel's Bells"
   North York City Centre 
OAKVILLE                      : CANADA - ON  chime
   St.Jude's Anglican Church 
OSHAWA                        : CANADA - ON  chime
   The Carswell Memorial Chime
   Memorial Tower 
   St.George's Memorial Anglican Church 
OTTAWA - AS                   : CANADA - ON  chime
   All Saints Anglican Church 
OTTAWA - C                    : CANADA - ON  chime
   Ottawa City Hall 
   (formerly Concordia Building) 
OTTAWA - PT                   : CANADA - ON  trad
   Peace Tower
   Houses of Parliament
OTTAWA - STJ                  : CANADA - ON  trad
   Église St-Jean-Baptiste 
PETERBOROUGH - STJ            : CANADA - ON  chime
   St.John's Anglican Church 
PETROLIA                      : CANADA - ON  chime
   Christ Church (Anglican) 
PORT HOPE                     : CANADA - ON  chime
   St.Paul's Presbyterian Church 
SAINT CATHARINES              : CANADA - ON  non-trad
   St.George's Anglican Church 
     (The Garrison Church of The Lincoln
      & Welland Regiment)
SIMCOE                        : CANADA - ON  trad
   Norfolk County War Memorial 
STRATFORD                     : CANADA - ON  chime
   St.James' Anglican Church
THUNDER BAY                   : CANADA - ON
TORONTO - EP                  : CANADA - ON  trad
   The Exhibition Place Carillon 
   (formerly The Carlsberg Carillon)
   Exhibition Place 
TORONTO - MUC                 : CANADA - ON  trad
   Massey/Drury Memorial Carillon
   Metropolitan United Church 
TORONTO - PSC                 : CANADA - ON  chime
   The Promenade Shopping Centre 
TORONTO - STJA/1              : CANADA - ON  chime
   Upper belfry 
   St.James Cathedral 
TORONTO - STJA/2              : CANADA - ON  ring
   The Bells of Old York
   St.James Cathedral 
TORONTO - STJO                : CANADA - ON  chime
   St.John the Baptist / 
   St.John's (Norway) Anglican Church 
TORONTO - STM                 : CANADA - ON  tubular chime
   St.Matthew's Anglican Church, Riverdale
TORONTO - TE                  : CANADA - ON  chime
   Timothy Eaton Memorial United Church 
TORONTO - UT                  : CANADA - ON  trad
   Soldiers' Tower 
   University of Toronto 
TORONTO - Y                   : CANADA - ON  chime
   Streetside clock tower 
   101 Yorkville Avenue 
Toronto                       : CANADA - ON  great
   Old City Hall
WEST TORONTO                  : CANADA - ON  chime
   St.John's (West Toronto) Anglican Church 
WOODSTOCK                     : CANADA - ON  chime
   New St.Paul's Church 

Prince Edward Island

CHARLOTTETOWN                 : CANADA - PE  chime
   St.Dunstan's Cathedral Basilica


Beauport-Gifford              : CANADA - QU  great
   Parish church
BEAUPRE                       : CANADA - QU  chime/great
   Basilique Saint-Anne-de-Beaupré 
   (Basilica of Saint Anne) 
La Tuque                      : CANADA - QU  great
   St.Zephirin Catholic Church
LAVAL                         : CANADA - QU  non-trad
   Place Claude Léveillée
LENNOXVILLE                   : CANADA - QU  tubular 
   St.George's Anglican Church 
MONTREAL - ND                 : CANADA - QU  chime+great
   Notre-Dame Basilica
MONTREAL - NDA                : CANADA - QU  chime
   Église Notre Dame d'Anjou
MONTREAL - NDSD               : CANADA - QU  chime
   Église Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs 
MONTREAL - O                  : CANADA - QU  trad
   Oratoire St-Joseph du Mont-Royal 
     (St.Joseph's Oratory) 
MONTREAL - SJQ                : CANADA - QU  chime/great
   Pavillon Judith-Jasmin 
   (was Église Saint-Jacques) 
   University of Quebec 
MONTREAL - STA                : CANADA - QU  tubular 
   St.Augustine's Church 
MONTREAL - STC                : CANADA - QU  tubular 
   St.Cyprian's Anglican Church 
MONTREAL - STE                : CANADA - QU  chime
   Église Saint-Édouard 
   (St.Edward the Confessor) 
MONTREAL - STG                : CANADA - QU  chime
   St.George's Church 
MONTREAL - STJ                : CANADA - QU  chime
   Church of St.James the Apostle (Anglican)
MONTREAL - STPA               : CANADA - QU  chime
   St.Patrick's Basilica
MONTREAL - STPI               : CANADA - QU  chime
   Église Saint-Pierre-Apôtre 
   (St.Peter the Apostle) 
MONTREAL - STV                : CANADA - QU  chime
   Église Saint-Viateur d'Outremont 
Montreal                      : CANADA - QU  great
   Église Notre-Dame de Grace
Montreal                      : CANADA - QU  great
   Église Notre-Dame du Rosaire
QUEBEC - B                    : CANADA - QU  ring
   The St.Matthew's Bell Tower
   (was part of St.Matthew's Church)
QUEBEC - HT                   : CANADA - QU  ring
   La Cathedrale Episcopale de la Sainte-Trinité 
QUEBEC - STD                  : CANADA - QU  chime
   l'Église Saint-Dominique 
QUEBEC - STS                  : CANADA - QU  chime
   Église Saint-Sauveur 
RIVIERE-DU-LOUP               : CANADA - QU  coll
   Les Carillons Touristiques
ROUYN-NORANDA                 : CANADA - QU  chime
   City Hall (Hôtel de Ville) 
Trois-Rivieres                : CANADA - QU  great
   RC Cathedral
Valleyfield                   : CANADA - QU  great
   Basilique-Cathédrale Sainte-Cécile


MOOSE JAW                     : CANADA - SK  chime
   St.Aidan Anglican Church
   (was St.John's Anglican Church)
REGINA - KM                   : CANADA - SK  chime
   Darke Memorial Chimes
   Knox-Metropolitan United Church 
   (was Metropolitan Methodist Church)
REGINA - VP                   : CANADA - SK  non-trad
   Victoria Park
REGINA - WP                   : CANADA - SK  tubular 
   Wascana Chimes
   Wascana Place 
SASKATOON                     : CANADA - SK  tubular 
   Cathedral of St.John the Evangelist 

Mexican states

Distrito Federal (Federal District)

MEXICO CITY - BNOP            : MEXICO       trad
   Torre Insignia
   (ex Banco Nacional de Obras
       y Servicios Públicos (Banobras))
MEXICO CITY - C               : MEXICO       chime/great(2)
   Catedral Metropolitana 
   (Metropolitan Cathedral) 
MEXICO CITY - IPN             : MEXICO       non-trad*
   Instituto Politecnico Nacional
MEXICO CITY - SMG/1           : MEXICO       non-trad
   Basilica de la Virgen de Guadelupe
   (Basilica Sancta Maria de Guadelupe)
MEXICO CITY - SMG/2           : MEXICO       chime
   Basilica de la Virgen de Guadelupe
   (Basilica Sancta Maria de Guadelupe)
MEXICO CITY - U               : MEXICO       non-trad
MEXICO CITY SATELLITE         : MEXICO       non-trad
   Iglesia San Filipe de Jesus


GUADALAJARA - MC              : MEXICO       non-trad
GUADALAJARA - TE              : MEXICO       non-trad
   Templo Expiatorio (Ch of the Atonement)
PUEBLA                        : MEXICO       chime/great
   Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la 
     Immaculada Concepción 
SAN LUIS POTOSI               : MEXICO       trad
   Catedral Metropolitana
TUXTLA GUTIERREZ              : MEXICO       trad

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