Index of all European Chimes by maker

NOTE:   This list is not complete - many chimes remain to be added for Italy.
Great Britain and Ireland are separately indexed, as are Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Chimes and chime-sized tower bell instruments in Europe contain bells supplied by a variety of bellfoundries.  Most such sites (exceptions as noted below) are listed here by foundry in the following order:

For an explanation of what this index contains (and does NOT contain), and of the additional details on each entry, see the Bellfoundry Indexes Advice.

Bellfoundry unknown

The sources which reported the existence of these instruments, or the phase of work listed here, did not identify their makers. They are listed in city name order rather than date order.
HELSINKI                      : FINLAND      1869 ?  zvon
   Uspenski Cathedral (Finnish Orthodox)
KEM - 2                       : RUSSIA       2007 C  zvon
   Courtyard bell sheds
   Solovetsky Monastery
LEGNICA                       : POLAND       1920 C
   SS.Peter and Paul Cathedral
LINZ - K                      : AUSTRIA      1??? C
   Linzer Kiwanis Glockenspiel
PYH€SALMI - 2                 : FINLAND      ???? C
   Vaskikello (Brassbellstore) Bell Museum
     (main bell shed) 
RHEINFELDEN                   : SWITZERLAND  ???? C
ROSTOV VELIKII                : RUSSIA       ???? ?  zvon
   Uspenski Sobor
   (Assumption Cathedral)
SAINT PETERSBURG - PK/1       : RUSSIA       ???? ?  zvon
   Petropavlovskaya Krepost 
   (Peter & Paul Tower; main belfry) 
SEMBRANCHER                   : SWITZERLAND  1989 C
STOCKHOLM - SH                : SWEDEN       19?? C
ZURICH - PP                   : SWITZERLAND  19?? C
   People's Park

van Aerschodt, Leuven (Louvain), Belgium

 [none posted yet]
Complete list of van Aerschodt foundry output.

Bollée, France

 [none posted yet]
Complete list of Bollée foundry output.

Schilling, Apolda and Heidelberg, Germany

 [none posted yet]
Complete list of Schilling foundry output.

Eijsbouts, Asten, Netherlands

WIEN - BF                     : AUSTRIA      19?? C
   Berndorf Factory

WASSERBILLIG                  : LUXEMBOURG   1952 F
   Church Tower
JONKOPING                     : SWEDEN       1958 C
   St.Sofia Tower
OERLIKON                      : SWITZERLAND  1963 C
   Restaurant Zur Katrin
BUEMPLIZ                      : SWITZERLAND  1965 C
   Tscharnergut Bethlehem
BUELACH                       : SWITZERLAND  1969 C
WASSERBILLIG                  : LUXEMBOURG   1969 E
   Church Tower
VADUZ                         : LIECHTENST.  1973 C
   Hotel Schlössle
DAVOS                         : SWITZERLAND  1977 C
   Niederländisches Asthmacentrum
   (Dutch Asthma Centre)
LINZ - F                      : AUSTRIA      1982 C
   Feichtinger Home
STIERVA                       : SWITZERLAND  1982 C
   Alp da Stierva
WIEN - STJ                    : AUSTRIA      1983 C
SORENGO                       : SWITZERLAND  1985 C
   (Destination in Italy; unknown)
GRUENAU-HOFSTETTEN            : AUSTRIA      1990 C
   RC Church
LEGNICA                       : POLAND       2003 C
   SS.Peter and Paul Cathedral
Complete list of Eijsbouts foundry output.

Petit & Fritsen, Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands

LUCERNE (LUZERN)              : SWITZERLAND  1966 C
USTER                         : SWITZERLAND  1972 C
   Stiftung Wagerenhof
SUMISWALD                     : SWITZERLAND  1976 C
   Turmuhrenfabrik Sumiswald
   (J.G.Baer AG)
RUETTENEN                     : SWITZERLAND  1979 C
   Kirchliches Zentrum (Kirchenzentrum,
     Church Center)
WILLISAU                      : SWITZERLAND  1980 C
SCHARANS                      : SWITZERLAND  1982 C
   Kinderpflege- und Wohnheim Scalottas
BAD RAGAZ                     : SWITZERLAND  1989 C
CHUR                          : SWITZERLAND  1989 C
   Jäggi Uhren & Bijouterie
GENEVA - G                    : SWITZERLAND  1991 C
GUBKIN                        : RUSSIA       2007 C  zvon
TASJO                         : SWEDEN       2002 C
   Kyrka (church)
Complete list of Petit & Fritsen foundry output.

Gillett & Johnston, Croydon, England

 [none posted yet]
Complete list of Gillett & Johnston foundry output.

Michiels, Mechelen, Belgium

 [none posted yet]
Complete list of Michiels foundry output.

Olsen Nauen, Tonsberg, Norway

LILLESTR¯M                    : NORWAY       1973 C
   Øvre Rælingen kirke 
OSLO - LK                     : NORWAY       1975 C
   Langhus kirke 
DRAMMEN - LS                  : NORWAY       1976 C
   Lier Sykehus 
OSLO - FK                     : NORWAY       1976 C
   Fossum kirke 
OSLO - BK                     : NORWAY       1977 C
   Bredtvet kirke 
OSLO - RK                     : NORWAY       1978 C
   Rødtvet kirke 
OSLO - EK                     : NORWAY       1981 C
   Ellingsrud kirke 
ARENDAL                       : NORWAY       1982 C
   Trefoldighet kirke 
OSLO - VK                     : NORWAY       1984 C
   Vålerenga kirke
REYKJAVIK - BU                : ICELAND      1985 C
OSLO - SVK                    : NORWAY       1988 C
   Skøyen Vest kirke 
REYKJAVIK - BR                : ICELAND      1988 C
OSLO - HK                     : NORWAY       1992 C
   Holmlia kirke 
Complete list of Olsen Nauen foundry output.

Paccard, Annecy, France

VILLARREAL - 1                : SPAIN        19?? C
   East tower 
   Basilica de San Pasqual

SALVAN                        : SWITZERLAND  1937 C
   Eglise Saint-Maurice
BULLE                         : SWITZERLAND  2005 E
   Eglise Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens
Complete list of Paccard foundry output.

Perner, Passau, Germany

KRAKOW                        : POLAND       ???? C
   Sanktuarium Bozego Milosierdzia
   (Sanctuary of Divine Mercy)
MOSKVA - AM                   : RUSSIA       ???? C  zvon
   Andreevsky Monastery

PYH€SALMI - 3                 : FINLAND      1980 C
   Vaskikello (Brassbellstore) Bell Museum
PRAHA - STT                   : CZECH REP.   2001 C
   Church of St.Theresa
PRAHA - V                     : CZECH REP.   2001 C
   Church of St.Peter & Paul at Vysehrad
   (Svaty Petr a Pavel)
Complete list of Perner foundry output.

Rincker, Sinn, Germany

 [none posted yet]
Complete list of Rincker foundry output.

Rüetschi, Aarau, Switzerland

RUESCHLIKON                   : SWITZERLAND  1967 C
   Nidelbad Hospital
ZUORT                         : SWITZERLAND  1927 C
   Casa Mengelberg
FLANTHEY                      : SWITZERLAND  1972 C
   Eglise Notre-Dame-des-sept-douleurs
   (Our Lady of Seven Sorrows)
TAMINS                        : SWITZERLAND  1975 C
   Wieland Blumen und Gartenbau AG
AARAU                         : SWITZERLAND  1976 C
STEINHAUSEN                   : SWITZERLAND  1981 C
   Kirchen- und Begegnungszentrum
   (Chilematt Center)
FROIDEVILLE                   : SWITZERLAND  1984 C
   Centre oecuménique
   (Ecumenical Center)
ETOY                          : SWITZERLAND  1988 C
   Chapelle de l'Espérance
WIKON                         : SWITZERLAND  1989 C
CHAMPƒRY                      : SWITZERLAND  1996 E
Complete list of Rüetschi foundry output.

Sergeys, Leuven, Belgium

LE LOCLE                      : SWITZERLAND  1977 C
   Musée d'horlogerie
   Château des Monts
Complete list of Sergeys foundry output.

Taylor, Loughborough, England

SLIEMA                        : MALTA        1947 C
   St.Gregory the Great Parish Church
     (San Girgor)
Complete list of Taylor foundry output.

Vanbergen, Heiligerlee, Netherlands

 [none posted yet]
Complete list of Vanbergen foundry output.

Whitechapel, London, England

Older bells carry the name Mears & Stainbank
 [none posted yet]
Complete list of Whitechapel foundry output.

Warner, England

MADRID - 1                    : SPAIN        1882 C  ring
   South tower
   Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande
MADRID - 2                    : SPAIN        1882 C
   North tower
   Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande
Complete list of Warner foundry output.

Bergholtz, Sigtuna, Sweden

MARIESTAD                     : SWEDEN       19?? C
   Dom Tower
VALLINGBY                     : SWEDEN       19?? C

ARSTA                         : SWEDEN       1992 C
Complete list of Bergholtz foundry output.

Grassmayr, Insbruck, Austria

INNSBRUCK - D/2               : AUSTRIA      1??? ?
   Domtoren Sct.Jacob

UNKNOWN                       : CROATIA      1998 C
Complete list of Grassmayr foundry output.

Miscellaneous founders, not listed above

One instance each; in order by year, unknown first.
LANGENLOIS                    : AUSTRIA      19?? C
   made by Pfundner, Vienna, Austria

TALLINN                       : ESTONIA      1898 C  zvon
   Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral 
   made by Vassily Orlov, St.Petersburg
VERONA - CAT                  : ITALY        1931 C  ring/V
   Cattedrale di Santa Maria Matricolare
   (Cathedral of Verona)
   cast by Cavadini, Verona
VERONA - CAT                  : ITALY        1934 R  ring/V
   Cattedrale di Santa Maria Matricolare
   (Cathedral of Verona)
   cast by Cavadini, Verona
CHIASSO                       : SWITZERLAND  1935 C  ring/A
   Chiesa San Vitale Martire
   made by Barigozzi Bros., Milan
GDANSK - B                    : POLAND       1940 C
   Biskupia Górka
   (Bishop's Hill youth hotel)
   steel bells cast in Gdansk shipyard
WIEN - STS                    : AUSTRIA      1960 C
   South tower
   St.Stephen's Cathedral
   made by Pfundner
   Chiesa Madonna deo Miracoli
KOUVOLA                       : FINLAND      1966 C
   made by Pfundner, Vienna, Austria
CASTELNOVO - Mobile/1         : ITALY - RE   1975 C
   Transportable chime
   Capanni Bellfoundry
PYH€SALMI - 4                 : FINLAND      1997 C
   Vaskikello (Brassbellstore) Bell Museum
     (southwest garden) 
   made by Szabados, Budapest
VERONA - CAT                  : ITALY        2003 R  ring/V
   Cattedrale di Santa Maria Matricolare
   (Cathedral of Verona)
   cast by De Poli
GHAJNSIELEM                   : MALTA        2011 C  peal
   Ghajnsielem Parish Church
Complete list of miscellaneous foundry output.

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