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What's new in these pages?

This page reports on the evolution of this Website as it occurs, both for the sake of those who like to follow such things and to help the Webmaster remember what was done and when.  The changes are reported in reverse order, with the latest at the top.  Dates show when groups of pages were installed on the Web server, which is not always the same as the internal dates of revision of individual pages.

This report covers not only the root directory but all subdirectories.

NOTE:  If you have a tool or method for monitoring changed Webpages, this is the only page that you need to monitor on this Website, because it will always point to all other recently changed pages where the cause of the change was something other than correction of a typographic error or addition of an external Weblink.

2022/06/14 - Revised 31 site data pages and added 10 (see list or map), including rectification of some Dutch city names (IJ vs Y); removed site data page for the chime of St.Rita of Cascia Shrine Church, Bronx, NY, upon discovering that its bells were used as the foundation of the chime of Milton, MA; removed site data page for the chime listed in West Chester OH upon finding that it is actually a set of aluminum shells; revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

Expanded the definition of "hybrid carillon" to include instruments with piano-style keyboard but mechanical action.

Provided missing foundry link for the great bell of Deerfield, IL.

2022/05/20 - Revised 8 site data pages and added 117, all in Italy (see list or map); moved all previously existing index entries for sites in Italy out of the general European indexes into a new set of indexes for Italy, similar to those for other European single-country indexes.  Included are new indexes for four Italian bellfoundries-- CapanniCavadiniColbachini and De Poli, as well as summaries for Italy and an updated PDF for Italy.  This completes (finally!) the construction of site data pages for all sites that were in the underlying database when this project began 25 years ago.  Nevertheless, much work remains to be done--see the "Direction" note block.

Revised the summary of instruments worldwide, reflecting the addition of more than 500 sites since it was last revised.

Revised the page about the standard format of site data pages to explain the situation (common in Italian rings and chimes) where the initial (or only) phase of an instrument is composed of bells by multiple founders and of a variety of ages.

Revised the Bellfoundries advice page to explain why and how "Complete" may be not an accurate reflection of the origin of the bells of an instrument.

Revised the definitions of instrument type abbreviations used in indexes, primarily to distinguish the various Italian styles of full-circle ringing and to explain compound types.

Revised the list of bellfoundries to include several minor foundries that contributed to recently added sites.

Revised the Website map for accuracy.

Revised the Website history, incorporating a graph that shows the number of sites in the database for every year since 1975.

Revised the "Direction" note block which follows (and floats in this page):

"To travel far, you must choose a direction"
William F. Woo, "Letters from the Editor" (chapter title)

The direction in which the TowerBells Website is traveling can be seen in the worklist which is set out below.  In roughly prioritized order, this shows the major tasks which the author has set himself, and which are intended to result in future news items on this page.

  • Solve the problem of why Map Service Select does not always pass through a map request when it should automatically do so.
  • Post to the site data pages all additions and changes reported by correspondents, found in publications, or discovered from Google Alert messages, revising indexes, locator map links and regional locator maps as needed.
  • Construct a page that describes and illustrates the various types of keyboards, chimestands and chiming racks that are in use in various parts of the world.
  • Finish mapping independent great bells already listed in Europe, Russia and Asia-Pacific (Oriental profile).
  • Enhance page-generator code to display full technical information for prior phases of an instrument.
  • Investigate anomalies in various summaries, as well as discrepancies between instrument counts in summaries and the corresponding indexes.
  • Enhance the statistics and/or filter panes on regional maps with respect to type of instrument, type of institution, denomination.
  • Extend the Google site locator map functions to show (additional) nearby sites at the user's request.
  • Move existing photos in site data pages from Links block to Photos block.
  • Search my photo archives for relevant material which can be posted to site data pages, including photos contributed from others which should have been posted already.
  • Regenerate all site data pages older than July 2012 for which information exists about auxiliary mechanisms and/or tower details.
  • Add numerous entries to the lists of great bells for continental European countries.
  • Write an essay on HTML maintainability, for the guidance of those who don't appreciate the necessity of it and the subtleties involved.
  • Find and fix obsolete links to the Global Gazetteer.
  • Supply all of the "planned" items listed on the Data_Top page.
  • Review the index to the work of miscellaneous bellfoundries to determine whether additional bellfoundry-specific indexes should be constructed.
  • Regenerate all Summaries that are more than a year old.
  • Actively hunt for information to resolve various "unknown" details (foundry, year, weight, number, keyboard ranges, etc.), including location and status of Deagan tower chimes that are not yet mapped.
The words "roughly prioritized" indicate that work on many of these tasks may be going on simultaneously, so that particular sub-tasks may be completed in a different sequence.  There will also be changes from time to time that have no apparent connection to any of these major tasks.  Furthermore, there will be no explicit description of revisions to this task list, nor any record of prior revisions to it, though it will usually move up on this page whenever such a revision occurs.

/signed/   Carl Scott Zimmerman, database owner

2022/03/14 - Revised 46 site data pages and added 4 (see list or map), including:
- Changed filename for Arlon BE, since its location in that city is now known.

Removed update map links from the 2018 news file, as being no longer needed.

2022/02/10 - Revised 92 site data pages and added 2 (see list or map), including:
- Replaced page for Peoria AZ with page for Las Vegas - MR, NV.
- Merged page for Kobenhavn - M, Denmark with duplicated page for Valby, replacing the latter with cross-references in the appropriate indexes.

Revised the help text for site locator maps to reflect Google's change in tilt view controls.

Split 2020 news into the separate history file referenced below, to save space here.

2022/02/06 - Add Footnote 5 to the essay on Benjamin Britten's War Requiem.

2022/01/30 - Updated the authorization key for Apple Maps.

2022/01/26 - Revised 185 site data pages and added 31 (see list or map), including merging the previous separate entry for the defunct original Taylor foundry carillon into the site data page for the present instrument, as well as replacing the page for a mystery zvon in Howell MI with a page for a confirmed zvon in Howell NJ.

Added an entry for a newly-discovered lost McShane chime.

Added to the Research Notes on Large Bells of America various items related to Baltimore bell and brass works (added to p.61), Clampitt & Regester (p.78), and five other Regester entries (p.142).

Replaced the site data page for the McShane+Paccard chime at Conshohocken, PA, with an entry in the list of sites that are no more.

Revised the entry for the lost tubular chime of the Chicago Auditorium organ.

Revised the Hillsboro foundry page to describe more accurately how bells from that foundry may be identified.

Revised the history of the Bergholtz foundry (now closed).

Added to the history of the McShane foundry (now closed).

Made a minor change to the maintenance page.

2021/08/07 - Expanded the definitions of type abbreviations used in indexes.

Revised the translation menu on the home page to recognize that Luxembourg is the newest member of the World Carillon Federation.

Updated the authorization key for Apple Maps.

Provided a new page about how this Website is maintained, thereby fully obsoleting the old maintenance page.

Revised the spacing on the home page, and made minor editorial changes to the Website history and the Website map.

2021/07/20 - Made editorial corrections to Unicode special characters in 18 assorted pages.  This is the first visible step in a major change to how this Website is maintained, which makes more of the old maintenance page obsolete.

2021/05/27 - Revised 11 site data pages (see list or map) and one paragraph about McShane chimes, as well as one description of a McShane great bell, all to supply installation years from McShane records; revised affected indexes accordingly.

Improved clustering in the regional locator map for North Carolina, USA.

2021/05/09 - Revised 8 site data pages and added 33 (see list or map), all in Germany, which is now complete with respect to the underlying database; revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

Provided updated (and now complete) versions of the downloadable PDFs for Germany and the Netherlands; see the Hardcopy page.

Provided new grids and tables for the regional summaries for Germany and the Netherlands.

The Eijsbouts foundry index is now complete with respect to their carillon and chime projects up to 1991, and complete with respect to subsequent projects that are known to us.

Corrected some regional locator maps, and improved clustering on others; Germany is now clustered by state at the top level.

Added the former bellfoundry of the Maria Laach Abbey to the Germany section of the index to foundries by country.

2021/04/10 - Revised 9 site data pages (see list); revised affected regional map accordingly.

2021/04/07 - Deleted the site data page for a chime that once existed at the Museum Klok & Peel, Asten, NL, replacing it with a paragraph in the page of European sites that are no more.

Revised 13 site data pages and added 82 (see list or map), all in the Netherlands, which is now complete with respect to the underlying database; revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

2021/03/24 - Revised text of the statistics dropdown pane in regional maps.

2021/03/22 - Revised 17 site data pages and added 2 (see list or map); revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

Revised the regional locator map system so that the optional statistics are presented in a dropdown pane instead of a separate window, expanded those statistics, and added dynamic reporting of whether any of the map's markers are outside of the boundaries of the map; moved the map options out of the heading into a dropdown pane to simplify the appearance of the header pane; added filter capability; updated the regional map help page appropriately.
Reading that help page is strongly recommended for understanding the new and revised features.

Revised the regional locator map for European traditional carillons to put those of Norway, Sweden and Switzerland into separate country maps.  Used the expanded statistics for quality control of manually-generated text in the headings of regional locator maps.

Corrected the sequence of corporate names for the McShane bellfoundry.

Supplied the year of installation for the vanished chime of St.Paul's RC Church, Jersey City.

Added notice about McShane chime for sale.

2021/03/09 - Revised 16 site data pages and added 2 (see list or map); revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.
The total number of mapped instruments on this Website now exceeds 3000.

Added the University of Chicago to the index of multi-instrument institutions.

2021/03/05 - Revised 14 site data pages (see list or map); revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

Added a new great bell in North America.

Added the words "foundry" and "bellfoundry" to the Glossary pages, and added a new page about Vocabulary Oddities and Errors to explain some words that are not used in this Website; revised the TowerBells main page to reflect this, and made a number of minor changes to the text.

Revised the introductory text for the list of bellfoundries by country, and added external links for some of the entries (especially those in Italy).

Revised and expanded the page of opportunities for philanthropy.

2021/02/27 - Revised 38 site data pages and added 9 (see list or map); revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.  Removed the Reformirte Parochialkirche of Berlin from the page of German sites that are no more, since it now has a carillon to replace what had been lost so long ago.

Corrected and expanded the history of the McShane Bell Foundry.

2021/01/30 - Revised 42 site data pages and added 21 (see list or map); revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.  The new page for Clitheroe UK has photos.

Revised regional locator map for the British Isles to distinguish Ireland/Eire more clearly.

Prior years' news has been moved into the following separate files to save space here:

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